What's on a boys mind?

This storie was actually an assignment for an English lesson.
I'm sorry for the typing erros, but, I hope you'll enjoy it anyway.


4. White night


They stared at us, as if we were mad at the café. We laughed, flirted and smiled all the time. I took her hand in the middle of one of her sentence. She stopped what she was saying, and we was just looking into each other’s eyes for a while. She complimented my romantic way to be, and I blushed up like a tomato. Then we left the café.
The boulevard was a little darker by then, because most of the stores were closed. I held her into me as we walked. She mumbled a Christmas song I couldn’t remember the title on. Kelly had always been a singing, little angel. When Anna played the piano in the musicroom, Kelly was must of the time standing beside her, singing. She really knew how to blow an audience away. That gave me an idea.
“Kelly. Could you sing a little song for me?” I asked.
“Now? Really?” she said shocked. “Why?”
“I like the sound of your singing voice, darling!” I terribly sang to her.
“I’m sorry, Andy, but it’s not that easy,” she said. She walked out of my arm and took a few steps further. I stopped her, confused.
“What do you mean, Kelly?” She looked at me.
“Andrew, I can’t just sing when people ask me to. Not without music. The sound of my voice when I’m singing scares me. When the music plays it’s so much easier. Do you understand?” She asked me quietly. I shook my head in wonder. She looked down at her feed.
“And when I’m being asked to sing by a person I… really like, I don’t want to disappoint him,” she said with a tiny smile. Now I understood everything, and I couldn’t feel better inside. “Kelly?” I lifted her face to make her eyes meet mine. “You can’t disappoint me, ok?”
She smiled and started stroking my cheek. I planted a hand on her waist and pulled her closer to me. Slowly our lips met each other in a perfect kiss, and in my head, small birds was flying all around us.
“I love you, Andrew,” she whispered.
She was there, in my arms, and I wished that moment would last forever…


… but it didn’t…

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