Silent Nightmare (Silent Hill/Resident Evil)

As of 52 hours ago, the Presidents daughter Nereyda has been pronounced missing. Her last known location she was traveling with her security team in Pennsylvania back to Washington D.C. They lost contact with her after they were experiencing nightmarish illusions, hallucinations, and dreams. Apparently they were in an accident, something walked in front of them in the middle of the road causing them to drive off. We heard little reports from them here and there, some distorted and barely audible, but what ever was happening their wasn't good. They reported strange creatures roaming around during the night and day. But after a few hours we never heard anything from them again.

Now we are sending our best S.T.A.R.S. (Special Tactics and Rescue Squad) members to rescue Nereyda from..Silent Hill, the tainted town filled with death, sorrow, darkness, and fire. What we failed to mention to the team was Silent Hill's dark and evil past...

Will they





35. The Great Escape PART 2- FINALE

Laying on her back Alice's vision begin's to blur, leaning up on her elbow's she see's creature's body part's being ripped apart, stabbed, burnt and shot. As she's laying in a pool of blood, a sharp cry catches her attention, looking to her left she see's Eric being bitten by a Regenerador on his neck, blood dripping out of it's teeth . Alice look's ahead of her to see Helena being pounced on by a Nurse. The Nurse lunges at Helena with a knife, Travis tackles the Nurse off of her. Pulling out his handgun he shoot's it in the face. Getting up he rushes toward a Numb body. Alice slowly lift's her self up from the ground, groaning in pain.

A Hunter lashes out at Maria, she quickly leap's back avoiding the attack. The Hunter lunges at her, she slides out of the way and quickly jumps on top of it. Pinning the Hunter to the ground Maria, grab's it's arm, "You won't be needing this!" she shout's as she break's it. The Hunter let's out a loud screech, she quickly grabs the other and breaks it too. Flipping it over onto it's stomach with her feet, she slam's her foot on its head. Another Hunter appear's behind her, it quickly leaps for her.

Heather is slowly lifted up by her neck by a Crimson Head, struggling to loosen it's grip she gauges out it's eye's with her thumb's. Raising her even higher off the ground, it throw's her down on her back. Widening it's jaw's, the Crimson head lunges for her. Heather quickly roll's out of the way, getting up she shoves the Crimson Head into a Groaner. The Crimson Head snap's in jaw's on the canine's neck, ripping out it's throat.

"Keep fighting!" Piers shout's out as he fling's a Mothbat to the ground, sitting on it's chest he slit's it's throat. Jake smirks to himself as he wiggles his finger's, "C'mon, buddy. Wanna play?" He softly say's to the Tyrant in front of him. The Tyrant roar's as it charges toward's, knocking over other creature's in it's path. "Jake!" Sherry call's out after him.

Jake smirks as he see's a Groaner crawling toward's him, jumping on top of it he leaps off of it. Jake wrap's his arm around the Tyrant's neck. Bringing it down onto it's knee's, Jake look's behind him to see Sherry running toward's him. "I got this Sherry! You don't have to wor-!" The Tyrant cut's him off as it punches him in the gut, loosening his grip the Tyrant raises itself up. The Tyrant kick's Jake in his chest, sending him soaring into the air slamming into a Pod. "Idiot!" Sherry exclaim's as she begin's shooting at the Tyrant. Getting it's attention it turns to face her. The Tyrant begins tossing creature's out of its way and stepping on them, Billy leaps towards it but the Tyrant punches him. Sending Billy soaring through the air, hitting the wall.

A blade slides out of it's hands, raising it over it's head it slashes an Insane Cancer in half. Sherry gasp's as she begin's shooting at it more and more. As she swiftly dodges the Tyrants blade she slides in between it's leg's. Quickly getting up Sherry run's up it's back. Pulling out a grenade from her pocket, she pull's the pin. The Tyrant opens it's mouth wide, roaring. Shoving the grenade into it's mouth, it grabs her by the arm and flings her over it's shoulder. As she hits the ground the Tyrant kicks her in the stomach sending her soaring through the air.

"I got you!!" Jake catches her in his arms, causing him to stumble back a few steps. He looks up to see the Tyrant swallow the grenade, only for it to get stuck in it's throat.

The upper half of it's body explode's, sending blood in every direction. "We need to get out of here! There are way to many of them, they aren't gonna stop coming!" HUNK screams out as he twist a Hood's head off, he swiftly dodges a chainsaw from the Chainsaw Man. "The door's completely blocked off! There's too many, we can't get out!" Maria shout's out as she somersault's out of the way of Lurker's attack. Eric slowly crawls on the top of a nearby Pod with a rocket launcher in his hand. "Everyone, watch out!" He screams at the top of his lungs as he aim's it at the doorway.

