What He Can't Have [Harry Styles]

He had the good looks, the curls, smile dimples how could you resist Harry Styles? Meagan Cox a normal teen rejects Harry and being the first to reject she is all that Harry wants.He wants what he can't have but will he get her in the end?


1. Chapter One

Meagan's P.O.V

"Go away"

"Please just one chance"


"Why not?"

"because I don't date players" I tried to walk pass him but he stood in my way

"Go away"

"On one condition" 

"No" I pushed pass him and tried to make my way back to the car.

"Meagan, 1 date?" 



I turned around to face him "Because you are just a rich stuck up popstar who dates girls for fun and after the first night you dump them and forget them like they never even exsisted so my answer is still no" I ran to my car jumped in and didn't look  back.

I drove down some streets and halt to a stop.Red light.Hate them.

I forgot Hi.I am Meagan Cox.I live in America and no intention on moving.i was just in a arguement with Harry Styles.You know the flirt from the famous boyband that I abosolutely hate.I prefer Ed Sheeran and Cher Lloyd.I dont care if you hate me because I hate them I dont care.People have different oppinions.Ok?

I noticed a black car pull up behind me and when the green light shone It followed me down 5 blocks.It drove next to me in the second lane reveiling the faces in the car.The band.Great.


"NO!" I screeched the car around the corner just in time.I am the champion at driving.No dout about it.You probably want to know how I met Harry Styles.I will tell you later but right now I have to get rid of these boys.They are a pain in my ass.

I sped around a few corners with them right on my tail.

A few cops came out of nowhere and me and the boys had to pull over.Great way to start the day.

The officer went up to the boys car first and came to mine.

"You are free to go" He informed

"but what about my ticket?" 

"You are paid for" I loooked at him confused 

"by who?" I asked

"The curly one" He walked away hoped on his motorcycle and sped off.He should give himself a ticket.

I slowly pulled out and sped back home.I lost the boys a couple of blocks down.I pulled up at my lonely house and turned up my music.

GET YOUR GAME ON" I sang with the stereo blasting through my house


Were the sounds that over powered the music that sang through the house.

I turned the music down and answered the door.

"Well look what we have here" i folded my arms and leaned against the door post "do you have a life to live? Like not stalking me?" I said picking at my nails

"Look I know i have only met you once but just give me 1 chance and then I will leave you alone" he begged

"See that is what I'm talking about.You don't like me you just want what you can't have.Well Harry Styles this girl is not for sale!" I slammed the door in his face and turned my music up louder.He kept knocking but I ignored him.What is wrong with this dude.A THOUSAND girls and he picks me? Well he ain 't getting this no matter how long he begs.

The knocking stopped so I am guessing they gave up.

I started baking some choco chip cookies.I am a really good baker and cooker.






"mmmmmmmm soo good" I took a big bite from my cookie that had chocolate on it.

The sky started going dark so I snuck off to bed or did I?

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