Icy with Brutal

The ice princess and the brutal killer. Both tributes from District 2. They hope to dominate the games. They decide a little bit of love can help them out. So they put on an act.That takes an unexpected turn when they fall for each other


14. Chapter 14

Cato's POV

I look to Clove and she is gone. She is in full pursuit with Lover Girl. I take off after her.I'm not letting that girl kill the love of my life. I know Clove can handle herself but I still want to be there.

"Fuck." Clove stops at a tree and looks up. Lover Girl was half-way up the tree.

"How's everything with you?" She called down cheerfully.

"Well enough." I reply."Yourself?"

"It's been a bit warm for my taste. The air's better up here. Why don' you come on up?"

I grin."Think I will."

"Take this Cato." Glimmer goes to hand me her bow. That won't help me.

"No. I'll do better with my sword."I began to climb. I am not the best tree climber in the word. There are not many trees in District 2. I get encouraging words from the others. I grab a hold of a branch. I am too heavy for it and the branch snaps off. I fall down the ground. My back is aching." Fuck. That bitch is going to get it." 

"Cato, you ok?" Clove asks and she is knelt down next to me.

"I'm fine." I stand up, still swearing like a fiend. 

Glimmer decides she should take care of it.Clove isn't to happy about that.She shots and misses horribly. "Clove, throw a knife." I knew Clove could stick her but the possibility of it missing and coming back down and hitting us was to big of a risk.

"No." She replies.

"Give me that." I rip the bow out of Glimmer's hands. I shot an arrow up and it gets lodged in the tree. I don't know how to shoot, but my shot was better than hers.

"Let's just wait her out. She'll have to come down eventually." Lover Boy reasons with us.

Marvel and Melody shrug their shoulder's in agreement and sit down. We light a fire. We have nothing to worry about. Clove began messing around with her knives. A couple of lizards walked by and she stuck them with easy. I laughed along with her.

Clove's POV

Other than Cato and I the rest of the careers are chilling out and laughing. Cato and I move off to the side."So, Cato?"

"What?" He replies while cleaning his sword.

"Glimmer. It is obvious she likes you."

"Don't worry, I find her extremely annoying. How could she possibly get a nine. She can't use that bow to save her life." Cato was right, she couldn't.


"Where did you learn to throw like that?"

"My  mom taught me."

"You mind teaching me?"

"Sure!" Cato made me happy. I loved to show people how to throw. We sat side-by-side. I taught him a lot of good techniques. He actually was good at it. I'm sure he had some training with knives before. The anthem played and we decided to go back to the group. Only one person died today, the girl from 8.

Cato and I sat down next to the fire. Glimmer moved over and sat next to Cato. Cato was trying to make me laugh and he stuck the tip of his sword into the fire."Boys." Glimmer said while rolling her eyes and laughing.

I glanced at Cato. I reached into my jacket."Clove. Just wait at least 2 more days. Ok, one." He laughed. Glimmer looked at us and wondered what we were talking about.She was so dumb. I soon drifted off to sleep, as did the rest of us.

I felt something stinging my neck."CATO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I screamed.

"Clove, run! Let's go!" Cato screamed back. Marvel was screaming and Cato and I ran. We finally made it to a safe spot."Tracker jackers."

"Where is Glimmer?' Marvel said in a panicked voice. 2 cannons fired after that. Lover Boy,Melody,and Glimmer were no where in sight.

"I'll be back." Cato darted back to the tree where Lover Girl hid. Marvel was panicked. I had to calm him down.

"Marvel, it is ok. I'm sure she is fine." I said to calm him. He settled down. 

I heard two cannons."  Cato! Cato! Cato!" I ran into the forest. I heard Marvel chasing after me. I ran into Cato."Thank god you are alive." I wrapped my arms around him.

"Thank god you are alive." He hugged me back."Marvel," He paused."Glimmer is dead. So is Melody. Lover Girl got away. I sliced Lover Boy's leg.  He'll bleed out."

"Marvel?" I looked to him and he was almost crying. Cato couldn't take it and walked away."Marvel, what's wrong?"

"Who are you?" He raised his spear.

"Marvel. No! " He threw the spear. I ducked just in time. Cato heard the commotion and ran to my assistance. He grabbed Marvel and stabbed him in the arm. "Thanks Cato." We went back to corn. Marvel had had some bad hallucinations. Hermit was still alive and well. Cato and I had no affect from the stings.


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