Everyone quickly moves away from doorway, as more and more creature's flood the room. Mothbats's, Groaners and a Licker leap toward's him. "Die asshole's." He shoot's the rocket at the door, on impact the entire wall explodes sending chunks of rock falling down onto the creature's. "Get out everyone!" Alice screams as the creature's begin scattering. Jake continues carrying Sherry out the destroyed room. The survivor's immediately begin running out of the room toward's the elevator. Alice look's back, "Eric!?"

Her eye's widen in shock as she see's his throat being ripped out by a Licker, his stomach being eaten by a Groaner and leg's begin torn off by the Mothbat's. Turning her head in disgust she begin's running after the other's. Running past the creature's in the hallway, she begin's slicing her way through them with her Kitanna. Looking ahead of her she see's Piers and Heather fighting off creature's from entering the elevator. "Hurry up Alice!" Sherry call's out for her.

Alice slides under a Tyrant swinging his blade at her, sliding into the elevator as the door's close. Breathing in heavily, Alice look's up to see everyone slashed up, bruised, bloodied and worn out. "How the hell did we just survive that?" Helena anxiously ask's as she spit's out blood. "I don't know. Which floor are we going to?" Alice ask's as she glances up at the number. "1, is that the very top?" Helena ask's as she wipes away blood trickling down the side of her head.

HUNK nod's his head, "We should be fine. If those thing's don't mess with the elevator. We'll be fine." Suddenly a large hand break's through the ceiling grabbing HUNK by his head. "Oh my god!" Travis shout's as everyone slides to the ground. Piers and Jake quickly grab HUNK by his feet, trying to drag him back down.

Looking up at the ceiling Heather see's the Tyrant pulling HUNK by his head, slowly his neck begin's stretching out. His skin tearing as blood begin's trickling down his chest, shouting in pain HUNK begin's kicking around. Helena cover's her mouth as she see's HUNK's body fall to the ground headless on top of Jake and Piers. Blood begin's seeping out his twitching body. Travis and Billy immediately begin shooting up at the ceiling.

Maria and Helena help move the corpse off Piers and Jake. Leaning HUNK's body against the wall, blood begin's covering the ground. The Tyrant reaches out for Sherry, gasping she dive's out the way. "We have to get it off! It's weight is holding us down!" Billy shout's as he shoot's the Tyrant in the head. The Elevator begin's to descend down, slowly. Alice look's up at the number to see it going down to 3. The elevator door's open as it stops, "Go! Alice, Sherry, Heather! We'll stay back and stall these thing's." Piers scream's as a Licker claw's through the floor, along with a Schism's head tearing through the roof. Helena scream's as the Licker's grabs her leg's and attempt's the pull her through the floor.

"Helena!" Travis shout's as he reaches out for her. Sherry look's at Jake with a painful look. "Go. Kick some ass." Jake softly say's to her, she nod's her head. Sherry grabs Heather's hand as they both run out the elevator following Alice, heading toward's more screaming down the hall. Heather glances back at the elevator to see the door's closing.

"Do you guy's hear that screaming?" Alice ask's out loud. Sherry nod's her head, "It's coming from that room on you're left!" Standing to the side of the door, Alice pull's out her handgun. Peeking at the door she see's it toppled over on the ground. The scream's and fighting become louder, "Go!" Alice quietly say's as she run's in through the open doorway. She abruptly stop's as she see's bodies littered everywhere, with blood smeared on just about everything.

At the far end of the room Sherry see's the back of Leon, Lisa and Claire's head's. In front of them is Chris, Harry, Glenn, and a dozen other civilian's beaten up and bloodied. Chris notices the ladies, he nod's, signaling them to attack, they shake there head's. Alice slowly pull's out her Kitanna, Sherry aim's her handgun, and Heather grabs a pipe sticking out of the wall. Cautiously sneaking from the behind, the three Super Soldier's quickly turn on there heel's kicking the three ladies in the gut.

The kick send's the three of them soaring back through the air and out the room into the hallway. "Sherry!" Chris exclaim's. The last dozen civilian's run past Chris toward's the three soldier's. "No! Stop!" Harry scream's out after them. Glenn stay's back, he gasp's as he check's behind him. "Where is she?" He softly whisper's to himself.


Nereyda sigh's as she walk's through a dark corridor with a dull light flickering overhead. Holding up her shotgun, "I shouldn't of ran off without telling Glenn. I just hid in the stupid vent's to hide, I thought it would of held up my weight." Nereyda softly say's to herself as she walk's through a puddle of water. "Where am I even at?" She whisper's to herself as she glances back. A spark flashes startling her, letting out a yelp she aim's her shotgun. She stop's as she hear's a low growl, looking back she see's a pair of red eye's staring at her. Walking back she trips over a body, "Get away from me!" She screams out as the Armless Man begin's trudging towards her. 

