I Don't Need A Reason

Natalie is a typical high school girl except one issue. She picks on a kid named Ryver. This starts back in kindergarten and they are now about to enter their senior year.
What happens when the bullied finds out her weakness?
You've heard the mindset of the 'bullied'. This is the mindset of the 'bully'.
To add to all of the chaos, Natalie finds out she's more than she thought.


2. Tall, Dark, and Handsome

Standing in front of the mirror an hour later, I checked out my appearance. I had showered and dressed in a cliché 'little black dress'. Gray shadow covered my eyelid making my light gray eyes pop. My natural brunette hair was in waves down my back, stopping just above my bottom. Stilettos made me three inches taller than I normally was.

I looked and felt pretty good. I'm in no way conceited but I wasn't a downer on myself either.

"Natalie! Our guests are here!"

I smiled wickedly at myself. Time to play with my little mouse.

Walking down the stairs, as elegantly as possible, I noticed a tall, handsome man with short blonde hair. Curiosity got the best of me, having me wonder why this man arrived here with the Kross'.

As I stepped down onto the last step, I slid and prepared myself for a fall but all I felt was a pair of strong arms cradling me to what felt like a firm broad chest.

My eyes slowly opened, taking in what, or in this case who, caught me.

A male face was in my line of sight. He looked oddly familiar but there was no way I could know this handsome man and not have talked to him before.

I didn't know how long we had been standing like that. I was probing his bright green eyes with my own gray ones but it was proving difficult to read him. Suddenly, someone cleared their throat.

It must have scared Mr. Tall, Dark, and Handsome too because he almost dropped me. Slowly, he helped me stand up. I grinned appreciatively at him with a hint of flirting.

"Natalie would you mind taking Ryver to the living room with you?" My mom asked while gesturing towards the man in front of me.

My eyes widened. Ryver? My mom must be crazy! This man didn't look anything like Ryver!

"Ryver you go ahead with Natalie into the living room. I'm going to help Mrs. Dubai with dinner." Mrs. Kross pointed towards the living room with a long manicured finger like my mom's.

The man, Ryver, nodded his head and ventured off to the living room. I quietly followed him.

When he got into the bright white living room he sat down on our wine red love seat and looked up at me with a smirk. I took a seat on the edge of our recliner, not once taking my eyes off of him. Crossing my legs, I started biting my lip.

The silence was becoming uncomfortable when I thought of something to say.

"So Ryver, have you fallen in any ponds lately?" I smirked as his face fell. That'll teach him to be smug.

"Not lately. Are you still doing evil deeds for the devil?" His face became calm now. The devil huh? I must be doing my job right then. I smirked innocently.

"Oh dear Ryver, whatever are you talking about? I am nothing but nice to people." In a lower voice I continued. "You aren't considered a person in my books though. You're more of a mouse and I'm the cat that chases you. Meow." I winked evilly.

Silence followed my comment for what felt like forever. Sitting there, I felt victorious. What he said next, though, shocked me.

"You know what, I've been trying to understand for years why you've been this way to me. I think I finally understand why now." He paused to get me wondering. "You like me." The way he said it sounded proud. Like he was proud he thought he figured me out.

After my shock wore off at his boldness I laughed hard, almost falling off of the recliner. Slowly, I got up with formality and sat next to him on the love seat.

I put my hand on his and said sincerely, "I don't like you but I don't hate you either. You were never mean to me or even hurt me. Heck, you only said one sentence to me. That just proves I don't need a reason to be a bitch towards you." I got up to his ear and whisper, "I just do it for the pure enjoyment of it."

I pull back from his ear and smirk at him. "Oh and don't think that this transformation is going to stop me." In the slowest, meanest voice I could muster, "Inside, you're still the scared, wimpy little boy you've always been."

Before I could say another word or even move away my mom walked in. I yanked my hand away quickly and stood up, straightening my dress in the process.

My mom gave me a sly look as she said, "Time for dinner."

Ryver practically ran from the room. As soon as he was out of earshot she turned to me.

"You two looked pretty cozy." A big smile lit up her face.

Before I could explain how wrong she was, she exited the room with elegance. I suppose her little fantasy of us was better than her knowing the truth.

Exiting the room with my head held high, I thought about the tricks I had up my sleeve. Ryver certainly had something to worry about.

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