Icy with Brutal

The ice princess and the brutal killer. Both tributes from District 2. They hope to dominate the games. They decide a little bit of love can help them out. So they put on an act.That takes an unexpected turn when they fall for each other


9. Chapter 9

Again, some mature language 

Clove's POV

Talon won the games for her fighting. That didn't bother me. I held a knife to her throat. "Clove!" She  screamed.

"I am a bitch. You are right!."  I had an evil look in my eye. Cato laughed. I knew he had my back if any Peacekeepers were to come in right now.

"Clove, I will hurt you."

I slammed my hands onto her wind pipes so she couldn't talk anymore."I'm not scared of you, Talon. If anyone should be scared here it's you." Talon struggled to get out of my hold. My knees were on her hands and her feet couldn't reach me.She whimpered trying to get words out."What's that? Oh wait, I don't care."

I took my knife and went to cut her forehead. I heard Colin come in a say," Get her off of Talon!"

"No. This is entertaining." Cato replied.

"Cato, do what I say! 

"Shut the fuck up." Cato slammed Colin into the wall."Knife Clove!" My eyes didn't leave Talon's but I managed to throw a knife to Cato. I couldn't see if he caught it or not.

"So Talon, talking behind my back. Maybe this will teach you a lesson.." I talked to Talon, knowing she couldn't reply. I put my knife down and punched Talon. Blood was still dripping from her nose. I laughed. This was so enjoyable.

"Clove stop being a bitch.And Cato you too!" Colin screamed from Cato's hold.

"I like being a bitch. It compliments me." Cato said. I knew Cato had punched Colin because I heard him let out a cry.

"It does, Cato."

"I know! "

My eyes leave Talon for a second and she flips me so I'm on the bottom. She grabs my knife." You messed with the wrong bitch." She put one hand around my neck and went to choke me. I coughed hoping to get some air. Nothing. I saw Cato come up  behind her and put his arm around her neck. He picked her up and threw her. He went to help me up and Colin was running toward him.

"Cato!" Cato turned and punched Colin. I got up and went to Talon, who was just getting up.

"No, you messed with the wrong bitch." I tackled her again. I was unsatisfied just cutting her nose. I cut off some off her eyebrows next. I tried drawing minimum blood. Only a bit of blood came out.

"Fuck you Clove!" She screamed.

"Shut the hell up! Did I tell you you could talk!" I screamed back. I could hear Cato struggling with Colin. As I was listening Talon knocked the knife out of my hands. 

"What are you going to do without a knife? Knives are all you got bitch."

I punched her multiply times in the face. "No. I have more than just knives." I stood up as Talon laid on the floor in pain. Colin was also on the floor. Cato high fived me."We are going to dominate. We almost killed 2 victors."

"That was easy." Cato laughed. I heard Talon grab the knife off the ground. She wasn't very quiet.  Her shirt was baggy, which allowed me to nail her to the wall. I threw one knife, then another after that. One knife went to the right side of her abdomen and the other the left. The knives went to the fabric of her shirt that wasn't on her body and pinned her to the wall. Colin put his hands up.

"Clove, I'm sorry." Talon pleaded to me." I am sorry for everything. Now please unpin me."

"Unpin yourself. You owe us some good sponsors." It was getting to be late and we had to wake up early tomorrow. Cato and I went to bed. The next morning I woke up and went to the kitchen. I ate a little breakfast and realized I should head down to the stylists chamber. Harley escorted me down. Talon probably never wanted to see me again. She couldn't wait to see me in those Games. She just  hoped I'd die.

My stylist. Olivia, greeted me with a hug."A ten! I'm so proud of you."

"Thanks Olivia." I hugged her back.

"You are so going to win!"

"I know. "

"Oh, Clove!"

"I'm kinda cocky."

" So for your outfit, I'm thinking a pretty orange dress with flowers on the top!"


"We want you to come off as both girly and tough."

"Whatever you say Olivia."

After 5 hours of Olivia talking and her designing, she came showed me the dress."Here it is! Try it on!"

I slipped into it and  looked in the mirror." Olivia.. I look..gorgeous! I love it. Thank you so much" I hugged her.

"I can't wait for your interview! You'll do great."

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