Holding Onto Independence (Harry Styles Love Story)

A small town girl. Biggest boyband in the world. Laughter. Joy. Heartache. Independent. Tragedy. Dreams. Love.
That is just a few words to describe my life. And let me tell you, when tragedy strikes, don't stop, just keep on going ~ Marion Alexander.


7. Teasing? I'm Good At That

  It was the day of leaving for the start of the boys tour. And I think it's safe to say, that we are no where near ready! A mountain of plates were in the kitchen sink (courtesy of Niall), I had to make sure to pack all the bags of carrot sticks (obviLouis), there were hair products everywhere (need I say more), clothes strewn all over the house (most of them belonging to Harry) because he kept getting naked - but he was gentlemanly enough to wait until I either covered my eyes or left the room. I always chose the latter and they would call me back when he was decent. And don't get me started on Liam! Niall was wandering about the house eating ice cream, whilst the rest of us rushed about and fell over each other. Then Niall decided that it would be funny to put a spoon in Liams face... I'm sure you can imagine what happened, but I'm gonna tell you anyway. Saying that Liam freaked out is a complete understatement. He started screaming like a banshee - or a little girl, whichever you prefer - and ran around the house until finally sitting in a corner of the living room, rocking back and forth with my arms around his shoulders to try and calm him down.

I am going to say "Hallelujah" because we are finally packed and ready to go. Hallelujah! Trouble is, we need to wait for the tour bus. We sat in the living room watching back-to-back episodes of Tom&Jerry, Niall was in the armchair eating another bowl of ice cream - Liam eyeing him wearily. Zayn, Louis Harry and myself somehow managed to fit on the couch, although I was squashed up at the end, well squashed up into Harry I should say, and Liam was sitting on the floor, leaning on my legs. I was just drifting off to sleep with my head on Harry's shoulder when the doorbell rang. I jerked up, looking around at the boys who were still watching T.V. "Well don't all run at once!", I exclaimed and stood up to answer the door. I suddenly found it difficult to walk, I looked down to see Liam on his belly, his arms wrapped round my ankles. He looked up at me with pleading eyes. "Don't leave me here with that monster", meaning Niall, of course.
"Liam, this is ridiculous, I need to answer the door"
He still wouldn't let go, so I had no choice but to hobble into the hallway with Liam clinging onto my leg, which isn't easy by the way. The doorbell rang again, "I'm coming!!", just a few more drags, yes! I flung the door open and a tall, well-built mas was standing there, with dark brownish hair and a stern looking face, although he still smiled easily at the sight of me.
"You must be Marion! I've heard so much about you", he held out his hand for me to shake. Liam sprang up from the floor and jumped on the man.
"Paul! Hey guys, Paul's here!", I heard a rumbling behind me and was unceremoniously pushed out the way as 4 hyper (insane) lads pounced on the - not surprised - Paul. I decide to just leave them to it, might as well fetch our suitcases from the living room.
*** I managed to get all the luggage into the hallway - with a bit of difficulty and no help - whilst the boys were still conversing with Paul. I'll just stand here awkwardly until somebody notices... Paul's eyes flicked over to me and in a loud voice said "Boys! Put the suitcases in the bus!".
There were a lot of complaints, mostly coming from Louis - something about being too sassy and important to move luggage. But when they turned around and noticed me standing there in between the suitcases (that were once in the living room), they quickly got to work - Harry giving me a quick peck on the cheek first - and started moving the stuff to the bus.

When I stepped into the tour bus, closely followed by the boys, my eyes seemed to pop out. This place is like its own house! I was too busy gaping at my plush surroundings, I didn't even realize that I was blocking the door until I felt someone pick me up and put me over their shoulders,
"We would like to get in here too, shorty", Harry. Of course, it just had to be. And did he just call me shorty? Aw hell no! Time for me to unleash my whole 5 ft 4 wrath.
"Harry. Put me down right now, or you ll REGRET IT!"
"Really? You gonna punish me?", I could actually here his smirk in his voice.
I let out a frustrated groan and started kicking my legs and pounding my fists on his back. I felt myself tilting to the left, next thing I know Harry and I are in a crumpled heap on the sofa. I groaned out in pain, Harry somehow ended up on top of me. Wait, Harry is on top of me?! My eyes shot open to a forest of curly hair tickling my face.
"Haz, could you maybe.. Um, get off me, please?", I could feel the blush slowly making it's way up my cheeks. I heard Harry groan slightly before saying, "But I'm comfortable", I could feel everybody's eyes on us. So I put my lips to Harry's ear and decided to tease him a little, "But there are people. Wouldn't you want to wait until we were somewhere more... Private?", I whispered in the most seductive voice I could muster. Harry stiffened, then shot straight up, and went to stand beside Paul, who was smirking at him along with the other boys. I giggled to myself as Liam held out his hand and helped me up. I grinned at Harry, and winked. Hey, I'm getting better at this flirting and teasing stuff.

A/N: Should I start adding pictures of Harry at the start of the chapters?? I'm not sure if I should, but he would be nice to look at ^_^

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