They Don't Know (Sequel to Here we go Again)

Harry and Liz are getting married, but not happily. they have a forced marriage and Liz is not very fond of getting married after her son was killed and her best friend (more like sister) was stabbed. the question is will she fall in love with him all over again? but one thing for sure is one way or another, he will get her back.


15. big surprise(s)

The boys had to leave today for the midnight memories tour and I was sad to see them leave. I wasn't feeling the best today but decided to ignore it. I helped Harry pack his bag since he always waits till the last minute when it comes to packing for a trip. I was getting all if his stuff for him from his drawers when I saw a pack of condoms.

M. "Do you really need these?' I asked jokingly
H. "Yeah, for when you come to visit." he replied winking at me.
M. "Oh god Harry!" I shouted smacking his arm with them.
H. "What I'm joking" 'or not' he mumbled so I smacked him again.
H. "Stop it." he laughed
M. "Stop what" I questioned looking innocent
H. "Oh stop it you are not innocent!"
M. "Am too"

He was about to reply when all of a sudden Louis came around the corner.

L. "What's going on in here?" he winked at me
H. "She's hitting me with condoms" he whined at his best friend.
L. "Oh, hey could I borrow a few."
M. "Sure take all of them!" I shouted throwing the pack at him
H. "What?!"
L. "Awesome! Hey Eleanor are you busy?!" He said winking at me.
M. "Wow, bye Lou I gotta finish Harry off." I said shoving him out the door.
H. "What are you doing?"
M. "Nothing I'm just gonna miss you guys" I said stroking his arm softly.

Then he pushed me on the bed and started kissing me. he was about o put his hands on my pants when I stopped him.

M. "Uh uh, you can't so anything without these." I said showing him the pack.
H. "You are awesome" he went to grab them but I moved my hand.
M. "Maybe later"

I winked at him getting up making sure my butt touched him and I could feel him get hard instantly.

M. "Come on we gotta finish packing" I said acting normal.
H. "You little tease" he complained.
M. "It's what I do" I winked at him

We were about to continue arguing when Louis came back in the room.

M. "Hey, I thought you were going to have sex with el?"
L. "Nope she said she isn't feeling well"

I instinctively ran to there bathroom and saw her rushing to the toilet. I pulled her hair back and rubbed circles on her back. when she was done I gave her a hair tie to pull her hair back.

M. "Hey are you okay?"
E. "no, I haven't been feeling good."
M. "Have you been having morning sickness?"
E. "yeah"
M. "Cravings?"
E. "uh huh"
M. "Mood swings?"
E. "why are you so curious?!" she snapped at me.
M. "Well?"
E. "oh my gosh I didn't mean to snap at you!"
M. "So that's a yes, umm el we need to go to the drugstore"
E. "why?"
M. "Grab your purse and let's go!"

I left a note on the door telling Lou me and el had something to do. As soon as we got to the closest drugstore I went to the medical section and grabbed about 3 different pregnancy tests. we went back to the apartment and to the bathroom and locked the door. I stood outside the door to give her privacy till she said to come in. we waited for 5 to get the results and all three were... Positive!

E. "no, no no no no no! how how am I going to to tell Lou?"
L. "Tell Lou what?"
M. "Tell Lou that since she always has a big celebration for her birthday she wants to just cuddle by a fire a d watch movies."
L. "Really el? you told me you love big celebrations"
E. "I I just want something different this year" and actually we weren't completely lying, she told me this before.
L. "Oh, well I guess we could do that this year."

He kissed the top of her head and left.

E. "that was close, and thanks for he help."
M. "No problem your practically a sister even though your my cousins girlfriend."

All of a sudden I felt sick but this is the first time it happened so I thought it was just a stomach bug. I helped el get of the floor since I will need practice for the next nine months. I whispered in her ear.

M. "If you want to be positive, we can make a doctors appointment to make sure."
E. "okay and could you go with me?"
M. "Sure I will make an appointment now"

I walked into the bathroom and allied her doctor and made an appointment for tomorrow at 3pm.

M. "It is tomorrow at 1"
L. "What is tomorrow at 1"
M. "Her dentist appointment." I made an appointment with the dentist because I knew he would come out when I said that.
L. "Oh, well call me if anything happens" he kissed her forehead and pranced down the hallway.
E. "I don't like lying to him"
M. "You're not you have a dentist appointment tomorrow to."
E. "but he should still know that he is a fat-"
M. "We don't know for a fact those things are always wrong. and if you are pregnant then I'm coming baby shopping with you."
E. "how will we know what to shop for? We decided not to find out until he/she is born."
M. "Then we will buy unisex stuff and when it is time for clothes then we will shop for that."
E. "why colour would be unisex to paint the walls for"
M. "We could paint a Union Jack on the walls since they will be British."
E. "the crib?"
M. "A white one since black is all depressing and wooden one is just too plain"
E. "seems like you got everything planned" she giggled
M. "Yeah but don't tell Harry"
H. "Don't tell Harry what"
M. "That I want to have a baby sometime soon"
H. "Woah I'm too young to be a dad"
M. "This is why I didn't want to tell you" I cried into El's shoulder and he jut stood there shocked. we started to giggle at him but busted out laughing.
M. "I'm joking I don't want a baby"
H. "Good you scared me there"
M. "That was the goal" after he left me and El just sighed in relief he didn't find out.
E. "you are really good with excuses"
M. "It's a gift and a curse" I joked around.

After thy we finished helping the boys pack but I decided to talk to my cousin privately.

M. "Hey Lou we need to talk for a minute"
H. "Oh someone's in trouble!"
M. "You next" his face was priceless
L. "What's up"
M. "What do you think of babies"
L. "I like them what brought this up?"
M. "Well you guys are always playing with Lux so I was wondering"
L. "Oh"
M. "How old do you think you should be to be a parent?"
L. "Your never to old it's when your ready"
M. "Do you think you're ready?"
L. "Well maybe but seriously, is el pregnant?"
M. "I don't know condoms don't always work, a baby could pop in at anytime"
L. "Oh, well I think I might be"
M. "It's not think its a yes or no"
L. "Yeah I think I am"
M. "Good talk, what would you do if I was pregnant"
L. "I would murder Harry then help you with he baby"
M. "Wanna play one last prank on Harry before you leave"
L. "Sure what would it be"
M. "We could tell him I'm pregnant"
L. "Awesome"
M. "Let me go get on some make up to look like I was crying"

I got we to help me with the make up and it looked like I was sobbing uncontrollably. In 3.. 2.. 1..

M. "Goodbye Harry"
H. "What? why are you saying goodbye-"
L. "Harold Edward Styles!"
M. "Oh no!"
H. "What what's wrong?!"
M. "In a minute you're gonna be dead"
H. "Why?!"
L. "How dare you get my cousin pregnant?!"
H. "What?!"
M. "Three months"
H. "I thought you were just gaining weight" well that hurt a little
M. "No it's called muscle and a baby"

I have been working out. I looked at Louis and gave him the sign. he picked up Harry by the shirt and his fist almost collided with his face until he stopped it.

M. "Okay that's enough" me and Lou just busted out laughing and Harry sat there on the ground confused and worried.
H. "What's going on?"
M. "I'm not pregnant"
H. "Huh?"
L. "Last minute prank mate"

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