What's on a boys mind?

This storie was actually an assignment for an English lesson.
I'm sorry for the typing erros, but, I hope you'll enjoy it anyway.


3. Lost girl

“Andrew! Wait!” she shouted. I turned around. The brown haired Kelly was running down the Boulevard. People she pasted was smiling at her, you could see that from long distance. Her light blue jeans and the red coat suited her perfectly, and I tried not to stare at her beauty. As she catches up with me, I could feel how nervous I got. I always did that when she was talking to me.
“Where are you going? Are you all alone?” she asked. I shrugged shoulders and saw she understood my signal.
“Melanie and Anna left me alone in the drugstore, so I’m alone as well. Can I join you?” she asked with begging eyes. I nodded. I just couldn’t say no to her. She smiled. Side by side, we continued our trip down the snow-white boulevard.  
“Wait, they left you? Without a word?” I asked shocked. Melanie, Anna and Kelly had been inseparable since New Years Eve’.
“No. I told them to wait for me, while I paid the things, I had found, but when I came back, they was gone… Weird right?” she looked down, trying to avoid my eyes.
“It’s just mean, if you ask me!” I was mad inside, because I couldn’t understand them. It’s not fair of them to leave Kelly all alone! It’s only luck she found me, before a creep found her!
“I’m not really sure how to feel about it,” she said. “They have been like that all week! It’s really pissing me off!” She held her arms around her tiny body. I couldn’t decide if she was freezing or mad as I was. I didn’t know what to say. She looked up and sighed.
“Are you freezing?” I asked. Her eyes found mine, and she laughed at my terrible attempt to change to a happier subject.
“Yeah. It’s cold out here, don’t you think?”
“I’m getting used to it!” I said and putted my arm around her skinny waist with a true gentleman- smile. She laughed again. It felt so much better now, when we were smiling together.


At 6 pm, the whole city was surrounded by the winter darkness. We stopped at the end of the boulevard. A little bright was crossing over the dam, which runs all the way through the city. It was a beautiful sight, when the winter sky reflected itself in the sleepy water. I was still holding Kelly in my arm, and since she hadn’t protested, I putted both my arms around her. Gently I pulled her into me, and she seemed to enjoy it. The Christmas music was still playing in the stores, even though Christmas passed a month ago. We slowly rocked from side to side in pace with the closest stores winter melody. A happy sigh escaped her body as she turned around and looked into my eyes. Then she smiled at me, and her brown eyes was shining, like if the was thanking me. I smiled back. It felt like, we had just met each other, but we had already been friend in one and a half year. She leaned her head at my breast, while I softly stroke her back.
I remembered at the winter-prom, when we was standing like this, almost kissing, before her farther collected her. Her boyfriend, Tony, left her alone as he disappeared into one of the schools toilets with another girl. She was broken. I found her in a lone corridor, crying. Together we called her farther, and I stayed with her until he arrived. She told me the day after, that she was more than happy for me taking care of her. She also told me, that if it weren’t because of Tony and his unfaithfulness, she would had kissed me. She didn’t, because she didn’t want to be the same jerk as him. Not even if they were breaking up the day after, which they did. Tony had in frustration called her skeleton and said, that the girl at the prom wasn’t the first, he had slept with being with her. Kelly told me about their fight a few days later at my place. We was suppose to work on or project, but instead we talked about them. She needed someone to listen, and without hesitation I listened. I had always wanted to be there for her and with her if she needed me.
“Wanna go for coffee?” Kelly asked and awoke me from my daydreaming.
“Oh yeah! Sure!” I almost shouted. She laughed and took my hand. We started walking. Slowly. Then it hit me!
“Kelly?” I asked almost laughing.
“Yes?” she looked wondering at me.
“Where are we going?
“Ah….. I… uhm…” She giggled.
“Carlos’ Coffee?” I stopped her, because the café I was talking about was in the other direction. She nodded at me and laughed. Her laughter was as the sweetest music combined with the most wonderful feelings. I got goose pimples everytime she smiled or laughed. We started walking a little faster. Then faster again, and suddenly we were jumping down the boulevard, holding hands and laughing.

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