One More Chance

Katerina has a lot in store for her as Andy enters her life with a BANG. She soon realizes that things aren't as they seem. A disaster has her questioning whether she can trust or not. Andy was a womanizer until he met Katerina. Now he has made room in his heart for her but will she be able to handle his secret? Or will she run from him...?


1. My Dream

Looking down a dusty road I saw the figure of a person with a bouquet of roses that smelled almost as good as they did when they were first picked- but the smell was a bit weak, a bit washed away. The smell of the roses carried all the way down the road to me, and I finally realized who was carrying the roses. His name is Andy; he was the person I last saw before I fell into a deep sleep. He looked up and smiled at me with his beautiful, crooked smile. I looked down and heard light, airy footsteps coming towards me and I closed my eyes preparing myself for what was to come. He stopped directly in front of me and his hand made contact with my cheek for a few seconds. For once, his hands felt warm - nothing like his usually cold and clammy ones that made me feel a little uneasy. He pushed a strand of my hair back and kissed my cheek sweetly. Afterwards, he pulled back abruptly and gently said, "Welcome to my world Katerina." I awoke with a jump and put my hand to my forehead. Looking over to the clock, it read 6:15; I could already tell that today was going to be another long day at school today that I was not ready or prepared for at all. There are only two months left until summer break and I cannot wait. I go to Miami High. The most boring school I've ever attended. In fact, I'm pretty sure if there were an award for the most boring school in the world, Miami High would win it. It's the last move my family will make until after I finish my senior year, so I tolerate it. My dad had us travel a lot, but when he saw how sad I was from leaving my friends behind he said that this would be the last time. Now that we're here, I want to move somewhere new, anywhere really. I'm tired of being the ugly outcast that everybody makes fun of once I leave the room. My mom says I'm being paranoid about it, but I'm not. Even a second grader could see that the stuck up, snobby cheerleaders and jocks love to gossip about me. I'm not stupid; I've always been the outcast and I always will be. I used to have a few friends that were outcasts, too, but with all of the places that I've moved to it made me lose so many friends. No longer wanting to think about all of the friends that I've lost, I get up and stretch. Glancing once more at the clock, I realize that it is now 6:35. I go straight to my bathroom and turn on the shower. I get undressed and climb in when the water is warm enough. I take my time; the water feels warm and calming. The dream pops into my head again. I shudder. It's given me a cold feeling for the past month and a half. I've been having the same dream over and over again every night, unless I don't have a dream at all, which is very rare. It's so peculiar, there has to be an importance to it. Stepping out of the shower and wrapping my towel around me, I wipe my eyes off and look at myself in the mirror. I look like I'd just come inside from the streets in rainy weather; ugly as can be. It is my most detested quality, being ugly. I do not like it and neither does anyone at my school. Everyone ignores me. No one talks to me, so I do my best to stay in the shadows. In my whole life, I've only had two boyfriends. One of which had used me and the other one, well... that's a long story. A story I'd rather not think about; especially after that dream. I walk back into my room and into my walk-in closet. I hate the fact that we are rich. My dad is a biochemist. He's the best in his business, that's why we had to move around a lot. My mom is the typical Debutante home maker. She's the greatest hostess, as well as gossiper. I'm a daddy's girl rather than a mommy's girl for those reasons alone. My mother and I don't see eye-to-eye on very many things. After much debating, I finally choose to wear a black Shinedown tee, gray skinny jeans, and a black and white striped hoodie. I quickly throw my clothes on. I walk back to the bathroom and quickly apply some eyeliner. I know I'm nothing special, so why try harder than this? I brush my hair and leave it be. I love that my hair is naturally straight. My hair is naturally black, so I don't want to dye it. My hair is the one thing about myself that I like. I look in the mirror one last time and sigh. "This is as good as it's going to get." I tell myself before grabbing my bag and heading downstairs. My mom is in the kitchen cooking breakfast for my dad, my brother, and I. Ryver, my brother, and I had a typical love/hate relationship. We pick on each other but in the end we are always there for each other. He's overly protective when it comes to guys though. I've only ever seen him in action once, with the guy who used me. And let me tell you, it wasn't a pretty sight. I reach for the last piece of bacon, but my brother's grabs the piece before I can. He pops it into his mouth with a smirk. I roll my eyes and grab a pop-tart from the pantry so I'm not late to school. As I pass my brother, I smack him on the back of the head. He makes an 'oof' sound, and I grin with satisfaction. Just as I am about to go out the door, my mother turns from the stove. "Why are you in such a hurry, Kitty? Aren't you going to stay to have some breakfast? I don't want to have slaved over a hot stove all morning just to have it all wasted." She asks. Its always question after question with her. I roll my eyes - she loves to call me Kitty; sometimes I think she does it to make me seem inferior, when in reality it just pisses me off. She's also very dramatic, she acts like every little thing is going to cause the world to end. I speak up before she can grill me any more. "No mother, sorry. I have to get to school before I'm late. I'll see you when I get home." My father looks up from his newspaper at the table and smiles warmly at me. He is in his lab coat, a sure sign that we won't be seeing him tonight. "You aren't leaving without giving your old man a hug and kiss goodbye, are you?" I smile at him and venture around the table, I give him a hug and kiss his cheek. "See you later dad." "Bye, pumpkin." I rush out the door before anyone else can distract me. I speed to school in the Porsche that my mom bribed me into. She said she would take me to get my license, but I'd have to drive a respectable car, otherwise, I'd have to wait until I was eighteen to get it myself. Riding around with my brother as my chauffeur just wasn't working, so I gave in. Parking my car with five minutes to spare, I hop out, quickly grab my bag, and head up to the school doors. I take the steps two at a time so I can get a decent seat. I don't want to sit next to the kid who picks his nose again. As I open the door, I notice the corner of the lobby crowded with people. I have to get to class, so I ignore the scene and rush to my locker to grab my books. I practically run to my Algebra class, and breathe a sigh of relief when I see that I don't have to sit next to the nose picker. I sit at one of the empty desks in the back of the class next to the window. I notice that a lot of the desks were empty; it seemed only the guys were here. I ignore any more thought on the topic and put in my headphones. I turn on a song by Paramore and lay my head down on the desk, losing myself in the familiar lyrics. It felt like twenty minutes had passed, but I wasn't sure because I was half asleep when I started hearing chairs sliding and the girls chatting loudly. I hope that no one will sit in the seat next to me. I was humming softly to "Hallelujah" by Paramore when I suddenly felt a chilled feeling, followed by someone tapping my shoulder. I jump up and smack into something solid. I look up and my eyes widen. A guy stood there with his hand over his nose, and I immediately started apologizing. "I am so sorry. You scared me when you tapped my shoulder and my body reacted faster than my brain could and I'm so sorry. Is there anything I can do? Is your nose broken? Should I take you to th-" He puts his hand up, cutting me off. He shakes his head and I see there is a twinkle of humor in his eyes. His eyes are beautiful. They look to be a shade of sky blue. They look even better with his black hair barely on his face. His voice came out muffled. "That was my fault; I should have announced myself better. May I sit here?" I nod my head and he sat down. He pulls his hand away to inspect the damage. Thankfully there was no blood and it didn't look broken. I get a chilled feeling again as I look at his face. He looks familiar, but I can't quite place where I had seen him before. He looked over at me with a small smile, and he held his hand out to me. "Hello, my name is Andy."
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