The Pregnancy Project

This year in Harry's Class they have to do a project is a tradition everyone who was in that class before did it. Its called the Pregnancy project were every boy (Girls Do a different thing ) Gets Assigned a teenage girl who is pregnant and spends a week with them and after that week they talk about what had happen in that week. and Harry is not looking forward to this ...


8. ultrasound

Louise's POV-

Cm'on Harry were going to be late ! I yell out the window he comes rushing out of the house 

"Sorry !" 

He gets in and we leave.During the car ride the song "Isn't she lovely" Came on the radio Harry was singing along i thought i would have laughed But i didnt cause he was really good! At a red light he looked over at me "what ? " Your really good Styles ! He smiled "Thanks...Really?" Yeah,Like X-Factor good ! i say He laughs and starts to drive again...

We entered the room and The Nurse put some type of cream/jell on my stomach and then checked the baby and it was so cute it was there on the screen all curled up. I looked over at harry who was smiling "Thats your baby!" the nurse says and i whisper  to myself Thats my baby! 


Harry's POV-

It was so Small, So Cute , So Precious , So Louise... I knew the baby would turn out to be just like her I mean He/she would have her Personality , Sweetness And Looks ! Louise is so Beautiful. Then I hear Louise ask "Is it a boy or a girl , nobody told me ?" 

"I'm Sorry miss May but we cant tell when you give birth we'll know " 

"Oh okay then " Louise replies to the nurse and she gives a smile Once she is cleaned up and checked out We leave Want to get some lunch ? I ask

"Sure !" 

Okay Where do you you want to go ? "Burger king ? " Sounds good i say and we drive there.


Louise's POV-

Once we get to burger king I was about to pay but Harry didnt let me we walked back to our table and sit down as we start to eat i hear something And i look up and laugh my butt off! There sat harry with one of the crowns on and he was Cutting his burger with a fork and a knife. He was talking all fancy and stuff and it was just so funny after we were done He Put a crown on my head "My Queeeeeen !" He says i laugh and we walk out of burger king with the crowns Still on our heads! 

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