The Pregnancy Project

This year in Harry's Class they have to do a project is a tradition everyone who was in that class before did it. Its called the Pregnancy project were every boy (Girls Do a different thing ) Gets Assigned a teenage girl who is pregnant and spends a week with them and after that week they talk about what had happen in that week. and Harry is not looking forward to this ...


10. Teddy Jane

Louise's POV-

I lay in the Hospital bed holding my beautiful baby girl. As Harry comes in with Dylan They smile when they see her.

"Whats her name ?" Harry asks 

Teddy , Teddy Jane I say looking at her...

"Thats A beautiful name " He says Smiling 

I smile you want to Hold her? He nods and i give her to him.


Harry's POV-

She's So Beautiful She Has Louise Eyes, and While i was Holding her She woke up and smiled It was so cute I laughed and smiled She smiled at me And grabbed Her phone and took a picture She then looked at it and smiled, "Your going to be a Great dad one day ". I smile and give Teddy to Dylan And I take a Picture of him for Louise cause she had to rest. We walked out and sat down again waiting till she was able to Leave. I then realized She sent the picture of me and Teddy I smiled seeing it and i set it as my lock screen.

(He's Older than he was in that picture, in the story !) 

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