The Bad Boy's Sister (Complete)

"Harry! I'm tired of you!" I yelled a lot louder then I wanted too. "What do you mean?" He asked confused. "I mean everything bad that has happened to me is because of you! I'm sick of it!" I said trowing my hands in the air with anger. "Well It's not like I can just change the fact that your The Bad Boy's Sister" He said cocky. "I don't think you understand Harry! I hate being the bad boy's sister. I always have and always will!" I yelled. You have no idea what he has done to me all because he's 'The bad boy', And me being Ella Styles will always be in the background because of him.


28. I hope.....

Author's Note: 

So there is 4 more chapters left! This one, then 3 more! Omg guys! Time went by so fast! I hope you guys like this chapter!


So my mom is the leader....Well I am so confused... I guess when I saw her and she was 'warning' me.... she was..... acting? Well she fooled me. I wonder if Harry knew? I have no idea what to think right now. I guess now I'm so post to be afraid of my mom. Now I know why Gracie didn't want me to kill the leader...because that would mean killing my mom. I don't understand though....why does my mom hate me so much? I always loved her growing up. I was never mean to her or anything! Wait...didn't she kill dad? Okay, now I'm way confused I thought she loved daddy. I really don't understand. Basically my whole life is a lie. What's next? Is Harry hiding something too? Probably....

I really shouldn't be thinking about all this right now. After my mom told me who she is, I ran. I ran as fast as I could until people who used to be my 'friends' grabbed me and brought me too her. Jessie and some other girls did that. My mom ordered them to take me to the basement. She whispered something in their ears. I'm guessing it's what she's planning on doing with me. 

Honestly I don't really know what to expect. Part of me is saying it's all probably a trick and my mom isn't really evil, but that can't be true because I spend the past 15 minutes pinching myself to see if I'll wake up...I didn't. 

I wonder if Gracie is gonna get in trouble for talking to me. Knowing her, she'll probably lie her way out of it.  

I really want to talk to Harry. I want to see if he knew anything about this. If he knew mom was the leader.

Okay, I'm off topic again! I need to figure out how I'm gonna get out of here!

I looked around. It's pitch black in here. I'm kinda scared that if I move around a creepy person or a skeleton will appear, like in the movies. So I kinda just sat there. 

Then I herd moving. 

"Hello?" I asked

I waited for a answer

"Ella?" a voice said HARRY! 

"Harry? is that you? It's Ella!" I shouted 

"Oh thank god your okay! oh my god, I can't really move because they hit me so hard. but I found a match I'll light it so u can see me and come to me" he said. I could tell just by hearing his voice he wasn't well. 

He lit the match and I looked behind me and saw a worn out looking Harry Waving. Just looking at him made me wanna cry. His head had a lot of dry blood, his legs looks practically broken. He still had one arm that was useful which was his right arm, but his left was all busied. His shirt was off, but he still had the jeans he was wearing at the party even though they are all ripped. He held a match in his right hand. 

"Oh My God Harry!" I said rushing over to him 

I gave him a light hug

"I'm sorry Elly, this whole thing, It's my fault. All because I just have too be a stupid bad boy" He said in a raspy voice 

"What are you talking about Harry?" I asked

"This gang...It all started because of me." He said ashamed

"Wait what?" I asked incredibly confused. 

"I started this gang a long time ago, with Louis, Niall, Zayn, and Liam. I was the leader. I started it Freshmen year. It was stupid really. We didn't even do anything bad but then I made bad choices. Do you remember Dad's friend Tom?" He asked 

I nodded. Tom was dad friend that he met the one time he was drunk. Horrible guy. I hated him.

