Marry You

Ashley and Zack has been together for 2 years but they haven't kissed yet! Ashley feels that without this, they won't be a real couple, and her friends agrees. But Zack who's obsessed with his band doesn't really notice what Ashley wants.

(This is my first movella, and I would love to get feedback. I know that there may be grammatic errors, so please tell me if you find any! Most of all thank you if you'll take your time to read this little story)


4. 4


I'm waiting patiently.. He's just a bit late, that can't hurt can it? The clock is ticking.. It's cold. I stick my hands in my pockets on my jacket, but I can't do anything to warm my legs. If just I hadn't taken a skirt on..


A bit late? Maybe he'll be there if I wait.. Just a little..


Maybe I told him to come 19:00? That would be typical of me. But I still had a feeling I said 18:00


My stomach begins doing weird noises.. Oh yeah, I didn't have anything to eat yet did I? We were supposed to eat at the restaurant across the street, but you decided to be late? ... Maybe he'll be here if I wait a bit more..


Okay.. This is it, I'm leaving. I don't even know why I've stuck with Zack for this long.. 2 years? And we've done nothing. All he ever do is practicing with his damned band! I take my bag ready to leave, when a strong hand suddenly pulls my arm.

"What's a young girl like you doing here alone..?"

An older looking man, taller than me looks me in the eyes. He's holding my arm tightly causing me to scream. I'm scared.. Scared as hell.

"L-let go!" I scream, holding back tears.

"Don't act like you don't like it! I know you want it!" He whispers taking his face close to my ear. I shut my eyes, letting tears stream down my face but suddenly the hand holding my arm disappears. Slowly I open my eyes, looking into green worried, sorry emeralds.

"Jerk.." Late, too late..

"Ashley.. I'm so sorry! I got so carried away I forgot time and-"

"It's over! I hate you!" I screamed, crying, turning my heels and begins walking away.

"Ashley.. WAIT!"

..I love you but...You don't Iove me at all do you?

I was nervous, my heart beating fast and my cheeks flushing red. But I had to say it, or else I would regret it. Valentines day, I had planned to give him chocolates. On each chocolate was letters.. O L I Y U E O V. We've been friends for quite a while now, but I wanted to be more than friends.. I wanted to be his girlfriend.. I held the chocolates in a box close to my chest. It was now..



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