Hole in one

Kat and Harry meet each other they become close all tho the age gap they are in love but will some events separate them or make them closer


1. Chapter 1

Kat's point of view - 

as Harry finishes his last hole , he looked up at me an mouthing "we will win this together" and as the golf club hit the ball he jumped up and down in excitement as we had just won our first golfing tournament. Harry came up to me and picked me up by the waist yelling "I told you we would win this together" happily I told him that I was proud of him. We walked towards the golfing car going back to our car. 


I had met Harry when I was 14 and he was 20. I had moved to California so I could complete my dream of being an actress , I moved here with my son and my boyfriend ( at the time ). I know it's bad to have a child at such a young age but it was an accident , me and Sam had gone to a party and somebody had but drugs in the sodas and me being the one who drinks a lot of water and there was none around I had to settle with the soda. The next morning I woke up in just Sam's shirt and my underwear , 2 weeks later I missed my period and found out I was pregnant I was 13 at the time , I had mason 9 months later , then I got an audition call to be in a movie and of course I went for it , I moved from Texas to California like that. That's when I met Harry. Sam , mason and I had just finished eating at McDonalds and were heading back to the set and mason being 10 months old and already trying to walk , he let go of my hand and ran almost falling on to Harry's shoes . Harry was at the set that day for an interview , he was getting jamba juice for the boys and some for him self , "sorry" I said being inbarrased for what my offspring had just done "no problem , I love little kids they are the cutest things especially this little fella he's cute as lux" he said as he picked mason up and tickled his tummy , mason got his ticklishness from me "ya baby lux Is really pretty but not as handsome as mason , because you know he's a boy" we both laughed at my lame joke. "My name is Kat by the way" I said "Harry" "ya I know who you are I'm a big fan I'm surprised I haven't fainted yet" I said as I showed him my shirt that was under my jumper which read "DIRECTIONER" in big white letters , "did you sneak in" he asked , as he said that Sam came up behind me and explain why we're here . "We'll that cool ,umm?" "Sam, sorry my name is Sam" "nice to meet you Sam" . I asked Sam to take mason inside and tell the director I would be in a second . "So I will see you later ya ?" He said as he asked for my number.

Harry's point of view -

As Kat gave me her number , I gave her a friendly hug and we parted our ways as I typed in her number I texted her "hi" and looked back and saw her smiling down at her phone "hey" she replied and looked up and wave bye and walked on her set. Out of sight I started to think that she was really young to have a baby and I mean she was pretty I'm jealous of Sam , I got knocked off my train if thought by the ringing of marimba ohh how I hate that ring tone . " hey we're are you the interview is about to start" I responded back saying I was on my way back and hung up. 

~~~~~4 years later~~~~~ 

i opened the car door for Kat in excitement because we had just won our first golfing tournament "you wanna go to your flat then mine" I heard her say , I responded with a yes . As we drove back to my flat I thought of all the amazing things that Kat and I had accomplished both of our dreams together. 

I parked the car in my drive way and opened the door for Kat "you wanna sleep over at mine , you can play some COD or FIFA on Xbox?" , Kat and Sam still live together for mason they still remained friends . "Sure can I sleep with you tho I wouldn't wanna sleep with Sam room would I ?" I joked around "fine" I heard her say with a giggle not far behind . Kat and I are like best friends almost like a couple , she told me she liked me more than a friend at one of her premieres , actually it was her first one she texted me while the movie was starting that she was nervous And that she had saved a seat for me and when u got there she had the widest smile I had ever seen. As the movie ended I told her I was proud of her and Kat being the shy person she can sometimes be she texted me the text read "I like you" and me being the guy that falls for a girl easily I had liked her too but she was only 15 at the time and I was 21. I told her That when she turned 18 we would finally be together . 

"Hey I packed some of your stuff so we can leave now , how long are you staying?" Kat said as she took me out of deep thought "whole weekend maybe?" I said shyly "ok good I was hopeing you would say that I packed enough for a couple of days and I also packed some games" she said as she handed my the black Nike duffle bag . "You wanna change now" I said yes , and asked her if she needed some clothes to change in to " sure can you pass me some sweats and a shirt " I gave what her what she needed and began  to change I guess me and kat were really confident around each other that we can change in front of each other with out it being awkward . I put on my sweats on and kat just having a shirt made me tense up as her curves mesmerized me " can you help me with my ponytail please" she said in a pouty voice because she can never untie her hair her hair dresser always puts it on to tight that she can't take it off , as her long wavy hair fell in to my hands she took of her shirt and faced towards me "you want me to put on your shirt?" I said in a cheeky voice "ya"  she said biting her lip as she twirled around her face facing away from me , I grabbed the shirt with little hearts on it that kat loves so much and slid it on her curvy body as I let the seem go I kissed her neck . As she bent down my skin starts to get hot she put on her sweats and said she was almost done , i thought to my self as I picked up the dirty clothes and took them to the laundry basket how I was so lucky to have a girl like Kat in my life.

Smiling I walked out the house to see kat getting into the range rover she leaves at my house for emergency as the same for me I keep one of my cars at kats flat . As I got into the car she asked me why I had no shirt on "I'm comfortable around you remember" she turned bright red and poked my dimple " you forgot didn't you?" "Yep" I said dragging the p . "Your my special cupcake" as she said that I texted her "and your my cherry on top" 


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