being bullied

i hate life, most of the people in it not all of them but most of them. this is the full story


1. being little


i would get called worthless by dad at home when i was little having to see mum and dad fight and seeing dad hit mum but he would never hit us.

Mum tryed kicking him out time after time but she always failed talking him back in and things would then go back to the way they use to be, dad would drink and not care about us only his alcohol smokes and books. We all new it would happen i mean it was him. he had the exscuse that he had been at work all day so he didnt have to do anything. We would have to do it all for him. 

he never really did anything or us. 

we never went out cause when we did dad wouldnt care he would sit there with a book looking like fun didnt exsist at all. So we never really went out much 

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