Loving Liam Payne

Her best friend has signed a contract to be one of the most famous perms in the worlds boyfriend, they stop being friends and then they both start falling for them.


1. Jess and Kat

I'm Katherine. I'm only called by that name when my parents are angry with me. Everyone calls me Kat. My best friends name is Jess. She, like me, is very rarely called by her full name, but she is called Jessica more often than I'm called Katherine. Anyways, we recently attended a One Direction concert together. Yes we're mega fans. I mean how many girls, our age aren't? 3? 4? Back to my (or rather Jess's) story. She was offered a contract to be Liam's girlfriend, since he had been without one for a while. I could tell neither of them wanted to do it. Jess's favourite was Zayn, plus, I was the bigger fan. I was too 'outgoing' to do it, 'I might let it slip to the media'. I'm not even supposed to know there was a contract, but it's a bit hard for me to not know, since we're best friends. Our friendship has been kind of falling apart lately, because Jess moved in with Liam. We used to live together - we used to do everything together. We only see each other once a week now. In fact I always have to really push it just for that. Don't get me wrong, I understand management are setting up dates and things and she probably busy, but the days she had of, she could at least be happy about hanging out. Okay. So we're not really friends at the moment but I'm sure we can fix that. Maybe...

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