Icy with Brutal

The ice princess and the brutal killer. Both tributes from District 2. They hope to dominate the games. They decide a little bit of love can help them out. So they put on an act.That takes an unexpected turn when they fall for each other


11. Chapter 11

Some language is bad...

Cato's POV

I got no response from 12. Clove and I went back to our apartment and went to my room. I turned on the television just in time to see 12, whose name was Katniss. What a dumb name. Clove faked to puke when she heard her name. She made a fool out of herself. Cesar started to talk to her and she didn't even hear him. This was comical. What a dumb ass! Cesar had to bring up the Tribute Parade. She stood up and started spinning and her dress caught on fire.

"Cato, am I the only one getting sick?" Clove laughed.

"No." I replied. Clove literally looked like she was going to puke."I wish she'd just catch on fire already!"

"That would be great!" Pretty soon the interview was all sobby talking about her sister. Of course Clove had brought up her sibling too, but this was different. Katniss was just plain out annoying everyone. Well, by everyone, I mean Clove and I.

Next was Peeta. I wanted to puke even." Gay ass faggot." Peeta acted all funny with Cesar but I thought it was gay. I wanted to puke.

"Cato." Clove acted like she cared.

"Like you care if I call him a faggot." I interrupted.

"You didn't let me finish. Peeta-" She stopped. When Peeta said he was in love with Katniss, I got pissed. Now they are really taking our show."That is their whole strategy. They hope to win with that. They are so pathetic. They have nothing else but that."

"I can't wait to kill him."

"I have an idea" Clove paused."We find Lover boy and keep him hostage. We force him to help us find Lover Girl and then kill both of them!'

"You are so smart!"

"I know."

"Night, Cato. See you in the Games."

Clove's POV

When I wake up I find an outfit at the bottom of the bed. It's black cargo pants with a black shirt, a v-neck. I put it on and it fits perfectly. Talon comes into my room and escorts me down to the hovercraft landing area. I try to look for Cato but he is no where in sight. 

"You can do this, Clove. I believe in you." Talon hugs me and I walk away thinking about how I particularly killed her. I get on the hovercraft to find I am sitting next to Lover Boy. Great.

A lady comes by and takes my hand. She injects some sort of tracker into my right arm. I looked around for Cato. No Cato. I count 12 tributes. Marvel sits on the other side of me. He shots me a quick smile and then puts his head down. I decide to do the same. 

Pretty soon we unload the craft. Peacekeepers escort me into a room. Olivia is waiting for me."Clove, you can do this. Here is your jacket. Keeps you warm and cool. It is very useful."

"Thanks Olivia."

"It's almost time for you to get in that tube. I'll see you soon Clove! I love you." She hugged me. I really liked Olivia. She was so sweet. I walked over to the tube. I went in and waved to Olivia. I was lifted up. The arena was a forest. I look around. Katniss. Glimmer. Marvel. Melody. Peeta. Rue. Thresh. Cato. There he is. The golden cornucopia sits in front of me. I spot the knives. That is where I am going. Backpacks are scattered around. Far. Close. Different lengths from the cornucopia. The Gamemakers begin to count down.


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