"Well he found out and I stupidly let him in the gang. I think that was the time when I drank a ton because I don't remember letting him add all these bad people, but all the guys say I did so I guess I did. Anyways, those bad people made the gang worse. As soon as it started getting that bad Niall quit. Liam shortly quit after him. Tom got more and more crazy. Apparently he had people pretend to be your friends, because he had this plan to do something too you. I didn't know the plan. He did it behind my back. Remember the day me and mom and dad went to the 'store' and that was when the 'car crash happened?" I nodded "Well Tom hid in the back seat of our car before we drove there. Apparently Tom hated our dad and wanted to kill him. I was in the back seat and saw him right away. I didn't say anything at first because if I did mom and dad would have known I was in a gang. We went to the store like we told you, but then Mom had to do something farther away. I forgot where it was but we drove for a long time.We were in the middle of no where when I saw Tom pull the gun out. He tried pointing it at dad but I messed up his aim. So he shot the car in random places. By now dad stopped the car because of all the craziness. He took mom's hand and walked out of the car together. Tom followed them. I took out the small gun I hid in the car and I ran outside and without thinking pulled the trigger hopping it would hit Tom. It didn't." He stopped 

I knew what he was gonna say next. He shot dad. 
Harry wiped a tear out of his eyes "I shot dad. Mom didn't kill him. I did!" He said covering his face in his knees. 

"So what happened next?" I asked 

He sat back up "I was shocked at what I had done. I yelled at Tom and quit right there. Tom promised he wouldn't tell same with mom. Then Tom told mom about the gang. Mom was super agree with me. About everything, for killing dad, for hiding it from her, Everything. Then Tom Whispered something in her ear for a long time. I turned around and tried helping dad, which was no use. I Turned around and both of them were gone. Then I freaked out and called the police saying there was a car crash. I even made it look like a car crash and everything." He said truthfully 

So it all makes sense now. Well, kinda. I don't know what Tom whispered in mom's ear, or if Tom is even alive.

"Wait if you killed dad, then why is everyone saying that mom did?" I asked confused 
"I don't know, but I'm happy no one knows I didn't do it" He said nodded

"Wow" I said because there was nothing else to say. 

So I guess mom is mad at Harry because he killed dad, but what about me? Did Tom tell her I did something bad? I don't know... Everything is so crazy in my mind. 

"I'm sorry Elly." Harry said 

"It fine, Well It's not fine, but I can tell you are really sorry so I forgive you" I said honestly 

"You have no idea how bad I feel about doing that to dad" He said 

"I know" I said nodding "Wait did you know that mom is the Leader?" I asked

"Wait..MOM IS THE LEADER?!" He yelled. I guess he didn't know.  "I thought Tom you think he's dead?" He asked 

"I don't know. Probably" I said shrugging. 


So We have been in this place for at least 2 days. 

No food. No water. I feel like any time I'm gonna faint or something. Harry looks horrible. It gets really lonely here with just me and Harry. Most of the time we just sleep. Sometimes we talk about what we think will happen to us. Other times we just sit there lost in our thoughts.  I wonder if this is her plan. Starving us until we die. I wonder if Gracie is okay. I hope she is. 

The door opened. It was Mom. Well crap. 

She turned the light on. Wait there was a light the whole time? 

She walked over to me and Harry and smirked. "So I guess you guys want answers right?" She asked us 

"More like Food and Water" I said without thinking. 

"Oh?" She asked 

"Yeah well me and Ella haven't eaten in forever so what do you expect Mom?" Harry asked sassy 

She threw Water bottles at us hitting both our faces. We both drank them fast. Water. Water tasted so good. I was sad when I ran out. 

Mom turned around to leave but I stopped her. "WAIT!" I yelled 

I didn't really know what I was gonna say when she turned around. I just knew I didn't want her to leave. I do want answers. When she turned around without thinking the words kinda just came out. 

"I DO WANT ANSWERS MOM! For example, why do you hate me so much?" 

"Tom told me you and Harry's little plan to kill dad. And it's sick. He was trying to save him from you too!" She said louder 

"Waut....What?" Harry said confused 

I don't blame him. I am just as confused. So Tom must have whispered to her that we wanted to kill dad and not him which is wrong because he was the one who wanted to. Right? Unless Harry was lying. I don't think he was lying though because he looks just as surprised as I do...maybe even more surprised.

"You herd me! and I will not stop torturing you two until I get my revenge!" She yelled 

"Wait is tom still alive?" I asked

"Didn't you guys kill him?" She asked 

"No" Harry said 

"I don't believe anything you two say anymore! You killed my husband, and my best friend!" She yelled "And don't play dumb with me because I know you two....." She kept ranting about how horrible we were but I tuned her out when I saw Gracie holding a gun behind her. 