Aiming her shotgun she shoot's off a piece of it's rib's, trying to shoot again the gun doesn't shoot. "What's wrong with this thing!?" She cries out. The Armless Man shoot's an acid bomb at her, Nereyda closes her eyes. Suddenly someone yank's her out of the way, "Watch it kid! Your gonna get yourself killed!" Someone screams out. Nereyda opens her eyes in time to see James hitting the creature in the jaw the butt of his gun. The creature fall's down on his back, James aim's his shotgun and shoot's it's head off. "For the President's daughter, your pretty ballsy for wandering alone in this place." Jill say's behind her. Nereyda look's back to see Jill, Rain, Ada and Cybil standing there smiling at her. "Let's go." James say's as he begin's walking towards the elevator. 



Lisa smile's as she run's toward's them, a long blade slides out of the palm of her hand. She slices off a person's leg's, then swiftly slicing upward cutting another person in half. Leon throw's his knife at someone, hitting him in the throat. Pulling out the knife, he turns on his heel stabbing a woman in her eye. Letting out a scream the lady, hit's him across his face. Ripping off some of his skin. Leon growls as he pounces on the woman and begin's ripping out her stomach. Claire grin's as she shove's her fist into a man's gut, pulling out his stomach. She swiftly turns around and grabs a woman by her throat and snap's her neck.

Leon rises from the woman's corpse with blood seeping off of him. The final six civilian's step away from the soldier's. Alice begin's shooting at the back of Claire's head, sending her forward to the ground. Chris run's toward's her as well. Heather tosses a flash grenade at Lisa, exploding within inches of her, blinding her. Harry pull's out his knife as he begin's running toward's Lisa with Heather. Sherry holds up her handgun, Leon begins walking towards her. "Leon." Sherry softly calls out to him. Leon's heads twitches to the side as he holds up his knife, pointing it at her.

"Dad!" Heather call's out for Harry, Lisa kick's Heather in the gut. Bending over in pain, Lisa knee's her in the face. Falling on her back, Heather get's up on all four's, Lisa kick's her in the stomach again causing her to spit out blood. Heather quickly trip's Lisa and gets on top of her, she begin's hitting Lisa in the face with the pipe, Lisa grab's the pipe and throw's it to the side. Head butting Heather, she fall's onto her back with blood seeping out her nose. 

Groaning in pain Heather begin's wiping away as much blood as she can, Lisa pick's up the pipe and hit's Heather in the chest. Harry watching in horror take's a step toward's Lisa. Lisa quickly turn's around to face Harry, as soon as he see's her face he see's her shiny, white face smiling. Gasping he back's away from them. "Dad!" Heather cries out, showing her bloodied teeth. 

Alice sit's on top of Claire, pinning her down, looking up at Chris with the knife in his hand, "Do it." Alice softly say's. Claire begin's whimpering, calling out Chris' name. Widening in his eye's he shove's Alice off of her. He help's her up, "Claire!" He look's at her face to see it still dark. Claire deviously smiles as she stab's him in the shoulder, Alice jump's on her back choking her. Chris groan's as he tries to stop the bleeding. Claire slam's her back, with Alice still on it, to a wall. Letting her go, Claire kick's Alice across her face. Putting her attention back to Chris, she hold's up the knife and seductively lick's off the blood. 

Claire immediately dashes for him with the knife aimed at his heart, Chris stand's there watching her. A flash of Claire smiling at him, comes flooding into his mind. Standing there shaking in place he doesn't move a muscle. Claire slashes at him, cutting his chest. "Chris! You have to fight back! She's not you're sister anymore!" Alice shout's as she run's toward's him. Claire raises her knife over her head, lunging at Chris. There eye's making contact with each. Alice jump's in front of Chris, taking the stab. 

Alice spit's up blood as she look's down at the knife in her rib cage, Claire's attempt's to pull out the knife but Alice grabs the handle and Claire's hand, trying to keep her still. Alice looks down over her shoulder to Chris, "Chris, you have to do it." Alice softly say's. Claire twist's the knife, causing Alice to yell out in pain. Claire successfully pull's out the knife and jumps back, Alice fall's onto her knee's. Claire smiles as she runs forward, lunging at Alice with the knife. 

A spark bursts through the air, Alice watches as Chris begins cutting Claire in every part of her body. With one last swoop he slices off her head. He watches it roll away, dropping the knife onto the floor, he turns away from the sight in shock. Looking down at his shaky hands, he bawls them up and looks up giving Alice a desperate look. 

Sherry groan's in pain as Leon dig's his knife into her thigh, "You have to stop this! Leon!" Sherry cries out as he dig's the knife deeper. Pulling it out he holds the knife up to her neck, pressing it against her, blood begin's trickling down. Gulping loudly Sherry feel's around her, holding onto a rock she bashes it against his head. Knocking him to the side, she quickly get's on top of him and begin's bashing in his head with the rock. 

