The Bad Boy's Sister (Complete)

"Harry! I'm tired of you!" I yelled a lot louder then I wanted too. "What do you mean?" He asked confused. "I mean everything bad that has happened to me is because of you! I'm sick of it!" I said trowing my hands in the air with anger. "Well It's not like I can just change the fact that your The Bad Boy's Sister" He said cocky. "I don't think you understand Harry! I hate being the bad boy's sister. I always have and always will!" I yelled. You have no idea what he has done to me all because he's 'The bad boy', And me being Ella Styles will always be in the background because of him.


22. Liam...Niall...What?


So I think I'm gonna pick.... oh who am I kidding? I HAVE NO IDEA! most girls would think this is awesome! two hot guys all to myself! It's a good thing I'm not like those girl! I may be popular, but I'm not like that. I read a book the other day that said if I listen to my heart all the answers will be there. Okay heart I'm ready for you to tell me the answer! I closed my eyes to see if it works....

Nothing...Just the cold morning air hitting my face. I don't even think I got any sleep last night. maybe I did I just don't remember. So Harry Is all better, he still has some scares here and there but he still okay. We went back to to him waking me up in the morning. except Harry didn't wake me up today...That's weird  

I Looked at the clock, oh crap Niall and Liam and all them are gonna be here to take us to school SUPER SOON!

I got up and looked in my closet for something to where I found a black ad white striped shirt and over it I wore a dark red short skirt, I then added a cheetah print belt. I brushed my thick curly hair and added some eye makeup.    


Now I'm ready! My fashion style isn't like everyone else. I don't get the point to show a lot of cleavage, but maybe it's just because I don't have the biggest boobs...What ever, I stopped thinking about what other people thought of me a long time ago

I looked in the mirror and adjusted my outfit. I really love this outfit! The only problem is I still have no idea what I'm gonna tell Niall and Liam when they come!

Niall is awesome, Liam is awesome 


I grabbed my back pack and walked down stairs. It's almost time to go! where are they? I looked at my phone. I got a ton of texts! 

Louis cx : Hey Love :) Sorry me and the boys are late this morning, something came up with your bother, see ya soon  

That's weird...

Liam :) : Hey <3 (Sent This morning) 

Niall cx : Hey <3 (Sent this morning)  

I laughed a little when I saw Niall and Liam send the same message. Doesn't that seem weird though? 

Harry:p : hey sis, when you wake up I won't be there because I have some unfinished business to do :( don't worry I'll be back by morning :) XOXO (Sent last night)

What crazy things has Harry got into this time? I don't wanna worry about it. I am tired of being in his drama!

I texted to Harry: I thought you said you would be home by morning?! It's Morning now! :( U okay? 

I soon got a text back 

Harry :p : I'm fine I didn't do anything stupid yet but turns out I won't be home till tonight, but I'll still be at school! No worries :) 

 I'm not even gonna think about all the things that could be happening right now! I am 17 I can drive!

Wow sometimes I'm such a blonde, even though I'm not blonde, but what ever! 

I texted Zayn saying : Don't worry about picking me up I'm gonna drive myself this time ;) 

Zayn: Okay Love :) 

I locked my phone then grabbed my back pack and walked out the door, That's right I'm going on my own without Harry! Woohoo 

I drove my way to school, when I got there Not a lot of girls came up to me, I guess most of them like me for the guys. Oh well I got Gracie 

I smiled to myself at the fact that the only person who came up was Gracie, "So hows Liam? I'm sure he's perfect" she said rolling her eyes 

"Woe are you okay?" I asked as we were walking into the high school  

"No It's not your fault Liam likes you and not me" she said looking down 

"I don't even know I I'm gonna pick him, their is always Niall" I said shrugging 

"Well when they get here you have to choose you know that right?" she asked opening her locker 

"Yeah I know, I just don't know what to do right now" I said leaning ageist the wall

"Well what do you want to do?" she asked 

"I don't know what I want to do!" I said putting mt hands in the air like I didn't do anything 

She face palmed

Then I saw Niall and Liam enter the high school, Niall had a new black eye, but Liam looked fine

I ran up to Niall "Oh my god, are you okay? what happened?" I asked

"Um, nothing just go out with Liam okay?" he said and ran away covering his eye 

Liam smirked at me "What the hell Liam!?" I said 

"What?" he said clueless 

"Why did Niall just say that?" I asked 

"I don't know" he said shrugging 

"You just lied to my face wow" I said sassy 

"I'm sorry Ella but I had to do what I had to do to get you" He said stepping closer to me 

"No Liam" I said pushing him 

Then he stepped closer and I stepped back soon he pined me up ageist the wall "Liam stop!" I said tried to push him off of me but he's too strong 

We were kissing distance, but I don't wanna kiss him! He leaned in "LIAM" I yelled 

Just then someone pulled him off of me It was Harry "Are you hurting my sister man?" Harry asked 

"chill, I was just messing around" Liam said walking away 

I walked over to Harry "Thanks, oh and where were you this morning?" I asked crossing me arms

"Don't worry about it" he said and walked over to Jessie's locker 

I was gonna look for Niall but Then the belle rung

I walked to first period, People said Hi on the way but I didn't answer I am so mad at Liam right now! He can't just go around punching people, and then he pines me  to wall? Seriously? I have lost about 60% of my trust for him, ehh more like 70%  I now know who to pick 



Author's note: 

Hey guys! 

Are you happy it was Niall? a lot of you wanted him 

I love you guys!! 


Oh and check out this new person on movella! she's amazing! her name is wifiqueen 


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