What's on a boys mind?

This storie was actually an assignment for an English lesson.
I'm sorry for the typing erros, but, I hope you'll enjoy it anyway.


5. Future

“I warned you, Andrew,” my sister says stroking my arm. I hesitates.
“I know, Maria,“ I say not caring.
“I still don’t get why you could do it, when you knew you were moving anyway?” I sit up.
“She was a dream. A beautiful dream I miss so much, but can’t recall. I hoped it wasn’t as serious, as I knew it was! NOW SHE’S GONE!” I shout frustrated. Maria put a hand on my shoulder again, as I cries. We sit there for a while, very quiet. Then Maria sighs:
“She wasn’t a dream, Andrew. She was real, and she loved you. The time you two spend together was a fairytale, we can tell each other repeatedly.” I look at her.
“Then why doesn’t this fairytale has a happy ever after?” She smiles at me and runs her fingers through my hair.
“Because this is not the end, Andy…” I lower my eyes, listening carefully to what she says.
“You can’t change the past, but you can form the future.” As the wise sister she is, I know she’s right. I nod understanding, and she gives my shoulder one last hug. Then she leaves me.
I’m turning her words inside and outside my head. Walking around, deciding and frustrated. Looks at the picture in the frame beside my bed. Kelly. Why are you so wonderful, dear?
A final solution hits my mind, and I grab my phone, finding the number I know so well.

Bib… bib… bib…bi..

“Hi… it’s Kelly.” 

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