Layne Carter has had a difficult past two years. After the death of her father and her mother leaving, she is left to raise her 11 year old sister. What happens when Layne comes in contact with the boy of her dreams?


3. Three

Standing right there before my eyes, Louis Tomlinson of One Direction. He leaned in and pulled me into hug. He laced his fingers with mine and walked me into his beautiful house. He took me into a dining room with rose pedals on the table and lit candles.

"It's beautiful," I said. He smiled at me and pulled out my chair and helped me in. He pushed the chair back under the table. He walked around and sat down. 

"What are we having for dinner?" I asked.

"We're having du coq au vin," He said. "It's French for chicken in wine sauce."

"I've never had that before," I smiled taking  bite of my meal. "It taste phenomenal."

"I'm glad to hear it," He grinned.

"So why didn't you just tell me you were you," I asked.

"I wanted to see if you really liked me before I told you who I was. I didn't want you to like me just because I'm Louis Tomlinson from One Direction."

"I would've liked you for you, not your name," I smiled.

"and now I know that," He smiled.

We made small talk until we were both finished eating. I helped him clean off the table and his kitchen. We continued to talk until it was late that night. 

"I'm going to head home, it's getting late," I said. "Thank you for everything. It was perfect."

"You're so welcome dear," He said. "Now, I should probably get your phone number now."

I took his phone and typed my number into his contacts. He did the same with my phone. He kissed me on the cheek as I walked out the door to my car. 


I sat on the couch trying to catch up on my English 4 reading for what felt like forever. I finally caught up on the study guide and the reading. I put my books on the coffee table and closed my eyes. My phone buzzed, it was a text message Louis.

I'd like to see you again sometime -- Lou

How does tomorrow sound? -- Layne

Great. What is tomorrow? -- Lou

You can come get me in the morning and take me anywhere you would like to. Then I have to get my sister. -- Layne

I'd love to meet her, Layne. -- Lou

Are you sure? -- Layne

Of course :D I'll see you bright and early tomorrow. Address? -- Lou

2706 Marshland Drive -- Layne

See ya then :) -- Lou


I went upstairs carrying my books in one arm. I sat my books on my desk and changed into my pajamas. I crawled into my warm bed setting my alarm clock for in the morning.

I woke up with excitement. I couldn't wait to see Louis again. I walked into the bathroom and did my usual morning routine. I stepped over to my closet and got dressed for the day putting on a Lilly Pulitzer top and a pair of jeans. As soon as I walked downstairs there was a knock at my door. 

"Hello love," I said opening the door.

"Hello my Layne," He smiled.

"My Layne? I like it," I said grabbing my Burberry coat and putting it on. 

He took my hand and led me out to his Audi. He opened my door and shut it behind me once I got inside. I put on my seatbelt as he got in the car.

"So I was thinking that I could take you to breakfast and then take you shopping," He smiled.

"Sounds like a plan to me," I laughed.

He drove down a familiar road until we ended up at a small bed and breakfast.

"I booked us a room here when I talked to you last night," He said smiling. 

We walked inside and got our room key and went up to the room. We both climbed into the bed and turned on the TV. He turned it to One Tree Hill which just so happened to be our favorite show.

We both looked over the menu and decided on a chocolate chip waffle, strawberries and whipped cream, and over easy eggs. We laid there watching TV until there was a knock at the door, "Food"

I walked to the door and brought the tray back to the bed and sat it between Louis and I. He cut up a piece of waffle and put it on a fork.

"Here," he said sticking the fork into my mouth.

I started laughing, "Thanks."

I dipped a strawberry in the whipped cream and looked at him. "Here," I said. I put the strawberry in his mouth. He started laughing.

"We're so corny," I said jokingly.

"Oh so we're a 'we' now, huh?" He asked laughing.

My face got red, "I don't know, are we?"

He took my hand and looked me in the eyes, "Layne Carter, will you be my girlfriend?"

"Of course," I said smiling.

He kissed me and wrapped his arms around me. We had finished eating but neither one of us wanted to get out of bed. After laying down together for about thirty minutes in peace. "I have to go get Michelle," I said. He threw me his car keys.

"Take my car and bring her here," He said.

"Are you sure?" I asked.

"Of course," He said. "Bring her here and then we can take her shopping, on me."

"I can't let you do that," I said walking towards the door.

"Well I am so deal with it," He said laughing.

I walked out the door and put the key in the ignition of Louis' blue Audi. I drove down the road until I reached Michelle's friends house. I walked up to the door and was greeted by Mrs. Kay. 

"Hello Layne," She said. "How have you been?"

"I've been fantastic. How have you been?" 

"I've been great. Would you like to come inside?"

"I can't, I'm actually in a hurry," I said. "Another time."

