Icy with Brutal

The ice princess and the brutal killer. Both tributes from District 2. They hope to dominate the games. They decide a little bit of love can help them out. So they put on an act.That takes an unexpected turn when they fall for each other


10. Chapter 10

Clove's POV

Talon,surprisingly, was waiting for me when I got out of what I call Olivia's house."Let's go. Interviews are soon."

"Ok. I didn't expect to see you here." I replied.

"Clove, be nice to me. I won't send you anything if you don't."

"I won't need anything.  I am going to win without you."

"Alright. Whatever."


" I said I was sorry."

"Good." Talon had a bandage on her nose. She also had two black eyes. Fighting Talon made me believe I could win. I was proud. I was proud that I pretty much cut her nose off. Cato was right, I was a born killer. Talon walked me backstage.

I walked around looking at the prey. As I walked by people I named when I thought'd they'd die. Under my breathe I said them." One. Twenty-first. Third." I was so distracting I ran into District 12. She looked shocked." Move 12." She moved to the right and so did I. I moved to left and she followed. "Watch it 12. You are the first one I kill." I walked away bumping her shoulder. The boy went up to her and asked if she was ok. Pathetic. How did she get that 11? They probably felt bad for her. I continued walking and I was day-dreaming about killing 12 that I ran into Cato. At first I thought it was 11. All I felt was a big muscular body. When he grabbed my shoulders I knew it was Cato.

"Damn." Cato let the word slip.

"What?" I replied firmly. Even though his 'sentence' made me smile a bit, I was still thinking of killing 12.

"What's your problem?"


"Give the audience a good show when you kill her."

Four began walking toward us." 4. My name is Melody. You guys are good. So am I. I want an alliance." She has blonde hair almost like Glimmer's. Her blue eyes glisten. She is like a female version of Cato, just not as talented.

"Skill?" Cato asked, crossing his arm with a look that was meant to scare.

She backed up a bit and paused. " Well, I'm good with hand-on-hand combat, survival skills, and I can use nunchucks."

I looked at Cato. I was unimpressed and so was he."Score?" 



"You show us your skills in the arena. You have one chance. Otherwise, you are dead." I replied firmly. The girl was a lot bigger than me but I could easily chop her up. Cato could too.

"Ok." Melody walked away. She was wearing some ugly dress that I didn't even want to go into detail on. 

"Please form a line. 1-12. Girl's will be going first." A guy with a mic on his head told us. I stepped in front of Cato.

Glimmer went out in some see-through  dress." She had to have stripped for the Gamemakers." Cato laughed.

"Must of." I laughed back.

Marvel turned around and said," You'd be surprise what she can do." He seemed protective over her. God were they together too? Who knows,who cares. I'll end up killing them anyway.

Next was Marvel. I began to get nervous. I was after him. Cato put his hand on my lower back."Cato up." I say to him. Instead of moving his hand up, he moves it down onto my butt. "Cato!" I snap at him.

Everyone looks at us." Sorry." Cato replies faintly. As long as 12 is oblivious that we are together, we are good. Fuck the rest of them. If 12 knows she'll try to hold it against us. So will Glimmer. Really though, who cares?

My mind is completely in a different world when I hear," 2, your on." Cato pushes me forward and I turn to give him a mean look. He smiles and gives me a thumbs up. I know that my mean face broke. I love his smile.

Cesar Flickerman asks me,"So Clove? A ten! When I look at you I see a strong girl who is ruthless. Is that true?"
"Why yes, it is." I glance at Cato. He would know. I've almost killed him 3 or 4 times."I may be small but that is no disadvantage to me. Just ask Cato."

"Oh, why have you used Cato as a dummy?"

"Cesar, I promise I didn't go to hard on him." The crowd laughs. Cato just stands there.

"Well Clove, you look gorgeous."

"Why thank you Cesar! You look great yourself."

"Thank you! Now, I have a few serious questions. Who do you think is your biggest competition?"

"Well, I am not scared of anyone. Big or small. When I look at these tributes all I see is me killing them. Well, not all. I don't see myself killing one tribute."

"And who would that be?"

"Cato. He is useful."

"I see an alliance forming. You two would make a great team. Now, do you see yourself winning?"

"I promised my little brother Oak I'd win. And I don't break promises.. " The crowd loved it.

"Oh wow. Clove, you are quite the lady. May I present to you Clove!" He kissed my hand and I walked off stage. I totally nailed it.

Cato's POV

Clove did amazing. She is definitely a crowd favorite. When it is my turn to go out on stage, I walk out confidently.

"Hello, Cato." Cesar smiled.

"Hello, Cesar." I reply. The crows is screaming and cheering for me.

"You also got a ten. I expect nothing less out of you. People are already saying they see a winner in you!"

"I'm glad I'm not the only one." The crowd laughs.

"So, Clove told me you are useful. Is that true?"

"The girl is right."

"Is there some tension between the District 2 tributes this year?"

"Certainly not."

"That is good. Do you see her as your biggest threat?"

"One of them yes. Together, with the way she throws, we can easily dominate these games." I was nice. I just complimented Clove.

"So Cato? Are you ready for the Games to begin?"

" Oh, I can barely wait. I'm pumped and ready to go. Never been so pumped up before."

"Well, then. May the odds be ever in your favor.  This is District 2's, Cato Hawks!" I walked off the stage proud of my performance. I was stooped by Clove almost directly after.

"Complementing me I see." She has a look in her eye. That look. The look she had when she tried to kill me. When she tried to kill Talon and Colin too.

"Get that look out of your eyes" I reply pushing her lightly.

"I will have whatever look I want."

" Well this one looks gorgeous." I lean in to kiss her and realize that the tributes are right there. 12 was starring at us." What 12?" Her hair was braided and she had a bright red dress on. She looked stupid. So did the boy.

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