Icy with Brutal

The ice princess and the brutal killer. Both tributes from District 2. They hope to dominate the games. They decide a little bit of love can help them out. So they put on an act.That takes an unexpected turn when they fall for each other


6. Chapter 6

Clove's POV

"Lets go to our stylists!" We walked to the elevator  When we arrived on the stylist's floor, a lady with bright purple hair took me one way and a guy with red hair took Cato the other.

They changed me into a gown and laid me down on a table. 3 ladies started picking out flaws on my body. I wouldn't be talking if I were them. They had way to much make-up on and it was obvious they had had lots of plastic surgery.

"When do I see my stylist?" I asked.

"Not until you are perfect." replied a lady with green and blue hair. I felt them plucking and waxing ever hair on my body away. When they were done they sat me up and led me into a room. In walking a lady with pink hair and a little bit of pink eye liner. She seemed much more normal.

"Hi. I'm Olivia." She said to me, extending a hand. 

I shake it as I say,"Clove. You actual look normal. And you have a  normal name."

"Yes. I wasn't born here. I'm from District 2, just like you. So for you and Cato we have decided to do gladiator outfits. They will look fantastic, trust me."

"Sounds good."

I returned to my room that night,exhausted. I didn't even speak to Cato. I just went to sleep. The morning was a blur. I woke up, was dragged into the stylist chamber again and put into an outfit. I don't think I ate breakfast. But when I looked at myself in the mirror, everything went away. I loved it. It made me look tough but it complimented me. 

I went back to my room after trying the outfit on. I went to lunch a little bit later. I was so hunger. Cato came in late. It was only the two of us for lunch. I had a chicken Penn pasta. It was delicious.

The lunch was nice Cato and I were able to talk. We were all alone and it felt good. 

"Cato?" I asked. him.

"What?" he replied.

"How long are we acting?"

"I think we should forget it."

"I agree."

"Ok, I'm glad we are on the same page."

"Me too."

"Where did you learn how to throw?"

"My mom. Ever heard of the Springs?"

"Yeah. Your dad is like the richest guy in District Two.  Didn't they both win the games?"

"Yeah. My mom taught me when I was little. After she died I continued my training with my dad."

"That's cool. Wish I had parents like that."

"No you don't. My dad is never around."

"My mom or dad are never around And they never will be."


"They are dead."

"Oh. I'm sorry Cato."

"No big deal. Never really knew them. My dad died in the games and then my mom committed suicide a few years after that."

"That sucks."

"I better go. I'm supposed to meet my stylist."

I left the table and got my costume on. She then escorted me down. There were 24 black horses pulling chariots. I guess we'd be in number two. I looked like an idiot but whatever. I saw Cato and approached him.

Cato's POV

As I waited in my stupid gladiator costume for Clove, I eyeballed the District 12 girl. She my have volunteered but I know Clove and I can kill her easily. All it would take was a knife in her leg to distract her and then a poke in the heart with my sword. Clove walked in with her stylist. Damn, we look stupid.

"Look at District 12." I told her.

"Oh god. She volunteered for her sister right? She ain't all that tough." Clove replied, fists clenched.

"Have any knifes on you? We could threaten her and scare her."

"No Cato. Like I'd bring knives here." She reached down her shirt, moved to the side so I could see, and pulled out her costume so I could see into it. She had a stack of knives. That girl surprised me. She was so tough. She even scared me.

"Tributes, board your chariots." a random voice said.

Clove and I did as we were told. We were second to go out. The crowd was screaming our names. "Cato!Clove!Cato!Clove!" They were still shouting our names when our chariot stopped. Suddenly they stopped. I began to hear"Katniss! Peeta!" Clove turned to me.

"What the hell?" I say. She just points. They are on fire! They stole our show. 

"Ugh....." she went into her shirt.

"Save it for the show Princess."

"Let me kill them now Cato!"

"I promise you, you can kill Volunteer."

"Yes! Thank you Cato!"

After the chariot ride, we were to go back to our rooms. Training started the following day. I didn't leave without giving Volunteer a dirty look. It was to bad her mentor noticed and took them away. I was getting to Peeta.

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