Internet Friends

Claire is an average 16 year old girl. She lives with her mother, her older 19 year old brother Steven, and her pet dog Sam. One day on the internet she was doing her homework, when an add popped up. "SIGN UP FOR WEEWORLD.COM TODAY!"
She read what weeworld was about, and decided to join the Virtual world...
What will happen when her mother, and her older brother Steven find out??


6. Ignoring

Claire's P.O.V.

I was seeing Marcus and Abigail sucking each others faces off.


I seriously thought he was into me.....

I sigh and accidentally dropped my books.

 Marcus heard me.


I looked up to see him coming at me but I ignored him and walked past him carrying my books without his help.

"Claire look I-"

"Sorry I have to go..." I said without looking at him.

I ran down the hallway and went into Math class where I saw Jessica waiting for me.

"Hey girl." she whispered to me and smiled.

"Hey." I try to fake a smile.

"What happened?" Jessica looked at me with concern.

"Tell you later.." I grabbed my math text book and got ready for the lesson.




As Math was over, I walked out and bumped into Abigail.

"Oh hey slut." She said smirking.

I ignored her and walked away.

She kept following me.

"Bitch turn around. Now."

I didn't listen.


I turned around and BAM! Abigail punched me. I fell to the ground and winced in pain. Marcus saw me and came running up to me. 

"CLAIRE!!! OMG ARE U OKAY!?" He started yelling with concern.

"I'm fine..." I got up and walked away.

I was clearly jealous of Marcus. There was no doubt in that. 



Marcus's P.O.V. (yes finally!! xD)

I saw Abigail punch Claire.

Wtf? I ran up to her but all Claire did was walk away.. She saw me and Abigail kissing but to be honest she went for it at first.

She kept me on her grip and let me say she is strong as hell!
I really like Claire. I want to go out with her but I'm just waiting for the right moment. And by the looks of this, I don't think its the time.

I saw Jessica walking. 

"Hey Jessica." I said with a smile.

"Oh, hey Marcus...." she said not really into the conversation.

"Do you um.. know where Claire is??" 

"Yea she went home. She told me everything..." Jessica said looking pretty pissed at me.

"I need to talk to you about that." I said.

Jessica sighs.

I grab Jessica's hand and take her to the football field. 

"Look, I really like Claire..." I said scratching the back of my neck.

"PSH yea of course." Jessica said sarcastically.

"No i really do... Abigail forced me into kissing her. She has a great force you probably know..."

"Yea I know... Does Claire know??" Jessica crossed her arms.

"No.. She has been ignoring me the whole day..." I stopped looking and Jessica and started looking around.

Silence filled the air.

" I will text you her address okay? And you can go explain it to her." Jessica finally spoke.

"" I gave Jessica my number. 

"See you around then...and thanks" I said smiling and giving Jessica a hug.


I go to my house and get ready.

I suddenly get a text. It was Jessica.

Jessica- Claire's address is 43 Cranberry Drive.

I texted her back.

Me- Alright. Thanks Jessica. You're the best! :)

Jessica- No problem :)

I switch my phone off and go into my car and drive to the address.

I rang the doorbell and Claire answered it.

She was about to close the door on me but I put my foot in between.

"Claire listen. Please!" 

She opened the door and sighed.


"Look, I'm really sorry. Me and Abigail are NOT together!"

"Then Why did you guys kiss? For fun?" She was practically screaming.

"No.. She started the kiss and she was holding on to me so I couldn't let go! And you know how strong her damn grip is..."

I entered her house a little further.


Claire's P.O.V.

Marcus came in closer.

He shut the door behind him.

"Every day your always on my mind and I can't help but smile at the moments we have together."

He came even closer until I bumped into the wall.

"I can't stop thinking about you.."

Marcus was just inches away from me and I could feel his warm minty breath on me.

"Marcus look-" I started.

Then suddenly he kissed me. Fireworks exploding here and there. I kissed him back softly and slowly as he pushed me against the wall wrapping his arms around my waist.

The kiss got deeper and deeper.

It was clearly a make out session xD

"Claire.. I love you so much.." He got on one of his knees and looked at me. He took my hand.

"Claire Kathy McCowan, will you be my girlfriend?" He smiled gently at me.

I couldn't help but say 

"Yes!" I smiled and hugged him, and he pulled me into a kiss.

Marcus is finally mine.


Marcus's P.O.V.

She is finally mine.




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