Heather begin's whimpering as she crawls away from Lisa with the bloody pipe still in her hand. Lisa smack's Heather in the back, causing her to scream out in pain. Lisa begin's hitting her repeatedly, Chris, Alice and Sherry watch in horror as Lisa lift's up Heather by her hair. Heather tries to pry away Lisa's hands from her hair as she's on her knees struggling. Alice attempts to get up, but a sharp pain erupts in her stomach. Grabbing at her ribs she tumbles to the ground. Sherry begin's crawling toward's them, while keeping pressure on her bleeding thigh. "Heather!" Sherry cries out as she slowly gets up and limps towards her. 

Chris pull's out his handgun and aim's it at Lisa, Heather gasp's as Lisa put's pressure on her chest. Spitting out blood Heather cries out, "Do it! Shoot her!" Chris shakily aim's at her. Suddenly a loud rumbling noise interrupts them, the ground begin's shaking. A large crack run's through the room toward's the crowd of civilian's in the back. The ground open's up swallowing the people, Glenn leap's out of the way. Grabbing hold of the ledge, a large tentacle swivels around him and drag's him down. 

"Hurry up! This ceiling's gonna collapse!" Heather cries out as Lisa holds the pipe over her head. Harry all of a sudden tackles Lisa over the edge, Lisa still grabbing hold of Heather's hair drags her down as well. "No!" Sherry cries out. Running over to the ledge, Chris see's Heather barely holding onto a thick pipe sticking out the ground. Looking up at him, tear's streaming down her face mixing in with the blood. 

Sherry crawl's next him and help's pull her up. Heather hug's Chris and Sherry, crying on them. Alice shakily makes it to them, "We need to go. We need to go find the two scientist. Let's get to the elevator." 

Everybody quickly walks out of the room and into the hallway. They all glance at the elevator to see the doors pried open with blood smeared all over the wall's. Stepping closer to the door's they see Maria sitting with her back against the wall and throat slit. Billy's body hanging halfway through the floor, his eyes gauged out. Sherry gasp's as she step's into the elevator, "Jake?" She softly call's out. 

"Up here." He answer's. Sherry look's up through the hole in the ceiling to see Jake, Piers, Travis and Helena standing on top of it. Chris, Heather and Alice trudge into the elevator. "Which floor do we go to?" Alice ask's as she bandages up her wounds. Piers shrug's his shoulder.

The elevator begin's moving downward, Billy's body begin's to slowly sink into the floor. It soon fall's through, falling toward's the bottom into the blackness. "It's taking us to the tenth floor. Did you guy's push anything?" Chris ask's as he tends to Heather's wound's. Everyone shakes there head no.

"Are you guy's up there alright?" Sherry ask's Jake. He nod's his head. "Did you guy's kill all of the monster's?" Sherry ask's him as she lift's up her shirt to see the wound's healing itself. "We blew them up, it nearly took down the entire Facility." Helena say's as she wrap's bandage tape around her arm. 

The elevator slides halfway open, Maria's body fall's to the side. Chris cautiously step's out, looking to his side's he see's just a blank wall. Looking ahead of him he see's a near pitch black hallway. "Look." Heather say's pointing ahead of them at a white door at the end of the hall. Everyone step's out of the elevator, walking toward's the white door. Turning on there flashlight's they shine the wall's to see it blank. 

Reaching the door Chris presses his hand against the door, everyone behind him holds their gun's in hand ready. Pushing the door's open they see a large empty spaced room with a staircase with red carpet leading up to a balcony with two chair's.

"So this is all who survived?" The man say's as he swipes away the screen in front of him. The woman chuckles as she shakes her head, "It's kinda surprising, we were expecting less of you. But no problem, we will eliminate you fast and easy." She say's as she get's up from her seat revealing her face. Travis takes a step forward to get a closer look, "Your...Dahlia. How can you be alive?" He anxiously ask's.

"Your supposed to be dead! My father killed you!" Heather shout's. 

Dahlia chuckles, "I have him to thank for this actually." Dahlia say's pointing at Wesker. He get's up and walks into a dime light shinning onto his face. Chris and Alice gasp, "Wesker!?" Chris shouts shocked. Dahlia nod's her head. "How?" Alice softly ask's in confusion. 

"We met in the Arkalay Mountain's, in the Spencer Mansion before it was set up for Spencer's experiment's. Dahlia was Spencer's old friend and partner. She contributed in helping make the Tyrant as perfect as they are now. Since then we've been in constant contact, and over the year's I've grown to trust her." Wesker say's as he grin's at Chris.

"Why?!" Heather shouts. 

