Stay (Punk Niall)

(WARNING: May contain graphic sex scenes. 16+)
(My favorite name ever is Nora, I'm going to use it in this fanfic but I also used it in my other fanfic. "Shot at the Night" BUT the two characters have no involvement at all.)

Nora Dean is a smart girl with high hopes on her future. Heading to a new college taking the opportunity to be in a housing with 14 other people. She was brave going into this but didn't know what to expect. What happens when her thoughts on school and her self control and temper get doubtful when she meets a tattooed blonde Irish boy?


10. NINE

Nora's POV

The cheque arrived I offered to pay half but Niall just chuckled shaking his head and digging into his pockets retrieving a leather wallet covered in stickers of bands and locations. He noticed me staring at the object and after retrieving the money needed he slid it over. I gently took the warm leather into my hands. It was warm because Niall had it against his leg the last 2 hours we've been here. I examined each sticker and opened it up I saw a picture of a little girl and Niall sleeping forehead to forehead as children when Niall snatched the wallet away I jumped at the unexpected contact.

"Don't." He states quickly I nodded

Our waitress returns and Niall gives her the money she puts candy on the table I take it and hold my hand out to Niall he shakes his head he takes my wrist and pulls me towards the exit.

When we sit in the car awkward tension fills the car as quickly as she cool air does.

"I'm sorry I opened you wallet." I said lowly

"It's ok, I just shouldn't keep personal family stuff in there." He said starting the car and putting it into gear.

"Do you mind if I ask who she is?" I asked hesitantly

"That's my... Little sister." He said

"She's very cute from what I can see." I said

"Thank you." He said I looked over at him and he looked sad.

"Are you ok?" I asked

"Yeah.. I'm good." He said biting his lip.

"Are you sure?" I asked he looked over at me our eyes met, he pulled over to the side of the quiet road sitting back in his seat he looked over at me once more and leaned over the dashboard and parted his lips before connecting them with mine. He pulled away and tugged at my lip slightly I hadn't noticed his hand was on my knee until I felt the familiar heated vibration that circulated my body everytime I was near Niall.

I leaned across this time and kissed him. I just wanted this one last time.

He smiled against my lips. He started the car as we pulled away. Niall had me wrapped around his finger. I really don't think he minded either. I was falling fast and I didn't really want to yet. Classes haven't even started.

Niall starts to drive once more.

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