The Neighbourhood

I never imagine even meeting the lead singer from my favorite band The Neighbourhood. But, when I have to spend my weekend with him, it's a different story.


4. Chapter 4

"I hope you don't mind." "No it's no problem really." He smiles at me and grabs my hand, "A lot of girls would ask more questions than you do." "Well I guess I'm not like the rest." I wasn't sure if he heard me or not but I was pretty proud of myself for saying it. Shy girls finish last I guess, and I was definitely one of those. I Spent 45 beautiful minutes in the car with Jesse. Most of which was spent with me fan girling. He didn't seem to mind though. Not a lot of girls can say they got the opportunity to fan girl in front of the person they were fan girling about. Even at 20, I'm still fan girling..... Great. "Seriously though. I'm sorry that I can't take you to a better place. A hotel is all I have at the moment." He wrapped his arm around me. For a person that I just met... He was pretty friendly. It felt nice. I wondered if anything could ever happen between us..... Of course not. We walked Into this beautiful hotel with chandeliers and a royal theme. I've never seen anything like it. It was so beautiful. And as if he read my mind he said, "Just for you." I smiled and we walked together to the front desk, still holding hands. The lady at the front desk greeted us with a wide smile, "Will that be a honeymoon suite for you two?" I looked at her with wide eyes and realized that Jesse and I were still holding hands. I quickly took my hand away from his, "No, no we're not together. We're just-." Jesse cut me off and grabbed my hand, "-just in love as two humans can be." He pulled me close and whispered in my ear, "The honeymoon suite is bigger and costs less if we're together." I whispered back, "But, we're not." He smiled, "But they don't know that," he turned back to the lady, "Sorry. She gets a little delusional when she's drunk. We'll take that suite now." The lady smiled and looked at me as I pretended to be drunk with Jesse's arm around me for support. She seemed to buy it though so I did that until she showed us to our room. She opened the door to a beautiful room fit for a king and Queen. It was ENORMOUS and oddly enchanting. It was red and gold themed and had mahogany furniture. And, a cushioned seat at the end of the beautiful King sized bed. Jesse continued to hold me as if I was on the verge of collapsing, "Thank you so much for the room." He handed her a couple of bills. She smiled. She seemed to do that a lot, but she might be ready to choke someone out right now. "No problem! How long will you be staying?" I think Jesse was ready to put me down but he wouldn't admit it. I wasn't heavy.... Maybe he just had a long day. "Let's just say a week." "Ookie Dokie." She sounded way too happy. Maybe she was on drugs or something. She wrote something down on her clipboard. For some reason I decided to say something to make it seem like I was REALLY drunk. It sounded a little like this, "Hey! Where's that bear that I was making out with in the bathroom?" I know, stupid right? But, to be fair, I was playing a drunk person. It's fair to say that they would say weird things. Jesse just played along, "That was me baby, and I'm not a bear. Drunk people, right?" I knew he wanted to fall on the floor laughing, because that's exactly what I wanted to do. She smiled even wider, (she was pissed) "Well the manager just wants me to say one thing to the honeymooners as a precaution. whenever you feel "the urge" (she really put air quotes with that) we strongly suggest that you keep it down. As you know this is a family- friendly environment and we don't want the parents to have the birds and bees talk with their kids early." She laughed. Jesse smiled, "We'll keep that in mind." And he closed the door. He walked me to the bed and look me go making me bounce back on the bed. "That was rude!" He pretty much ignored my comment and yawned, "Whoa I'm tired." "I'm not heavy am I?" I honestly needed an explanation even though I was pretty skinny. "Of course not. I'm just tired." I nodded. And sat back on the bed. I looked at the clock. 11:30. It was pretty late. "I should be going to bed now." He just nodded and sat on the couch. "I'll sleep on the couch and you can take the bed." I was thankful that I got to sleep in the bed. I was so tired. I was suppose to call my mom in California. I usually did that everyday, but today, I would have to skip it. I went under my thick blankets and closed my eyes. "Ill take you shopping tomorrow since you don't have clothes to change into." All I could manage to say was a weak "okay". The last thing I heard was the sound of Jesse answering a call and stepping outside until I fell fast asleep.  
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