"We want to rule this pitiful world called Earth. We plan to sweep the world in our chaos. We want to start over! This world has gone on far too long with you humans ruining everything!" Dahlia scream's as she puts a hand on her forehead. "Wesker here cloned with a machine he helped create in a little town in Colorado, so that I could help him and the Mayor in Silent Hill simultaneously. And if you ask me, it's worked perfectly well. I still feel young, I haven't aged in year's. It's fabulous." Dahlia smiles as she moves her hand to her side, holding a vile with purple liquid in it. 

"How are you alive Wesker?!" Chris shockingly ask's him. 

"Do you really think some lava and rocket launcher could actually kill me? You indeed destroyed my body, but you couldn'y destroy the one thing that's been keeping me alive." Wesker say's slowly unbuttoning his shirt. Revealing a large pumping vein in the center of his chest. "It's marvelous isn't it?" 

Wesker button's up his shirt and takes a step down, "But I've only told you all this because none of you will make it out of here today. All your hard work trying to survive will be in vein along with everyone else that you've lost along the way." Wesker grins as he look's at Chris. 

"Shall we? For old time's sake, Chris?" Wesker teases him. Chris grinds his teeth together as he pulls out his handgun and begins shooting at Wesker along with everyone else, he easily dodges them. Swiftly leaping to the side's, air, and underneath the bullet's. He slides next to Helena kicking her in the side casuing her to slam hard onto the ground. Piers attempts to shoot him, but Wesker grabs his gun and hits him with the butt of it. Wesker drops the gun and see's Travis aiming at him. Dodging out of the way, Travis' bullet hit's Sherry in the back, causing her to fall face first to the ground. Jake gasp's as he leans over her, "Sherry?!"

"I'm fine!" She screams out as she gets up on all fours. Jake turn's around to see Wesker throwing Piers to the wall. Jake growls as he charges for him. Wesker smiles as he turns around in time to catch Jake's fist in his hand. "Son, how nice of you to come see me." 

Jake screams as he kicks Wesker in the stomach, stumbling back dazed Wesker shifts to the side dodging Chris' bullet's. He look's to the side, catching Chris' kick. "Really, Chris?" 

He hit's Chris in his gut. Chris falls down gasping for air. Alice slashes at Wesker, cutting his cheek. Wesker's eyes glow red through his black shades. Alice holds up her blade in defence.

Jake sneaks up from behind Wesker and jumps on his back, stabbing him in the neck with Sherry's knife. Wesker fall's onto his back, crushing Jake. Wesker swiftly get's up and kicks Jake across the room, landing on the stairs. Alice slashes at him once more, cutting off some hair this time. Alice groans in pain as she grabs hold of her rib cage. Wesker pulls out his Desert Eagle and shoots Alice in the chest causing her to get flung back, landing on the bottom of the stairs.

Heather races toward's her, sitting next to her she see's the blood seeping out the wound. "Alice! You can't leave us!" Heather shout's as she tries to put pressure. Alice's eyes begin to roll in the back of her head. "Alice!" 

Everyone else stands around Wesker, he eyes each of them either aiming a gun or weapon. Heather's cries echo in the back as she call's out for Alice. 

"We can't loose you too." Heather softly say's as she holds Alice's hands tightly. Alice begin's gasping for air, "Survive." Alice say's to Heather before she takes her last breath of air. Her head falls to the side, Heather eases Alice's hand to her side. Getting up Heather see's Dahlia at the top of the stairs staring down at her with a wide grin.

Sherry runs toward's Wesker with her knife in hand, swiping at him he swiftly moves out the way. Chris shoots at him, but breezes past his head. Helena slides beside him, cutting his thigh. He groans in pain as he tries to shoot her but Piers shoots the gun out his hand. Travis grabs him by his neck, attempting to pin him down. 

"Dahlia!" Wesker screams out for her, he look's in her direction to see her struggling with Heather. He grabs Travis' head and throws him over his shoulder. Piers attempts to hit Wesker with the butt of his gun but misses, Wesker uppercut's Piers. Sending him soaring back into the air. 

"Enough!" Wesker screams, he quickly run's behind Helena shoving his fist through her stomach, holding out her intestines in his hand he drop's them on the floor. Helena spits out blood as she falls dead to the side. Travis throws a grenade at Wesker, Sherry shoots it. Chunks of rock lift off the ground, Wesker coughs as he swipes away the smoke. He lifts up a chunk of concrete and flings it at Travis, he attempts to leap out the way but the rock hits his shoulder. Screaming out in pain, he looks at his shoulder to see his bone sticking out. 

