being bullied

i hate life, most of the people in it not all of them but most of them. this is the full story


6. year 7

cause it was a new year i thougt it would all go away it was our first year of high school everyone would of grown up and forgoten i exsisted right? wrong. they all remembered and they told everyone that was new so now everyone new my story. but i had made friends with a girl named kayleen i sat with her and her friends at reccess and lunch and to be honest it was so scary making new friends wondring if the would judge me wondering what they thought when they looked at me wondering what they said behind my back.

as time went on i started to relize that they werent bad and they didnt care what i looked like. that kinda boosted my self-confidence 

when term 3 came i made friends with the 2 new girls rhianna and jade and over a year later we are still friends and we are all 10x weired than eachother yeah i still get bullied by a coupleof peple but cause these amazing people have boosted my conifdence i am able to stand up for my self :) so yeah thats me 

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