Age is ovet rated (Ross Lynch fan fiction)

This story us about a girl named Janelle Maria Chavez but she likes to go by Maria she a crush on celebrity Ross Lynch but what you don't know is her past and that is a nightmare will she and ross become a couple or is her age to young but you never know ross said "Age is over rated for love"


1. Getting to know Maria

A/N so this is my first book on here and I love R5 and Ross Lynch so this fan fiction is about him now please note that this book is coming from Wattpad and will be updated more there and I have the same username on there so enjoy!!!


Hi my name is Janelle Maria Chavez but i preference people call me Maria. u may think tht tht I can speck  Spanish but I can sort of but any ways I am from Colorado and I am 12 years old I have dark brown hair, dark brown eyes , I have just the right color to be dark skinned person I am in the middle of the color to be a tanned girl. I have an older brother named Johnathan Chavez Sanchez and its only two of us . u may wonder why I don't have Sanchez as my last name its because I am more like my dad's side of the family in look like my dad's younger sister maria and I am named after her. I go to Dsst Cole and I fucking hate tht school they are so dam annoying and I am glad I get to live with my aunt Gracie  in California because I get to go to Disneyland all I want. I can be childish when I need to be but people always tell me "You have to act older because u will have Responsibility's when u get older. Oh did I mention I am a HUGE R5 FAN and I have a huge crush on Ross Lynch?!?!!?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???? well I am but I know It will never happen with me being too young for Ross and being ugly but people say I am really beautiful but i think not anyways. well u may think I have the best life anyone could ask for but u wrong as hell, I get beat by my Dad,Mom & my brother who I thought was supposed to be on ur side. I know they never wanted me I am so ugly and stupid but I know I am not stupid I am smart. my favorite color is yellow I love to listen to R5 all say long I am really into music and I just like acting but I know I will never be tht I will just end up being a babysitter. A/N well wht do u think about my story let me know wht u think and this maybe really telling my childhood but I am really 14 or am I I might tell u guys soon so stick around warriors and yes I am use the same nickname for my readers from my other book on wattpad which will be posted soon on here too I will never let u go and I will try to update both stories soon love ya warriors. ~ Melissa~

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