Dahlia smacks Heather across the face, she falls down to the ground in front of the flight of stairs. "See your dad in hell!" Dahlia screams out as she kicks her in the stomach, sending her down the stairs.As she lands at the bottom she begins coughing up blood. Wesker runs up the stairs, standing next to Dahlia. "Let's finish this. Shall we?" He simply say's as Dahlia hands him a silver vile with green liquid in it. 

He chugs down the green liquid, throwing the vile to the side he pops his neck. Dahlia drinks the purple liquid, setting it down she grins as Wesker begin's coughing loudly. Foam begins seeping out his mouth. "What is happening to me?!" He scream out. "I've given you something to ease you out of this existence, once and for all. I will rule this planet, alone." Dahlia say's as she step's to the side of him. 

"What did you give me?!"

"I gave you a special serum that I created just for you." She simply say's as her hands suddenly transforms into a blade. Swiping it at him, the top of his head falls off revealing his brain. Dahlia grabs it and holds it in front of her face. Opening up her mouth wide she shoves it into her mouth and begins eating it. Wesker's body falls onto it's back, a pool of blood begins forming around the body.

Swallowing down the last bit's of brain she wipes away saliva from her mouth. "Yum." She say's as she takes a step down. "Before you ask me anything. I want you all to know that I did this to him because he was going to do it to me sooner or later. He's betrayed everyone he know's, I knew I was no exception." Dahlia begins walking down the step's. 

"What did you drink?" Sherry ask's as Jake pulls out the bullet from her back. "It's called Progenorador X. I am now more agile, strong, and beautiful." Dahlia say's as her hair begins to go from grey to brunette and her skin changing from old to a more tight young look. "Let us finish this." 

Sherry throws a flash grenade at her feet, blinding her. Piers and Jake throw their last grenades at her. Blowing up next to her feet, she screams out in pain. As the smoke disperses, Dahlia's leg's, arms and neck begin to regenerate back. Her left hand turns to a blade, she charges for Travis. He aims his handgun at her and shoots her in the chest, but has no effect. 

She stabs him in the throat pinning him to the wall. Struggling to pull out the blade Travis reaches out for the blade in his throat, Dahlia quickly transforms her other hand into a blade and stabs his right hand to the wall. Travis screams out in pain. Dahlia glances back to see Piers aiming his sniper at her. As he shoots it, Dahlia swiftly moves her head to the side. His bullet hits Travis in the forehead, blowing blood out from the back of his head. 

Chris begins shooting Heather's machine gun, Dahlia makes no effort dodging. She walks up to him, slicing the gun in half. Jake runs up behind her, but a long sharp tail nearly shreds through him, he barely avoids the tail. 

Chris leaps back standing next to Sherry and Heather. Jake and Piers make their way towards them standing side-by-side. "Are you four ready to give up? This fight's gotten really boring, if you ask me. Wasn't too entertaining, minus seeing you're friends getting killed. That was fun." She say's chuckling, she bends down picking up a rock. She suddenly throws it up at the ceiling, hitting the lights overhead. The lights begin flickering continuously.

Everyone circles around each other, facing out, they hear Dahlias cackling echoing in the darkness. Sherry screams out in pain as Dahlia slices her thigh open, "This child just won't die? Will she?" Dahlia call's out surprised. Sherry groans in pain as she looks around her. Chris then feel's a slight twinge at his chest, looking down he see's another long scratch down his chest. Piers topples over, gasping for air. He feels the blood rushing out his open sliced throat. "Piers!" Chris call's out as he hear's his gasping. Jake screams out in pain as Dahlia appear's behind him shoving her two bladed hands into his chest. She lifts him up in the air, "Jake! God no!" Sherry screams out as a light shines down on him.

Dahlia shred's him in half, both pieces of him getting flung to the side. Sherry's eyes widen in horror. The lights flicker on revealing the mass of blood around each of them. Sherry begins crawling away with Heather, Chris gulps loudly as he see's Dahlia at the top of the stairs smiling down at them. Dahlia looks down at herself to see Chris' blade dug deep in her heart. 

"This can't be possible. This blade shouldn't be doing any effect to me. But it is...I feel....pain." Dahlia quietly mutters to herself in denial.

Falling onto her seat she begins typing onto her armrest. Suddenly the lights begin turning red, a loud blaring ring begins echoing all throughout the Facility. A large screen appear's above the balcony, '10 minutes till Facility destruction. Please evacuate immediately. Have a wonderful day.' The computer say's. 

"You've gotta be shitting me." Dahlia say's as she pull's out the knife, "Why am I still bleeding? I should be healing now." Dahlia anxiously ask's herself as she get's up from the seat and begins trudging down the stair's, blood seeping down her chest and leg's. 

Stopping at the very bottom, Dahlia's tail extends out from underneath her dress. Aiming it at Chris she swings her tail, a shot echo's throughout the air. Dahlia's tail drop's to the ground, she rills it back in. Looking at the door Chris sees Jill, Rain, Ada, Cybil and James standing with there guns aimed at Dahlia with Nereyda behind them all. 

