Holding Onto Independence (Harry Styles Love Story)

A small town girl. Biggest boyband in the world. Laughter. Joy. Heartache. Independent. Tragedy. Dreams. Love.
That is just a few words to describe my life. And let me tell you, when tragedy strikes, don't stop, just keep on going ~ Marion Alexander.


5. Heartache

It's been about two days since the incident with Harry, we've still been talking like nothing happened but every once in awhile he would look at me and wink when he thinks no one is looking, but what he doesn't know is that Louis notices all the time and when Harry looks away, he looks at me and gives me an exaggerated wink to mock Harry, which always makes me laugh and then that makes the boys look at me weirdly and causes Louis to laugh at me.

I was standing against the kitchen counter trying to figure out what this letter was about before opening it, the boys were in the living room watching Spongebob (Yes they are children, but hey! Spongebob is awesome). Okay back to the letter, time to open it. I grabbed my letter opener and cut through the paper, pulled out the letter and read:

Dear miss Alexander,

I am your parents attorney Mr. Hudson. I wish that I could be writing you under better circumstances, but I am very sorry to inform you that your mother and father have passed away. I'm afraid that they were involved in a car crash, the doctors did everything they could to save them but to no avail.
Please find enclosed their Will. They have left everything to you, and they hoped that you would continue to give money to the RSPCA like they did before you.
My condolences.

Yours sincerely,
Mr. Hudson

I finished reading the letter, and without any emotion what-so-ever I put it down on the counter and walked into the living room to finish the ironing. The boys didn't even notice me coming in because they were so engrossed to the T.V. But I didn't care. I don't want anyone to even notice me. I felt numb. The words of the letter were spinning around in my head, like a kaleidoscope of words. Terrible words. Heartbreaking words. I know that I hardly ever got to see them but they were still my parents, I still loved them. Whenever I did get to see them they would always make sure that we would do something together, as a family. I felt tears threatening to spill over, so I quickly put the iron down and walked out of the living room - as casually as I could so as not to raise any suspicion - and went up the stairs to my room, where I immediately closed the door and flung myself on to the bed as a waterfall started to cascade down my cheeks.
It has been about an hour since reading the letter and I was still in my room, sitting on my bed and silently crying.  I heard the bedroom door open and I looked up to see Harry standing in the doorway with sadness in his eyes, I looked down to his hands to see that he was holding the letter, I exhaled a shaky breath and without any words he came over and instantly embraced me into a tight hug, I wrapped my arms around his neck and leaned my forehead on his shoulder, whilst I cried my eyes out, and sobbed my heart out (if that even makes sense). He kept rubbing his hands up and down my back to try and comfort me but all it was doing was sending shivers up my spine. Just him being here and holding me was comforting enough.

I woke up with a start, alone in my bed, not remembering anything. Then reality hit, and I remembered everything. I started shaking uncontrollably and I could feel hot tears rolling down my cheeks, I rolled over so that my face was buried in the pillows, my hands wrapped up in my hair, just wanting to rip out the strands and cause myself pain. I heard the door open and then felt several people sitting on the bed beside me, somebody was rubbing my back and another rubbing my... Leg?
"We know you're hurting, Marion. But believe me, and you may not think it now, but it will get better. Soon you'll be laughing again and being your normal, amazing self." I smiled. Liam.
"Yeah. I mean, we all love you no matter what but we would prefer to see you smile." Bigger smile. Niall.
"You should be celebrating life, not death." Zayn.
"We don't like to see you cry. You should be happy, like a baby." I giggled at that. Of course that would be Harry.
"What they said. Turn that frown up side down, girl!" Never mind the smile, now it's a grin because that is obviously Louis.
I sat up, wiped my face and turned to look at them. I smiled at them "You guys are amazing" I whispered and brought them all into a group hug. These guys are my family now.

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