Layne Carter has had a difficult past two years. After the death of her father and her mother leaving, she is left to raise her 11 year old sister. What happens when Layne comes in contact with the boy of her dreams?


6. Six

While I was in the shower for the second time today, I let Michelle pick out my outfit. I continued getting ready with my usual routine. I dusted my eyes with silver eyeshadow, putting black in the crease. I winged out eye liner and put on my favorite pair of fake lashes. I curled my long blonde hair until I was satisfied. 

I walked back into my room to see the outfit Michelle had picked out. It was a red body con dress from Topshop with a pair of black pumps. She had put my Tory Burch bag beside the clothes that were laying on my bed. While I got dressed, she picked out some jewelry for me to wear. She handed me a pair of chandelier earrings and a silver chunky bracelet.

Michelle grabbed her book bag with her things in it and went to wait for me in the car. I grabbed a pack of cigarettes out of the cabinet and put them in my purse. I set the alarm to the house and walked outside to my car.

I drove to Louis house to pick him up before dropping off Michelle. I had no idea where Harry lived so I asked Louis to take us. Michelle was too busy playing on her phone to even talk to me. She was now obsessed with twitter. Apparently, Louis had set her up an account: @LittleMsTommo. I couldn't get over the same. It kind of freaked me out. 


"Chelle, stay in the car while I go in to get Louis," I said, "I'll be right back."

I stepped out of the car and walked up to Louis doorstep. I knocked on the door and let myself in. 

"Louis," I shouted, "We're here."

He came walking up through the foyer looking stunning. He had on a blue dress shirt and black trousers. He leaned in pulled me in for a kiss, "You look stunning Layne."

I smiled at him and took his hand. We walked out to the car and got in. Michelle moved to the backseat so I could sit upfront with Louis. He backed out of the driveway and we were on the way.

We arrived at Harry's house in what felt like a blink of an eye. His house was gorgeous. It looked very similar to Louis. His property was also gated. I can't say I blame them. He had a smaller guest house off to the side of his. 

We all got out of the car and walked up to Harry's door. Louis walked right in leaving Michelle and I to follow behind him. Harry came walking out of the kitchen, "Michelle." He ran over and picked her up and spun her around. I could tell she was going to have a blast with him tonight. 

We said our goodbyes and parted ways. Louis and I walked back out of my Range Rover. 

"So Lou where are we going?" I asked.

"Zayn said something about trying a new place called The Vineyard. It's on the water at this boardwalk place. It's a great atmosphere," He said.

"What kind of food is it?"

"I think it is Italian but I'm not entirely sure," He said, "It's really close to here."


Louis and I walked hand in hand into the restaurant. A girl who looked my age came running up to Louis and asked for a picture with him. I took the picture for them and we kept walking. Another girl who was followed by another girl came up also asking for pictures. I didn't like how this night was going so far. 

Zayn and Perrie had a table waiting for us in the bar area. We walked over to the table where I was greeted by Perrie. She gave me a tight hug.

"It's so nice to meet you Layne. I've heard a lot about you from Zayn," She smiled. 

"Have you now?" I said jokingly.

Louis pulled out my chair for me and I sat down. I noticed Perrie's ring on her finger. It was gorgeous. 

"Your ring is gorgeous Perrie," I smiled.

"Thank you," She smiled.

The waiter came of to our table to take our drink orders. I opened the bar menu and decided to start off with a cosmo.

"I'll have a cosmo," I said.

"Make that two," Perrie added in. 

We all sat around the table and waited for our drinks to arrive. The bartender himself brought them over to us. He told us that all of our drinks would be on the house. I could get use to this whole having a famous boyfriend thing. 

"I know this sounds cliché, but we should go shopping sometime," Perrie added in, "I love your style."

"I would love to go. That sounds like fun. We can get to know each other a little better."

A group of girls came walking over to our table. I was uncomfortable with the situation, "Excuse me." 

I walked out of the restaurant and over to the boardwalk area. I had my arms on a rail over looking the bay. It looked gorgeous out here. The stars were reflecting in the water with the lights that illuminated the boardwalk. 

