Internet Friends

Claire is an average 16 year old girl. She lives with her mother, her older 19 year old brother Steven, and her pet dog Sam. One day on the internet she was doing her homework, when an add popped up. "SIGN UP FOR WEEWORLD.COM TODAY!"
She read what weeworld was about, and decided to join the Virtual world...
What will happen when her mother, and her older brother Steven find out??


7. Shopping



Marcus's P.O.V.

After Claire and I got together, I had go home. The next morning I got a text from Claire saying that she wanted to go shopping. She needed something to wear at the Christmas Party we were invited at. I quickly had my breakfast and got in the car. My black Lexus and drove off to pick up my girlfriend.


Claire's P.O.V.

I got a text from Marcus saying he was coming with me to the mall. I was so excited. I run downstairs and tell my mother I have a boyfriend.

"I would like to meet him Claire." My mom says while she cooks in the kitchen.

"Sure mom, I will bring him today at my place when we finish shopping. I'm going to a party!!"

"Thats nice sweetie. Have fun." My mom smiles and winks at me.

I wore black skinny jeans, a green and white checkerd top, leaving my hair out, a bit of eye liner and lip gloss with my Black converse. I got my purse and stayed patient waiting for Marcus to arrive.


I head Marcus's car honk so I said bye to my sister and mother and headed for the door.

I met eyes with Marcus and smiled at him.

"Hey baby." He pecked my lips.

"Hey babe." I hug him.

Marcus opens the door for me and I sit in putting my seat belt on. We drove to the mall and started shopping.

I ran into Forever 21 and saw a few sweaters. I tried them on and Marcus said they look really pretty on me.

"That will be $21.95." the cashier smiles at me. Before I could hand her the money, Marcus handed her the credit card.

I glared at him. "I could have paid you know."

"I am not letting my girlfriend pay are u crazy?" He said smirking at me.

I smiled.


After we finished shopping we decided to go to McDonald's. 

"Stay here baby I will go order." Marcus smiled and I took a seat at a table for 2.

I heard a few whispers coming from behind and I turn around to see a few boys at the age of around 18 and 19. There were 4 of them.

A dude with blond hair winked at me and bit his lip. I looked at him in disgust and looked at Marcus who was still waiting in line taking out his wallet. Then I heard a whistle and turned around to see a guy with black hair and brown eyes smirking at me. I rolled my eyes and motioned Marcus to come and sit down. 

He didn't see me. Great. -.-

The boys were still trying to get my attention but instead I started focusing on Marcus and what was happening on Friends For REAL. I haven't been on the site for so long so I decided to go on it after we get home. 


Marcus returned with a big mac, a large fries, coke and a chicken burger. He smiled at me and then noticed that something was wrong.

''whats wrong babe?" he asked holding my hand.

I look at him.

"Those boys behind me...." I whisper frightened.

Marcus looked behind me and saw the guys just chilling.  

"We will take this as a take out okay?" Marcus smiled at me. I smiled back weakly.

"Okay.." We got up and left. I saw the 4 boys looking at me and I quickly ran out the door.

Marcus took my hand and we started walking until......


Hey guys I am so sorry I haven't updated!! I'm on a trip and I finally got some free time! -.-

I was wondering if someone would like to be a co-author and write part of the story because I'm not having enough time to write a chapter. All of this was in draft I just had to make it better :p

Please let me know your age, name, and why you should be co-author in the comments below!

I love you guys! ^-^


-Charms <3

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