Silent Nightmare (Silent Hill/Resident Evil)

As of 52 hours ago, the Presidents daughter Nereyda has been pronounced missing. Her last known location she was traveling with her security team in Pennsylvania back to Washington D.C. They lost contact with her after they were experiencing nightmarish illusions, hallucinations, and dreams. Apparently they were in an accident, something walked in front of them in the middle of the road causing them to drive off. We heard little reports from them here and there, some distorted and barely audible, but what ever was happening their wasn't good. They reported strange creatures roaming around during the night and day. But after a few hours we never heard anything from them again.

Now we are sending our best S.T.A.R.S. (Special Tactics and Rescue Squad) members to rescue Nereyda from..Silent Hill, the tainted town filled with death, sorrow, darkness, and fire. What we failed to mention to the team was Silent Hill's dark and evil past...

Will they





21. Thank you, Lisa

The light drizzle of ash begin's to fall heavier, a few inches high covering the ground. Walking on the road along Toluca Lake on their right, the group comes to a halt to read a sign. 'TOLUCA LAKE: KEEP THE NATURE' on a wooden board. Underneath the wooden board another smaller sign hang's underneath it. 'DEVILS DINER PITSTOP DOWN PATH PROCEED WITH CAUTION'

Everyone look's at each other, "Should we go to the Diner? We could possibly find something regarding Nereyda while we're at it." Carlos suggest as he examine's the path leading into a wooded area. Shaking his head anxiously he gulp's loudly. 

Claire nod's her head as she look's at Jill and Heather, "Jill, Heather and James I want you three to go check it out. We'll hang back here." Jill and Heather nod their head's as they begin walking down the path. 

"Hey! I still have these handcuff's on, can I get them off? Please." James sheepishly ask's as he sticks out his wrist's. Jill sigh's as she take's a step toward him, digging through her pocket she look's up at him, "Are you gonna be good? No more fighting, or the next time you try something I'll be sure to beat the hell outta you. Got it?" Jill threaten's him as she pulls out the key's. Nodding his head, Jill uncuff's him. 

Rubbing his wrist's he nod's his head at Jill, "Mhmm." Jill hold's her machine gun to her chest while Carlos hand's back James' shotgun. Heather patiently hold's her handgun to her side. They begin walking through the ash filled path into the wooded area. Lisa and Claire watching them intently, the three disappear into the fog. Claire let's out air as she turns back to face the rest of the group. 

"We should send two of you ahead to scout, just to be sure we know where we're going. I want you Ada and-" Lisa immediately cut's off Claire.

"-I don't think going off on their own is such a good idea. This feel's different. It doesn't feel the same like it was when I was last feel's more threatening and dark. I'm sure James and Heather felt it too. Don't underestimate this place, or you'll regret it. And it'll cost you you're team." Lisa take's a step toward's Claire with her hand's clasped together. Leon nod's his head in agreement.

"She's right, even though this is my first encounter in this, it was hard for me to survive..Claire, you shouldn't even of sent the other three out. Three's not enough, we can only make it as a team." Leon look's back down the trail then back to Claire looking down at the ground. 

Claire nod's her head as she cock's her handgun, "Alright then, we should go after them. We'll all investigate the Diner together, c'mon everyone. Let's get going" She begin's walking onto the trail. Leon smirk's as they begin following her. Walking through the knee high ash, everyone begin's to trudge through, the wind slightly picking up blowing the falling ash from the side.

Sherry raises her hand above her eyes and look's up to the sky. "It's so...grey and white. Almost like snow.." instantly images of Jake Muller come rushing into mind. Shaking her head Sherry look's back ahead of her to see Lisa curiously looking at her. 

"Something on you're mind? You look..lost in thought." Lisa curiously ask's as she wait's for her. Sherry lightly smiles as she catches up to her. Walking side-by-side behind everyone else, Sherry let's out a sigh as she scratches the back of her head. "Yeah, it's about a guy." Lisa's smile brightens as she claps her hand's excitedly. 