"What the hell? I thought you all we-." Jill cuts Chris off. "Dead? Yeah, I thought we were also. We just woke up and saw that you guy's did also. We tried following you guy's and found her." Jill say's glancing back.

Nereyda walks up to the front of everyone to see Alice on the staircase, she gasp's. "Alice!" Nereyda screams out as she tries to run toward's her. Rain stop's her, trying to hold her back as Nereyda begins kicking and screaming for Alice. Dahlia groans as she puts her hand up to her head. "All this screaming is giving me a headache. I'm getting a little woozy too." She say's as her skin begin's changing to brown, claw's forming for finger's, her skin forming into scale's. She closes her eye's, opening them up again her pupil changes from blue to black. 

She slowly begins growing at least eight feet tall. Growling she begins scrapping away excess skin left on her. Sherry, Chris and Heather walk backward's toward's the others at the door. "We need to leave now!" Rain shouts as she begin's running with Nereyda, Cybil and Heather by her side toward's the elevator.

Dahlia screams out, "No one is leaving! Your all going to die!" She get's on all fours and dashes toward's the group. 

Chris, Jill, Ada, Sherry and James begin shooting at her, she leap's up into the air grabbing hold of the ceiling. Suddenly the door behind them begin's closing, everyone glances back. "We have to leave!" Ada shout's as she runs through the door. Jill glances at Chris, "We need to go, now. C'mon!" She grabs Chris' hands and pulls him with her. She walks past the door, Chris yanks his hand back. Jill surprised look's back at him, "What are you doing?" 

"I'm staying." He simply say's as he waves good-bye at her. "Your not staying." Sherry say's behind him, he quickly turns around to question them when James shoves Chris through the doorway causing him to tumble to the ground, he quickly turns around with Jill and Ada to see Sherry and James running back toward's Dahlia. Chris runs to the door, but it closes shut before he could get through. He begins slamming his fist on the door, "No! No! No! Sherry! James! Open the door!" He screams out. Jill grabs his shoulder, "We need to go! Now! We only have 8 minutes left!" Ada pulls Chris along as they begin running toward's the elevator. 

Rain, Cybil and Heather begin yelling at them to run faster. Chris, Ada and Jill sprint towards them, stepping inside the elevator they push the button leading to the top. The doors slightly close, and begins going up. 

Sherry and James slide underneath Dahlia, shooting her as they get up. Dahlia swipes at James with her tail, slashing up his chest, he slams into the door. "I will not die in here!" Dahlia screams as she see's the time dwindling. She immediately begin's clawing her way toward's the door. Sherry leap's on her head, pushing it down, smearing her face across the ground. Lifting up Dahlia's head, Sherry grabs Dahlia's head and begins bashing it into the ground repeatedly. Dahlia grabs Sherry and throws her over her shoulder. Sherry turns onto her side, lifting up her leg she kicks Dahlia in the face. 

"Put a move on it! We're almost out of here!" Ada screams as they run out of the town toward's the Hill. Ada glances back to see some creature's crawling out of building's and sewer's. Dashing past the 'Welcome to Silent Hill' sign, Chris see's the bus they drove crashed at the bottom. "We can take our bus! It's probably still in the middle of the road." Heather shouts as she begins running up the Hill, everyone follow's. 

"Two minutes." James softly say's to himself as he see's Sherry on top of Dahlia stabbing her back. He get's up and tackles Dahlia to the ground, Dahlia begins wiping her tail around. She slices James back, he groans in pain as blood stains the floor beneath him. Dahlia begins throwing herself around, falling onto the stairs she crushes Sherry beneath her. "Sherry!" James call out for her. Dahlia rolls off the stair's, Sherry slides down the staircase bleeding out her chest. Looking down at herself she see's herself impaled on a sharp rock. 

Dahlia grabs James with both her hands and lifts him up, struggling to free himself. Sherry shakily pulls out her handgun and shoots Dahlia's fingers. Dropping James, Dahlia turns around to face Sherry, giving her a menacing glare.


"Look it's our truck! It's still here!" Heather shouts excitedly as she points ahead of them at the bus still in the middle of the road. Everyone piles into the truck, Chris sits himself into the driver seat revving up the bus. 


"I'm taking you both to Hell with me." Dahlia screams in a demonic voice, holding up Sherry and James in her hands, beaten, torn up. Tear's stream down Sherry's eyes as she begin's thinking about Jake. James reaches out for her hand, she raises up her arm, only to see blood seeping out her torn off limb. "Sherry, don't be scared." James softly say's to her. Sherry leans her head back looking up at the ceiling. "James." 


"Will it hurt?" 