Me and Harry just let her rant while we watched Gracie with that gun sneaking up  behind her getting closer and closer to her. 

Do I really want her to kill my mom? I mean yeah, she's accusing me of all this stuff and she lost her mind, but do I really want her dead? Other then Harry, she's the only family I got. 

No. She has to die. If I want to live and if I want Harry to live she has to. If she doesn't then I know I will probably die along with Harry because she's convinced that both of us had this plan to kill everyone she loves which is ridicules. 

On the other hand she is my mom. 

Me and Harry looked at each other then looked at mom who was still ranting about us then to Gracie who had her eyes covered and was about to pull the trigger.      

"Wait Gracie!" I yelled but it was too late. She pulled the trigger. The pullet hit my mom's head.

"I don't know if I should be sad or not" Harry said confused 

Again, I don't blame him. I feel the same way. 

"I know how you feel" I said nodding 

"Are you guys okay? You guys have been in here for like 3 day with no food or water!" Gracie said running up to me hugging me. I decided to hug back. 

I don't blame her for wanting to kill my mom. My mom was probably horrible to Gracie, and everyone else in this gang. 

"We have to end this gang once and for all" Harry said nodding 

"I agree" I said 

Wait...I almost forgot. "wait guys where's Niall, Liam, Zayn, and Louis?" I asked confused 

"Oh they are fine. Jessie already called the police once I told her what I was gonna do. They should be with the ambulance already. Oh I forgot, you guys probably need the ambulance too huh?" Gracie said putting my arm around her then putting Harry's arm around her so we could use her for support. 

"Yeah I feel Horrible" Harry said rubbing his head. 

"Same" I said doing the same 

"Wait I thought Jessie was mean and- and-" I stumbled with my words once my sight was getting bleary. Every step that Gracie helped me with my legs hurt more and more. It felt like the room was spinning and there was this horrible ringing in my ears that wasn't going away. I fell to the floor. As did Harry.

It was like I was watching myself die. 




I gasped for air when I woke up. 

"She's alive!" I herd someone say 

I looked around. I'm in a hospital room. There was a breathing mask on my face. I took it off and looked at the doctor writing stuff down. 

"What happened?" I asked 

"You passed out because you blood sugar was so low. We all thought you weren't gonna wake up but here you are" The doctor said smiling 

"Yep" I said nodding 

I sat up and looked around some more. Gracie was on my left and Niall was on my right. 

"Hi Elly" Niall said smiling 

"Hey are you okay?" I asked referring too all the band aids on his face. 

"Yeah I'm fine, but more importantly are you?" He asked holding my hand 

I smiled and nodded. "Harry is the room next door" Gracie said 

I turned to look at her worried face. "Is he okay?" I asked worried 

"I don't know. He hasn't woken up yet" She sad with sad eyes

"oh" I said and laid back down and starred at the wall blankly. If Harry dies then everyone in my family will be dead. I'll have no one. Well I'll have Niall but who knows if he still wants to be with me after everything that happened. 

"I'm sure he'll be fine Elly" Niall said stroking my hair 

"you don't know that" I said because he really doesn't. 

"Ella None of us really know but we all just gotta hope that he's gonna be alright." Grace said moving her blonde hair behind her ears. 

I sat up. "Where's everyone else? Liam? Zayn? Louis?" I asked 

"Louis in in Harry's room waiting for him to wake up, and Zayn is still recovering. He's awake but someone shot him in both of his legs so he's in the hospital room. And Liam is keeping Zayn company" Gracie said 

"Well at least everyone else is okay" I said trying to think of the bright side of things. 

I laid back down.

I really do hope Harry will wake up soon. 


Author's Note: 

So after this chapter only 3 more left! Thank you too everyone who waited for this chapter. I know a lot of you are mad at me for not updating but I promise with the next 3 chapter I'll update fast. While you guys are waiting, check out my other movellas! I LOVE ALL OF YOU! 



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