"A boy, then you must tell me!" Lisa whispers loud as she covers her mouth with the tips of her finger's. "I know this really isn't the time for boy's being in a place like this and most likely gonna die..but I can't help it. I think I'm in love." Sherry face turns red as she crosses her arm's trying to cover her face. 

Lisa lightly slaps her shoulder, "Don't be embarrassed. What's his name?" Sherry smiles to herself as even more images of him come flooding in mind. "His name is..Jake. Jake Muller." Lisa giggles to herself. 

Lisa begin's to quickly talk fast as she question's Sherry, "That's a cute name, how did you guy's meet? Where is he? Did something bad happen to him?" Peering at Sherry, she notices a hint of sadness. 


She shakes her head, "Sorry, spaced out. It's funny how we met actually. I was basically his body guard, I had to make sure he got to a destination safely. We made it thankfully, with Leon their and Chris helping some part's of the way. But in the end.." Sherry sigh's as she shakes her head in disappointment. Lisa put's a hand on her shoulder and lightly shakes it. 

"Jake would of been on this mission, but he decided to go off the map fighting B.O.W.'s overseas, he chose that instead of going on this mission with me. And it hurt, I thought he liked me.." Sherry stop's walking and a tear slithers down her cheek. Lisa frowns as she embraces her in a hug. Rubbing her back, Sherry sniffles as clutches Lisa more. 

"Don't think that way, I'm sure Jake had his reason's for what he did. Besides I'm sure he likes you also" Sherry begin's to shake as she wipes away a few tear's, "Then why didn't he tell me he loved me? I told him right before he left. But he never said anything, but nod his head." More tear's stream down Sherry's face as she sniffles, trying to stop herself she breathes in shaky breaths. 

"I'm sorry, darling. Maybe he's not used to feeling that certain emotion and didn't know what to do? The next time you see him, you get some answer's and no matter what. Never stop loving, alright?" Lisa releases Sherry, holding her face in Lisa's hands she wipes away the few remaining tears with her thumb. Smiling at her, a small smile begins forming on the corner of Sherry's lips. 

"Thank you Lisa.." Sherry embraces Lisa in a hug one last time. 'Really, thank you Lisa. If my mother were here, she would of said the same thing. Maybe you could be my mother or gaurdian? That would be have someone to come to and greet me. Not to be alone..' Sherry smiles to herself as she let's go. 

Lisa look's ahead of them to see a faint blur of the group ahead of them in the fog, looking back at Sherry she nods her head in the direction of the group. "Let's get going, or you're never gonna see Jake." They quickly begin to trudge through the ash, catching up to the group.

After a few minutes they catch up in time to see the Diner completely covered in ash, and no one in sight. To the right they see Toluca Lake covered in ash. 

Claire takes a step toward's the Diner, "Jill? Heather?" Looking around, she hold's up her handgun, as does the rest of the group. Crouching down she begin's to slowly step toward the front door. Everyone follows her lead and begin's following her. Slowly inching their way, Lisa calls out, "James, you in their?" 

Ada sigh's, "He probably turned on them." Leon and Claire both dart their head's at her with a frown, "Shut up Ada, don't say that." Claire spit's back at her. Ada roll's her eyes as she shrug's. 

Continuing to walk they hear a faint yell from inside. Stopping, they all listen intently. Perking their ear's , "Did you guy's hear that?" Claire nervously ask's. Carlos nod's his head, he slowly get's up trying to peer through the boarded up window's. 

"I can't see any-" He get's off by someone screaming, everyone's eyes widen as they all get up and run toward's the doorway. The front door of the Diner suddenly burst open, everyone quickly aim's their gun at James breathing in quickly. He run's past them yelling "Come on! Run!" Dumbfounded they look back at the doorway to see Jill and Heather running toward's them from the inside. Sherry, Lisa, and Carlos quickly dash back toward's the tree's with James. 

