Stay (Punk Niall)

(WARNING: May contain graphic sex scenes. 16+)
(My favorite name ever is Nora, I'm going to use it in this fanfic but I also used it in my other fanfic. "Shot at the Night" BUT the two characters have no involvement at all.)

Nora Dean is a smart girl with high hopes on her future. Heading to a new college taking the opportunity to be in a housing with 14 other people. She was brave going into this but didn't know what to expect. What happens when her thoughts on school and her self control and temper get doubtful when she meets a tattooed blonde Irish boy?


7. SIX

Nora's POV

The next morning I had a massive headache. I walked to me and Hanna's bathroom and checked the medicine cabinet behind the mirror for some Tylenol. None. I groaned and walked out shuffling down the stairs. I saw Louis and Harry at the kitchen table talking and was suddenly aware that I was 95% sure I looked like shit. I just smiled and slightly waved

"G'morning." I mumbled

"Headache?" Louis asks I nodded

"Medicine cabinet top left corner." He says

"Thanks" I said but remember the night before I take two of the small capsules with a glass of water and sigh.

"So happened with you and Niall last night? I usually only have to pull him off of guys not girls." Harry says

"He was being an asshole so I slapped him." I said Harry raises his brows

"You got some balls American." He said I chuckled

"What are you guys doing today?" I asked

"Shopping.. Need some new clothes for the new semester." He said I nodded

"Sounds good, Can I come with?" I asked they nodded

"Thanks.. I need to shower and stuff. I'll be quick." I said and walked back up the stairs.

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