Age is ovet rated (Ross Lynch fan fiction)

This story us about a girl named Janelle Maria Chavez but she likes to go by Maria she a crush on celebrity Ross Lynch but what you don't know is her past and that is a nightmare will she and ross become a couple or is her age to young but you never know ross said "Age is over rated for love"


3. Flight part 2

Maria's p.o.v.
I landed in California around 2:00am and my luck my great aunty Gracie forgot my flight was today she thinks it is tomorrow crap. I only have 10 bucks and my phone died and my charger is broken, also she lives near Disneyland and i think thts like 4 or less hours away. so I went and sat down on bench with all my heavy luggage and sat there thinking of a plan on wht to do next hmm. I almost fell asleep till I got woken up by so guy tht looked oddly familiar but from where? " hey sweet heart are you lost and need a ride?" tht brown haired guy said.  " um well yeah my name is Janelle Maria Chavez and yours?" "oh well my name is Ellington Lee Ratliff you might know me from victorious or mainly from R5." Omg I am talking to ELLINGTON LEE RATLIFF!! i controled my fan girl side and said " i knew u looked familiar i listen to R5 a lot and u guys rock." "Oh well thanks Janelle you want me to take u to my place so u can explain to me why ur here by ur self" "um yea can u call me Maria instead of Janelle" "sure let go" Ellington said. 
Ellington is so sweet and funny we were talking about him and the  Lynch's on tour. he said " well when they were on their late night skate Ryland accidentally crashed with a car and everyone caught it on video and he said "if one of u ever post tht video i swear i will get all ur asses, oops o so srry for cursing in front of you." Elli is alright i do it sometime and i really dont care i have been around tht all my life so dont worry just act like ur self." 

hey warriors tell me wht u think about my story I know short chapter is tht I barely have time on my hands or I have writer's block sorry I will try to update soon!
~Melissa ~

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