The Neighbourhood

I never imagine even meeting the lead singer from my favorite band The Neighbourhood. But, when I have to spend my weekend with him, it's a different story.


3. Chapter 3

    He had looked at me from the corner of his eye 15 times in the last 7 minutes we were in the car. I would know, I was doing that too. For some reason he didn't turn on the radio and I didn't wanna ask. 

    "So... are you a fan?" He asks to lighten the mood.

     "Yeah, HUGE fan," I smiled. He looked at me and smiled. "I am too," He says. I laughed, "Of course you are." I laughed. 

     "Favorite song?" He asked. 

     I looked out the window and thought about it. I liked all of it. His voice, the way he said things. The casual tone in his voice he made sound beautiful. "Either baby came home or afraid."

    He smiled and reach over me when we reached a stop light, slightly touching me. It made me shake with nervousness. He pulled out a CD and put in it the slot under the knobs for the radio. Then I heard my favorite song 'Afraid'. I sang along and he laughed. "What?" I said.

     "You're good singer," He said. I smiled and put a stray hair behind my ear, "Obviously not better than me but-." I punched his arm and laughed, " Shut up!" 

     He laughed and stopped at the stop light. He looked out his window," Oh crap!" I tried to see what he was looking at but before I could say anything he had kissed me. His lips were warm and soft and I couldn't pull away. When he pulled away I was frozen. When the light turned green he sped up.

    "I'm sorry. My ex was driving next to us," He said.

     I looked away, "It's fine," That was fantastic. Not only did I get to meet my favorite band, I got to sit the car with the lead singer, and got to kiss him on the same day. I should be angry, but I wasn't. "So you dated a girl here?"

    "Yeah, Beverley. She uh.. it didn't work out."

     "I'm sorry," I wasn't really sorry. He was single and even though it wouldn't work out I was happy. 

      He looked over at me, "I am sorry about that."

      "It's fine," I smiled. He took out the CD, "You are good kisser though." 

      I punched him in the arm, "Shut up!" He just shrugged. "So where are we going anyway?" I asked him. 

      "Well until you get the key thing situated then I was thinking you could stay with me. If that's alright with you?" I was shocked. I was going to stay with him? Me? I couldn't refuse but was this the best idea? 

     "I don't want to be a burden-," 

     "Shut up you're coming with me!" He said casually, "You will be my guest even if I have to drag you there. I swear you are the most over thinking girl in the world!" He laughed.


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