True Friendship (Based on a True Story)

Blurb - We were having fun that day, but when I accidently kicked you, things started to get bad. You went to hospital with a brocken arm, you never came back, because what I didnt know was that you had died...
This is the story of Andrew Marther (1961 - 2012) and his horse Midnight (2005 - 2012)


1. Show Time

"Next up is Andrew Marther and his horse Midnight. Midnight is a 15 hand Stallion, lets see what they've got..."


"Thats us Midnight, lets show them what we've got..." I could hear Andrew whisper in my ear. I could feel him wriggle on my back as he moved to get back into the saddle. I have won many comps with Andrew, I love him just as much as he loves me. As I always do at comps, I zoned out the rest of the world and concentrated on my breathing, pace, movements and Andrew - his leg and hand movements and gestures, and walked out into the arena.





this is my first book on movellas so i hope you all enjoy it, i am going to update it soon but i do have a whole heap of school work to catch up on...

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