Beast: The New World

19-year old Zero Dyllian heir to his fathers successful company, don't feel ready for the pressure and is constantly getting hunted by people that want money. But one day something unusual happends, what will he do to his future?

Fantasy Guy: tanyya from fanpop:


2. Normal Sunday in New York, Yeah right!

At the top of one of the many skyscrapers in New York, he stood pointing a gun against me. He didn't need that black handguns, he could kill me with that cold glare of his. Of course i was scared and the adrenalin pumped, but it's getting more normal, since it got announced in public that my dad, Michael Dyllian, had decided me to heir the company as soon as I turn 20. I've been kidnapped a lot of times and my dad had to pay the price. But I don't think many 19 year old guys, is getting hunted like this, not even by girls!

"go away from me!" I shouted at him, even though I knew it wouldn't help at all. "Forget about that, you can't get away now, Zero." he just answered with a evil grin on his face. I slowly backed away from him, but a point i didn't have anymore steps left, I fell. 

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