Dahlia turns around to look at the timer, suddenly the computer voice comes on to count down the time. "Ten...Nine...Eight..-"


Chris begin's driving away from the town, Rain and Jill walk to the back of the bus to see creatures leaving the town in flames. Ada sitting there look's down in her holster to see her glasses in there. Suddenly a memory flashes into her mind of her tossing her glasses to Leon before she separated from him. "Oh Leon. You idiot." She say's to herself as a tear slides down her cheek. "Put your seat belt on!" Cybil tell's Nereyda, she nods her head and clicks on her seat belt. 


"I'll see you on the other side." Sherry softly say's as James grabs hold of Sherry's bleeding nub. James and Sherry both smile as the computer counts down, "Three...Two...One...Good-Bye." The computer say's before a white flash consumes everything in mass of fire. Dahlia screams as the fire consumes her with Sherry and James continuing to smile. 


Chris look's back in the rear view mirror to see the mass of the explosion blowing toward's them. Jill and Rain's eyes widen, "Everyone take cover!" Rain screams as the explosion reaches the bus, the glass windows around them shatter's. Jill gasp's as she see's the shard's of glass being flung toward's her. Rain uses herself as a shield, getting impaled by the glass. Blood spews out her mouth.


Suddenly the bus get's flung into the air, everyone screams out in fear as it lands upside down and begin's rolling. The bus roll's one last time onto it's side, everyone groans in pain. Jill slightly opens her eyes to see herself outside the bus. Looking around she see's the air covered in smog and burning ash gliding in the air. Getting up she leans against the bus, walking toward's the backdoor, to see it open. Peering inside she see's Rain hanging halfway out, blood seeping onto the ground. "Rain?" 

Jill lightly touches her, "Rain?" Jill checks her wrist pulse, only to not feel anything. Jill shakes her head as she looks down at the ground. She suddenly hear's shuffling inside the bus. Ada throw's a seat off of her, hazily walking around seat's, she see's Cybil and Nereyda still seat belted to their seat's. "You two alright?" Ada softly ask's. Nereyda nods her head, "I'm good. I think." She replies glancing at Cybil unconscious next to her.

"Let's get you down, huh?" Ada say's as she unbuckles her, as Ada helps Nereyda down Ada groans in pain as she grabs her stomach. 

"Are you alright?" Nereyda ask's Ada, she nods her head. "Yeah, can you go check on Chris?" Nereyda nods her head and makes her way towards him. Ada begins helping Cybil down. 

Nereyda see's Heather helping Chris unbuckle himself from his seat, he glances back at her "You alright, kid?" She smiles and nods her head. "Let's get out of this thing." Chris say's to her. The three of them walk behind Ada and Cybil. They stop  as they see Rain hanging over the exit and Jill standing in the same spot staring down at Rain. "Is she..?" Cybil softly ask's, already knowing the answer. "Yeah." Jill and Chris grabs Rain's body, softly setting her down on the side of the road. Everyone else step's out the bus, looking around they see the mass of smog around them. Jill crouches down over Rain's body, "We made it Rain. We made it." 

"Do you guy's hear that?" Chris say's aloud as he look's up. Cybil, Nereyda and Heather look up to see Chopper's and Helicopter's racing by them, dispersing the thick smog around. Jill look's behind them down the road, tapping Chris on his shoulder he looks back. 

They both take steps forward to see the town of Silent Hill, nothing but a large hole in the Earth. The edge of the hole a few feet from them. "We made it. We survived." Nereyda say's as she grab's Cybils hand. Heather sits' down on the ground, a tear slides down her cheek. "Dad. I made it." Heather softly say's to herself. Looking up she see's Chris holding out his hand for her, she takes it and get's up. He wipes away the lone tear, embracing her in a hug. Heather immediately breaks down crying. 

In the distance ambulance and police sirens echo in the distance. 




"...And we just got back from a mission! It was awesome, I learned so much!" Heather exclaims as she smiles brightly. Holding up her hand she presses it against a tombstone, "I really wish you had gone, Sherry." Heather look's to the side to see Harry's and Lisa's tombstone there. "Heather, we have to go." Chris say's behind her. Heather get's up, looking at the other 20 tombstones with the other agent's names on them that were killed in the Facility, she sighs as she turns around and walks with Chris toward's Jill, Ada, and Cybil standing next to a SUV. 

Ada puts her glasses on as she looks up at the clear sunny sky. The wind begins to pick up, moving the grass and tree's around. Everyone stands by each other staring at the tombstones with a small American flag next to each of them, waving around in the wind. "We should go. We can come visit them again when we come back from our mission." Chris say's as he opens up the driver's door, everyone else follow's. Starting up the SUV, he drives down a long narrow road to an open gate. Cybil and Jill glance back at the cemetery. 

"Rest in Peace. . ."






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