The Secret Instagram

Blurb Who would want me I'm just me. I've been the same old Jess for 13 years nothing special here. Who would want a girl that suffers from post traumatic stress who lost her best friend , the girl who's family doesn't want her anymore. Why would they want me and love me when I don't even love myself. I promised Brenden I would accept them. But what happens if they don't accept me. ? Maybe they are my ticket to seeing Michael again but I can't leave Bodee. What if he will leave me first? What if they find my Secret Instagram


1. Becca...


Jess's POV 

"I'm sorry" those were the last letters on the note that changed my life forever. You I see I just my read a suicide letter from best friend Becca. I knew Becca for my whole life she was the one person in my life I confessed everything to the one person I loved the most but most of all my other half.


I just stood there I knew Becca was having problems and that she self harmed but never did I think it would get this far. 

i looked at the piece of paper in my hands I watched as the ambulance put my best friend in a body bag. I stood there frozen I mean what could I do I couldn't feel anything all I felt was my heart shatter. Everyone around me was crying, but all I could do was stand there looking at this piece of paper. I folded up the paper and put it in my pocket and I did the only thing I knew how to do I helped every one else deal with it. 

After I was done talking and hugging everyone comforting me I went to my treehouse. There are only two people that knew about it me and brenden we built it together when we were seven years old. I sat down on the wooden ground and stared out the widow. That's when I heard someone coming up here i knew it was him I was just afraid of what was going to happen. 

"Jess you can't run away from this." I knew he was right I just didn't want to admit it. Brenden was always right he was my only other best friend than Becca.

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