being bullied

i hate life, most of the people in it not all of them but most of them. this is the full story


5. being bullied in year 6

everyone in the year new i was only in year 6 they couldnt say much that would hurt? right..? 

no! they said so much that it would make me cry i couldnt handle it anymore but i never went to self harm or starving myselft the more people found out the less friends i had. i was now all by my self i had no one the things they said were things i knew they thought but never though they would say but they all got said. it broke me inside to know that i had no one that no one was on my side they had al taken the said to hurt me.

on day when i could take anymore i went to a teacher i was in tears and didnt know what to do as my mum had talked to her and she knew what was going on she told me to never let if get to me that what they were saying was only to hurt me and by me letting them see me like this i was letting them win. 

i took her advice and didnt let any of it hurt me 

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