Gotta be you

Rose and Liam were the best of friends,until Liam auditions for the X-Factor a second time,and gets put into a group,known as One Direction. The instant fame changes Liam,and he's not who Rose remembers him to be, this saddens Rose because she has had feelings for Liam for as long as she could remember and he doesn't even notice her now, Rose wants the old Liam back, the cute,funny,and shy Liam,but Rose is met with the responsible,mature and confident Liam. Will Rose ever get Liam back?


1. Background info. Part I: Rose

A/N: HIIIIIIIIII GUYS!!!! First fanfic,tell me what u think!


Rose's POV: Hey guys,I'm Rose. I really don't know where to start,how about from the beginning? Yeah, good place to start? Okay, I am an only child, I envy all of my other friends because they have like 3 or 4 other siblings besides them, and I only have 4 other friends, Abigail Maycott, Veronica Wilde, Jane Malford, and Taylor Summers. They're like my best friends, except for one person, who I consider more important then anything to me,he's basically my world,and he makes my day a whole lot better whenever I see him,that's my bestest friend in the entire world,Liam Payne. That name might sound familiar,maybe it's because Liam is part of one direction and he totally and completely forgot about me and my existence. When people say that fame changes you,they're so right. Liam used to be by my side no matter what, he always made sure we were in the same classes, because he wanted to spend as much time as he could with me. Now,I had to go and ask for permission if I could hangout with him, whenever we used to hang out,we would just barge into each others houses and our parents wouldn't care because they were just like us, best friends. Our moms, me and Liam's were best friends in high school and they made sure that they were in the same delivery room when they had us. They were each other's maid of honors at their weddings and they basically were joined at the hip, never leaving each other's side for a minute. But that was me and Liam until he decided to go out again after he got eliminated from the X-Factor, don't get me wrong,I love his determination,but I just want him here with me again, I need someone to cuddle with,I need someone that I know better then myself, I need my best friend,and I need the one that I have feelings for,and not just friendly ones, ones that feel like there's a fireworks show going on when you see them. I guess there's that one person that I need. Liam.

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