The Hogwarts Games


1. 1. I'm screwed

Hermione's POV

Voldemort has won and to punish the students of Hogwarts he decided to have 6 students from each house fight to DEATH in a arena till one is left. It's awful the worst part is we are forced to watch them kill each other! If you get into Hogwarts your screwed you can't leave!

As Voldemort walked to the podium he grinned his ugly smile "let's cut to it shall we this's is a punishment for rebelling against me"

At the end I was bawling

these are the tributes

SLYTHERIN. Draco malfoy , pansy Parkinson , Millecent Bustrode, Gregory Goyle ,Vincent Crabbe and Sapphire Malfoy (Draco's younger sister)

RAVENCLAW. Luna Lovegood, Cho Chang , Terry boot, Padma Patil , Roger Davies and Jack Nussel

HUFFLEPUFF. Ernie MacMillin, Cedric Diggory, Hannah Abbott, Susan Bones, Justin Finch-Fletchley and Gabriella Tate

GRYFFINDOR. Harry potter, Neville Longbottom,Ron Weasley, Hermione granger (me!) Ginny Weasley and this girl Sierra Lovegood(Luna's sister she's a 2nd year)

I ran over to Ron and sobbed into his shoulder he stroked my hair. "Sit down child" The dark lord hissed at me I say down next to my 5th year love Ron. I heald his and Harry's hand.

" all tributes must report to the GRYFFINDOR common room this Thursday morning at six that is where we will have training for Only two full entire days of training" he hissed "now get back to class immediately!" I grabbed Ginny's hand and we marched to defense against the dark arts taught by Processor Umbridge

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