Holding Onto Independence (Harry Styles Love Story)

A small town girl. Biggest boyband in the world. Laughter. Joy. Heartache. Independent. Tragedy. Dreams. Love.
That is just a few words to describe my life. And let me tell you, when tragedy strikes, don't stop, just keep on going ~ Marion Alexander.


6. Interrupted... Again

1 week later

Dinner was over and as usual, the boys left me with all the washing up. Peasants. Yes, I stole Louis' word, so sue me. The boys decided to go for a walk, which I was okay with because that left me in an empty house, which means that I could sing freely without anyone eavesdropping. I haven't sung anything since the boys showed up on my doorstep. But right now, I just need to, I can feel it bubbling up inside me. So, I put in my Ed Sheeran album and started singing.
I was halfway through the dishes and halfway through Lego House when I heard someone clearing their throat. I froze. Oh crap! I turned around slowly and saw Louis leaning against the kitchen door frame, with his arms folded and a big smile on his face. "Erm, where are the others?" I started blushing like crazy.
"They're still out walking" He was still smiling like crazy. "I decided to come back and help you out"
I nodded, not being able to say anything. He heard me sing. Nobody has ever heard me sing. Not even... Not even my parents. "So." Louis said whilst walking to the fridge to get some juice. "You're an amazing singer. You could certainly give Ed a run for his money." My head shot up, he just basically told me that I was better than Ed Sheeran. THE Ed Sheeran. I don't think so. Louis began to talk again. "Don't worry, I won't tell the others if you don't want me too." I breathed a sigh of relief and turned back towards the dishes just as the rest of the boys were arriving. I felt a pair of arms snake around my waist and then a soft pair of lips was kissing my cheek. I knew it was Harry straight away, he's been acting really cuddly and whatnot ever since he read my letter. I wasn't complaining! But I found it quite strange. He let go and turned to Louis.
"Band meeting upstairs, Lou"
And with that, Harry and Louis sprinted up the stairs trying to beat each other. Well, looks like it's just the dishes and I again. So much for Louis helping me out.

I was watching iCarly (don't judge me) when the boys decided to grace me with their presence an hour later. They stood right in front of the T.V, facing me, with big goofy grins on their faces.
"Okay, what do you want?" I questioned, raising my eyebrows at them.
Niall, Louis, Zayn and Harry looked over at Liam, obviously expecting him to explain. He rolled his eyes at them and turned his head towards me again. "We want you to come on tour with us"
I let this information sink in, scrutinizing their faces with my penetrating gaze just to make sure that this wasn't an early April Fools joke. Satisfied, I very calmly got up out of the chair, and walked up the stairs to my room. As soon as I shut the door, I very quietly started fangirling like crazy and hurriedly began to pack my suitcase.
I came back down the stairs an hour later, with suitcases in tow and walked into the living room with a straight and serious face plastered on. "So, when do we leave?", I was immediately deafened by their cheers and then crushed into a group hug.



Apparently 1D's next gig is in Glasgow, in 2 days, coincidentally it was on my birthday, March 24Th. But I wasn't going to tell them that.
So, the boys have been packing away their things. Well, when I say "the boys", I really mean Liam and I. We've been running around like maniacs trying to find all of their stuff, which hasn't been easy when Niall keeps getting in the way whilst eating (obviously), Zayn keeps stopping in the middle of the hallway to look in the mirror, Louis kept putting us off by being weird, crazy and funny (no change there then) and Harry kept wanting to hug me, and every time I wouldn't hug him he would grab my leg so I had to attempt and fail to walk, with him clinging on. Which resulted in me falling over a few times. One horrifying time, I even somehow managed to knock Niall's food out of his hands. Everyone literally just stopped what they were doing and looked at Niall and then to me, then to Niall again. Niall was looking at the discarded food on the ground, I was looking at Niall and gave a huge gulp. Terrified is a bit of an understatement right now because even I knew that you should never come between Niall and his food, unless you have a death wish.
Niall looked up at me, I could practically see him spitting venom at me.
He suddenly lunged for me, I let out a piercing scream and ran out into the back garden. Yeah, because grass is really going to save me right now. Sometimes I can be such an idiot!
"Niall, I'm really sorry! I'll make you more food!"
By now, all of the boys were out in the garden, Niall in front and the rest just lagging behind, too scared to get any closer.
I watched as Niall picked up the garden hose with an evil glint in his eyes.
"Don't you dare" I threatened.
"To be fair, Minnie-Bean, you do kinda deserve it!" Thanks Lou! What a great friend you are!
"It was an acci--"
I didn't have time to finish that sentence however because I was now being soaked by freezing cold water, courtesy of Mr. Horan.
I gave a big shriek and started using my arms as a shield. Like that's gonna help!
The boys didn't help either, they just laughed and cheered Niall on.


After that little water fight between Niall and I - Niall won - I went up to my room to dry myself off. I was halfway through pulling my drenched top off, when I heard my door open.
"Whoever that is, then please go away because my shirt is stuck over my head, and I can't get it off... Plus I'm in my underwear, so, bit awkward!" After giving that little speech, I heard the door closing and muffled footsteps coming towards me. I could probably guess who it was, but I didn't want to in case I was wrong. Gosh, I hope it's him. I felt a pair of strong hands on my hips, my breathing becoming erratic as they started traveling up the way, never once leaving my skin. They reached the end of my shirt and easily slipped it off over my head. I opened my eyes and was met with piercing green ones. Harry. He placed his hands back on my hips and started to lean forward. Finally, we are finally going to kiss without any interruptions. But alas, life seems to hate me. Because, again, we were interrupted. By Louis this time. "PUMPKIN!!" Harry and I sprang apart, him knocking into the chest of drawers and myself jumping for the towel on my bed and wrapping it around my body. Louis strode over to me and flicked my nose, "No. Bad Minnie-Bean!", he then dragged Harry out the room and slammed the door behind them. What the hell just happened?!

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