Heartbreak Girl [Calum Hood Love Story]

Everyone has at least once, loved someone they couldn't have. Whether that be a celebrity, or a kid at your school. What you don't see happen quite a lot is your best friend falling in love with you. How do you deal with that? I've known Calum since I was 5. But I never knew he was in love with me. The biggest question is, how do I feel? Do I love him? Or is he JUST a friend to me? This is all so complicated. I wish someone else fell in love with me, then Calum would be able to help me.

-Raven Cresty


1. Chapter 1

"Come on Raven. He likes you too."

Calum encouraged his best friend, Raven. They were at school, eating their usual lunch, peanut butter and jam sandwiches with a chocolate nut bar, lee snacks, and a water. Well, that was Raven's lunch, Calum swapped her so she could have his left over potato salad from last nights dinner. Raven shook her head, and pushed her body into Calum's warm embrace. She's so cute, he thought, why am I even doing this?

"What if he was just joking?"

She pouted. Calum scoffed. She had had this crush on Brodie Warner for almost two years now, and Calum heard he had a thing for Raven. So being the good friend he is, he hooked them up.

"One, I'd know. I checked. Two, if he was he would be crazier than crazy Carl over there."

Calum pointed to the blonde weirdo, currently talking to himself, whilst sharing his lunch with... No one. Raven chuckled.

"You're only saying that because you're my best friend. You're suppose to say that."

She said. Calum rolled his eyes. Despite Ravens chocolate brown hair, she was such a blonde. Calum smiled inwardly at the several times she was being a blonde.

"Raven, that only apply's to parents. Not your best friend. Your best friend is suppose to tell you the truth."

Calum explained slowly, hoping she would get what he was saying.

"Get your facts right, mate."

He teased. Raven blushed that rosy colour, digging her face further into his firm chest.

"I'm scared, Cal."

She looked up, her eyes soft and childlike, bottom lip slipping out just at the slightest, and cheeks plump as usual. A strand of hair had fell in her face, and Calum subconsciously pulled it back for her, slipping it behind her right ear. Calum grinned, slapping her cheeks with two fingers as he brought his hand back.

"I'm right here, Raven. I won't let anything bad happen to you."

He reassured her with that protective tone he always used in scary occasions. She smiled softly, pushing herself away from Calum, and quietly making her way over to Brodie. Calum felt this strange feeling in his stomach, like Brodie had just stolen his life.

Calum watched as Raven sat down with Brodie and started small talking. Eventually Raven started giggling, and Brodie was smirking. The flirting had gotten intense when arms were being flung around each other, and bodies were getting closer. He saw Brodie lean down into her ear and whisper words Calum couldn't hear, but when she looked up, bit her lip and nodded. Calum already knew what it was. His world crashed and everything seemed to go dull. He stole someone I love more than the whole universe itself, he thought while he watched them with fake happiness, and I helped do him do it.

He didn't see her for the rest of the day. She spent every moment she could with Brodie Warner. He thought he should be happy for her, and he was. But he hated the way they looked at each other, eyes teasing each other, his luring her into his sick trap of falling in love with him. The way she bit her bottom lip and laughed into his chest. He hated how he gave her away like that. He didn't even know why, but he knew it was so Raven could be happy. But something about them seemed wrong. Maybe it was the fact that Calum was jealous, and wishes Raven was flirting with him. Or maybe it was the fact that Calum always had an off feeling about Brodie, but he was a nice guy, so he brushed it off. Whatever it was, she was happy, and that was all that mattered to him. Even if that meant he was the one going through all the pain of not having her with him.

"I know someday it's gonna happen"

Inspired by @Hellooooooooo!!!! Who also wrote a book called "Heartbreak Girl". Which i have favorited, and you should all read it. I didn't copy, I had been thinking about writing a story like this for a while, and even started on Wattpad. But never finished. Okay, hope you enjoyed it :$ byee.

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