The Pregnancy Project

This year in Harry's Class they have to do a project is a tradition everyone who was in that class before did it. Its called the Pregnancy project were every boy (Girls Do a different thing ) Gets Assigned a teenage girl who is pregnant and spends a week with them and after that week they talk about what had happen in that week. and Harry is not looking forward to this ...


5. Talking

Hey Everyone !!! So real quick i would like to ask If we Could Get up to at Least 60 favors on this Chapter? I have faith in you all! Enjoy ... Lots of love ~jojo


Louise's POV-

As we were in american Eagle Outfitters Gemma me and Anne were all talking. 

"So Louise Um are you still in a relationship with the father ? " Gemma asks 

Um Well No He wasn't really my boyfriend anyway.. I trailed off

"Uh Well um what do you mean ?" Anne asks I looked at them 

I Got raped Okay I don't really talk to the father Cause everytime i hear his name i freaking want to either cry or kill him. They just stayed quite 

" i'm So sorry Louise." Gemma Says
 i sighed its fine Gemma , Alot of people are curious She laughs lightly I do they same After realizing that most of the clothes there wouldn't fit over my stomach We left and got lunch. 


Harry's POV-

"Yeah Lousie left too." I say into the phone 

"Dude i dont know where she went ! " Louis Yells Into the phone in panic 

" Louis I'm Sure she'll come back i mean what happen?" 

"Harry truthfully i don't Know she was crying And she through her phone and just left " 

"Wow Um do you know why she would have done that ? " 

" No." 

"Um Well lou When Louise and the girls get back and she still isn't there we'll go look for her"

"Okay thanks Harry Bye " 

"bye" after awhile The girls Came home giggling and Stuff and I went up to them and told them about Eleanor They All then Said they would help look. But then Louise said she knew where she was... 



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