They Don't Know (Sequel to Here we go Again)

Harry and Liz are getting married, but not happily. they have a forced marriage and Liz is not very fond of getting married after her son was killed and her best friend (more like sister) was stabbed. the question is will she fall in love with him all over again? but one thing for sure is one way or another, he will get her back.


19. Flappy Bird almost ruined it

Louis' P.O.V

I figured that while Harry and Megan were at Anne's house that she would tell him about her coming on tour so I stayed behind. Besides he's the only one who didn't know he's coming on tour and it was so hard not to tell him. I accidentally almost told him.


I walked into the kitchen playing Flappy Bird and I was bumping into everything and I knocked into Harry. I got up and brushed myself off and continued.

H. "What not even a sorry? Geesh some people these days" he muttered
L. "Fine, oh my gosh I'm so sorry that I Louis William Tomlinson bumped into THE Harry Edward Styles! Will you ever forgive me?!" I dramatically fell to my knees crying.
H. "If I have to..." he chuckled
L. "Anyways you know how Megan is joining us on-" I looked over his shoulder and saw Liam moving his hand across his neck furiously reminding me he didn't know.
H. "Joining us on what Lou?"
L. "Uhh... on our next concert" I recovered quickly
H. "Oh, yeah what about it?"
L. "What, can I not be excited about my cousin coming? Geesh people these days" I grinned.

*Flashback over*

Just then I got a call on my phone from Harry, so I answered in a strange way.

L. "Hello my name is Lucy the elephant and you have reached Papa's Pizzeria today's special is a large garlic and anchovies pizza may I take your order?" I chuckled
H. "Louis? I heard from a little birdie that Megan is joining us on tour."
L. "Kevin?! Yay my pigeon still loves me!"
H. "Noo... the robin"
L. "Oh James? I haven't seen him in forever tell him I said *bird noises*"

what? it's not weird I'm fluent in bird stop looking at me like that! I said stop it! you little rebel!

H. "Louis I heard it from Megan, why didn't you tell me?"
L. "She told me not too"
H. "Since when do you listen to other people?"
L. "Since she threatened to cut my balls off in my sleep and make me watch tigers eat it" I shuddered
H. "Eww, thats disgusting"

Izzy's P.O.V

I was wondering what Megan had to say when I realised that I'm now eight months pregnant. She better get back before I give birth to her godchild or else. I called her up to talk.

M. "Hello you have reached Little Caesars how can I help you?" She giggled
I. "Yes could I get a large when it are coming back with extra cheese" I giggled.
M. "Yes ma'am that will be ready in about two weeks anything else?"
I. "What that long? why?"
M. "Because me and Anne re finishing up the details for the wedding and planning a baby shower!"
I. "Oh my gosh you're pregnant why didn't you tell me?"
M. "I had to let everyone know before you blabbered."
I. "oh don't I feel loved"
M. "Sorry Hun ill be back soon, love you bye!"
I. "Bye!"

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