They Don't Know (Sequel to Here we go Again)

Harry and Liz are getting married, but not happily. they have a forced marriage and Liz is not very fond of getting married after her son was killed and her best friend (more like sister) was stabbed. the question is will she fall in love with him all over again? but one thing for sure is one way or another, he will get her back.


21. noo... i just randomly go around slap people for no reason then break them up

i couldnt believe that harry was there! i felt someone tap on my shoulder so i turned around and saw him.

M. "hi" i whispered
Z. "hey umm... do you think we could talk... privately?"

i turned to look at harry since he knew the whole story and he mouthed

H. "go"
M. "okay"

we walked outside and walked to youngs park which was right around the corner so i texted harry and izzy telling them where i was but not telling izzy who i was with since she would freak out on me.

Z. "so... how was life?" he scratched the back of his neck i quirked an eyebrow at him like 'really dude', you made me walk all this way to ask how is life?
M. "fine, i guess" i muttered
Z. "im really bad at this"
M. "bad at what" i knew what he was talking about but i wanted to hear him say it
Z. "apologizing. i knew i had already apologized but it didnt really feel like an apology"
M. "why not?"
Z. "because andrew mainly wanted a reason to see uhh..."
M. "Tiffanie?"
Z. "yeah sure we'll go with that"
M. "wow, i tried to get her to ask him out in middle school but she doesnt have the guts too"
Z. "i just wanted to say im sorry for all the trouble i caused you in elementary school and also, i never knew that you could sing, when did that start?"
M. "i actually think that i cant sing but it was mainly a last minute thing. it started back in middle school about eight grade when i started to get more confidence but then in high school my now fiance` and i had broke up twice which hurt a little but we got through those problems and we are now planning a wedding i might be able to get you an invite."
Z. "im not too sure about going to a celebrity wedding"
M. "hey you could hook up with a hot singer or actress" i winked at him
Z. "actually, me and buie are still dating but i still need to find a ring cause i wanna ask her to marry me"
M. "you need hellp finding a ring?"
Z. "please?"
M. "here, this is my number and call me if you need help finding a ring." i scribbled down the number and put it in his hand and left. "bye"

i quickly ran back to the school and saw some people gathering around. i looked closer and saw that harry was pinned up against a wall with buie pressing her lips against his. i took a picture so i could show him and walked up to her.

M. "excuse me but thats my job"
B. "oh hi, you are"
M. "his fiance`e (fiance` means boy and fiance`e means girl) if the ring didnt give it away"
B. "how do i know thats not some other guys"
M. "harry?"
H. "i gave it to her now get off of me"

after a few minutes she still wouldnt get off so i pulled her off and slapped her.

M. "if you ever go near my boyfriend again i will hunt you down and skin you alive, ya' feel me?"
H. "technically its fiance`e"
M. "not now styles"
H. "well pretty soon youre gonna be mrs. styles so..."
M. "you know you can be a real pain in the-"
Z. "whats going on here"
B. "i was just over here talking to harry when she slapped me"
M. "oh my gosh you little-"
Z. "why would you slap her for no reason"
M. "i didnt she was pushing harry up against a wall kissing him and she wouldnt get off soi pried her off and slapped her"
Z. "why would you lie to me like that?"
M. "im not, i even have a picture"


i showed him the picture and then he broke up with her.


Z. "thank you"
M . "its what i do" i grinned
Z. "what breaking people up because they cheat"
M. "noo... i just randomly go around slap people for no reason then break them up" i sarcastically snapped at him
Z. "well someones cranky, either you are on your period or youre pregnant."

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