"I'll get Michelle."

"Michelle," she shouted. "Layne's hstaere."

Michelle came running down the stairs and out the front door, "Thank you for having me Mrs. Kay."

When we approached the car she looked at me in a strange way. 

"Who's car is this?" She asked.

"It's a surprise. I'm taking you to see someone." I said.

"Who, who, who, who?" She exclaimed.

"I can't tell you, it won't be a surprise anymore." 

"You're no fun."

"Well, I can tell you that I've been talking to this boy and I like him and he likes me," I said. "He's my boyfriend. That's who I'm taking you to meet."

"Ew. Seriously? I don't want to meet another one of your boyfriends," She cried.

"You'll like this one. I promise."

We arrived at the bed and breakfast. I parked the Audi back in the same parking spot and walked into the front door holding Michelle's hand. We got in the elevator and went up to the second floor where our room was. When we were standing outside the door I nudged Michelle to knock on the door. I stood behind her. 

Louis opened the door and her face turned bright red. She was speechless, tears started falling from her eyes.

"You-you-y-your Louis Tomlinson," She stuttered.

"And your Michelle Carter right?" He asked.

"How do you know my name?" She cried.

"I'm your sisters boyfriend," He smiled looking at me.

"No way," She turned around and looked at me. "You're dating him?"

"Yes," I said.

After she had a minute to calm down we all went out to the car. Michelle got in the back while I was in the front with Louis. He grabbed my hand and drove to the mall. The mall is an outdoor 4 story mall, there like the ones in California I've always wanted to go to.

When we got there, I let Michelle chose where we went. Of course, she chose the Lilly Pulitzer store. I mean she is my sister. She picked out a ton of clothes and Louis bought them all for her. I couldn't ask for a better boyfriend. 

After he bought things for Michelle he said it was my turn to get something.

"I can't let you buy me anything, you've bought her enough," I said.

"I want to buy you something," He said.

"Lou, it's fine. You don't have to."

"I know. Just tell me something, don't be so difficult."

"I know something she's been wanting," Michelle said.

Louis picked up Michelle and carried her away from where I was now sitting. I waited and waited on a bench. They had been gone almost 20 minutes. What was she telling him? He came back carrying a white paper bag.

"Here," He said smiling. 

I looked inside the bag and there was a black Tory Burch bag. It is one that I've been wanting for a long time but wouldn't by myself because of Michelle. I jumped up and kissed him.

"Thank you so much Lou," I cried. "You are awesome."

"I know I am," He joked.

We all walked back out to the car and got in. It was time for Michelle and I to go back home. Michelle wouldn't stop talking to him the whole ride home about One Direction. At least I knew she liked him. 

I kissed Louis on the cheek and got out of the car. I moved the seat forward so Michelle could get out of the back. Michelle looked at Louis. 

"Thank you for everything," She said. "Are you going home?"

"I am," He said.

"Why don't you stay here with us, Layne won't care," She smiled.

"That's up to your sister," He said.

"Of course you can stay," I smiled. 

He turned off the car and walked into the house with us. "You're house is really nice Layne," he said.

"Thank you," I said. "I try."

I took our shopping bags up to my bedroom while Michelle sat on the couch with Louis. When I came back downstairs she had him autographing her poster. She had snuck upstairs and got the poster off of her wall.

"Michelle. Seriously?" I said frustrated.

"Layne, it's fine. Don't sweat it," He said. "I'd do anything for my girlfriends sister."

His girlfriend. I liked the way that sounded.

We sat on the couch and watched TV for the rest of the day. We had a serious lazy day. We called in chinese takeout because none of us wanted to go out for dinner. Louis and Michelle were setting up the dinner table while I went to the door to get the food. I paid the woman and sat the food on the table.

We all ate pretty much in silence. There wasn't much to talk about. I really liked the way this felt though. It felt perfect. It felt like that piece that I'd been missing was finally back in place. 

After we finished eating, Michelle went up to her room to get ready for bed. Louis and I cleaned off the table. We put the dishes in the sink and went and sat down on the couch. I sat in his lap and he wrapped his arms around me. 

"Layne, I'm so glad I met you, you're so down to earth," he said.

I kissed him on the cheek, "I'm glad I met you too."

"I should probably get home. It's getting late," He said.

Michelle came running down the stairs screaming, "No. Don't leave, spend the night with us."

"Miche-" He stammered.

"No. Please stay," She smiled.

He looked at me with his gorgeous blue eyes, and kissed me on the cheek.

"Layne please," Michelle cried.

"Fine," I said.

He kissed me on the cheek, "I'll sleep on the couch."

"It's okay. You can just sleep with me," I said with a huge grin cracking on my face.


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