Marry You

Ashley and Zack has been together for 2 years but they haven't kissed yet! Ashley feels that without this, they won't be a real couple, and her friends agrees. But Zack who's obsessed with his band doesn't really notice what Ashley wants.

(This is my first movella, and I would love to get feedback. I know that there may be grammatic errors, so please tell me if you find any! Most of all thank you if you'll take your time to read this little story)


3. 3

Playing the guitar, looking cool. Sweat running down the golden skin, and the brown hair messier than usual. That's my boyfriend. His emerald green eyes shines as he plays his rock guitar and his mouth changing to a smile showing off his dimples when he plays the guitar solo. Brad, George and Josh. His band mates and best friends throws their hands up in the air when they're done playing the song.

"Aye, good job Zack! We should totally play this at the town concert tomorrow, instead of that other one!" Brad the drummer says.

"Thanks guys! It was fun but I have to go now! I promised Ashley!" Zack says walking towards me.

Today we are having our two months anniversary and I decided to invite him to a date. And maybe.. This could lead to a kiss!!

"Oi, that ain't cool man!" George shouts.

"Yeah, there's a big concert going on in town, and we've already got tickets!" Josh says.

Zack smiles at them, then says: "I would love to go, but I have a date!"

"You should go!" The words suddenly escapes my mouth, and I regret saying them immediately.

"Really? But.."

"You can go, if you promise to meet me in the park at 18:00!"

"Thanks so much Ashley!" Zack laughs, then hugs me tightly.

"No problem.." I force a smile on my face. I'm so stupid..



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