A girl that looked my age came walking over to me.

"It's a beautiful night out isn't it," She said, "I'm Candace."

"I'm Layne," I smiled, "Nice to meet you."

"You're out here all alone?" She asked. 

"No my boyfriend is inside. I just got uncomfortable with something and needed some air."

Thats when I saw Louis walking out of the restaurant over to where I was. Candace's mouth dropped when she saw Louis.

"This is your boyfriend?" She asked.

"Indeed it is," I said smiling looking at Louis, "It was nice meeting you." 

Louis and I walked a few feet over and sat on a bench together. He put his arm around me and kissed me on the cheek.

"What's wrong," he asked.

"Is it always like this?" I asked.

"What do you mean?"

"Are girls always coming up to you like that?" 

"Sometimes are worse than others," He said looking down at his feet.

"It just makes me insecure. I feel like you'll like one of them better than me or something."

Louis looked up into my eyes immediately, "I don't want anyone but you Layne. You're all I want."

With that I kissed him. There was nothing else I needed to say. He pulled out his phone and took a picture of the two of us and posted it on twitter: Dinner with my beautiful girlfriend @LayneCarter.

We both walked back inside and sat down at the table. 

"Sorry, I just got a little overwhelmed," I said.

"You'll get use to it," Zayn said, "But it's definitely a change."

I swallowed the rest of my drink and asked for another. I was ready to have a little fun. Apparently, we weren't here for dinner. We were just here to drink which I was okay with. I took Louis phone and texted Harry.

Harry, It's Layne. Could I ask you a favor please? --BooBear

Of course, what? --Haz

Could you keep Michelle for the night? I wanna get drunk ;) --BooBear

I guess I can. She's so sweet Layne. No trouble at all --Haz

Do you need me to take her to school too? --Haz

That would be phenomenal. She goes to Falconbridge Middle School --BooBear

I know where that it --Haz

Thanks a ton! --BooBear

I handed Louis back his phone and took another sip of my drink. Perrie and I continued talking about talking about everything. We had a ton in common. We both loved the same movies, TV shows, everything. She put her phone number in my phone so we could get together soon. 

Louis hadn't drank that much. Someone had to drive me home. After taking down about 7 cosmos it was time to go. I could barely walk at this point. Louis was practically carrying me out of the restaurant. We all gathered outside saying our goodbyes.

"I'll ca-cal-call you," I stammered to Perrie, "Nice seeing you guise."

I jumped on Louis back and he carried me back to the car. I was starting to regret my decision of drinking so much now. I closed my eyes and I must've fallen asleep on the way home. When we got back to my house Louis had to shake me awake and carry me inside. 

He carried me up the stairs and put me in my bed. He laid down beside me, "I'm not leaving you like this."

"Really, if you need to go just take my car," I stammered.

"I said I'm not leaving you like this Layne."

I rested my head on his chest and fell asleep in his arms.


Shit. I thought. I felt so nauseous. I jumped up from the bed and ran to the bathroom and threw up all the liquor I had drank the night before. I couldn't stop throwing up. Louis knocked on the door and came and sat down beside me in the bathroom.

"Are you okay?" He asked. 

"Do I look okay?" I asked. I felt sick again. I stuck my head in the toilet and threw up yet again. Louis pulled my hair into his hands and stayed by my side the whole time. 

As soon as I felt better I got up and brushed my teeth before returning to the bedroom with Louis. 

"I'm so sorry Lou," I cried. Tears were running down my face, "I made a fool of myself  last night."

"It's okay Layne," He said wiping the tears from my eyes. "We've all been there at one point or another."

I couldn't stop crying. Tears were adding up from a long time. I tried to stay strong for Michelle but it was hard. I felt terrible, my head hurt, I missed my parents. Everything was adding up on my shoulders. 

"Don't cry Layne," He said wrapping me in his arms. He kissed me on the forehead and pulled me tighter into his arms, "Don't cry."

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