"What the hell?!" Claire blurt's out, she peer's behind Jill and Heather to see thousand's of bug's crawling toward's them. Her eyes widen as she let's out a squeal and run's away diving into the bushes near the tree's. Smoke begin's to rush past Jill and out the door, boarded up windows and ceiling. 

James stick's his head out from behind the tree, "Leon! Ada! Get away, it's gonna blow! They lite the fucking kitchen and let the gas going!" He darts his head back behind the tree. Leon and Ada both look at each other quickly and turn around diving behind a tree. Jill and Heather a mere few inches from the doorway, dive out as soon as the Diner explodes along with the bug's. 

The pressure send's them soaring forward, diving face first into the ash, they roll a few inches then stop. Looking up they see the Diner nearly collapsed and burning with flames high into the sky, smoke covering the sky. Wiping away the ash from their faces with their hand's, the bug's no where in sight, the let out a sigh of relief. 

"Jill! Heather! Are you guy's okay?" Everyone come's rushing to them, crouching down to them. Lisa feel's their forehead's, checking them for any bleeding. Jill and Heather giggle, "Lisa, we're fine. The ash softened our landing," Lisa stop's and gives them a smile, "Jesus, that was scary as hell!" Heather shout's out as she shiver's. 

Ada look's at the burning building, in the smoke she see's a symbol. Widening her eye's she take's a step toward's it. 

"What the hell happen?!" Claire nervously ask's as she shivers at the thought of the bug's. Jill and Heather both look at James frowning at him. He chuckles to himself as he take's a step back, scratching the back of his head. 

"It was an accident," Jill and Heather continue to glare at him, "It was! How was I supposed to know killing one tiny bug would piss them off!?" Jill grabs a handful of ash and throws it at his face. "Asshole, and you just decided to uh, I don't know shoot the wall when we told you not to shoot the wall's because we saw a few of them in it. But did you listen, no!" Jill grab's more ash and flings at his face again. Spitting out the ash, he begin's wiping away the ash. 

"Idiot." Heather shakes her head as she get's up off the ground, sticking out her hand Jill takes it and they get up. 

"Right before James decided to do that, we thought we saw the Umbrella logo on a few of the item's in the kitchen. But we couldn't check." Leon, Claire, Carlos and Sherry's eye's widen in confusion. 

"Umbrella? Are you sure?" Sherry nervously ask's as she look's over at Ada near the fire. Heather nod's her head, "Yeah, we're definitely sure it was it." Sherry begin's to walk over to Ada.

"What the hell is Umbrella doing here?", Leon look's over to Jill, "Jill, remember when we were fighting that rock monster and we ended up in the water?" 

Jill nod's her head as she remember's diving into the water. "What about it?" Leon bite's his lip," Well when we dove the second time, I saw the Umbrella logo at the bottom of the lake, or at least I think I did." Jill punches his arm, "Why the hell didn't you tell me!? That's some pretty important information!"

"I wasn't sure if it was, I'm still not sure about it myself. What do you think Ada?" They all look around to see Ada and Sherry standing in front of the burning Diner, walking over to them they all stand around. 

"Ada, Sherry what is it?" Lisa curiously ask's as they peer into the fire. Sherry point's to the far right of the burning building to see the stove toppled over on it's side. Looking around it, they see a large Umbrella logo covering the bottom of it. 

"What in the hell..none of this is making sense. Why?" Carlos nervously think's aloud as he rub's his forehead. 

Claire shake's her head, "We should keep moving, we can worry about Umbrella on the way. All that noise from the explosion was bound to alert something out here. Let's go." She begin's walking away back the trail toward's the road. Everyone begin's to follow suit, Ada still standing in front of the flame pulls out her glasses from her holster, putting them on she presses down on the side of the glasses, taking a picture. 

Walking away from the fire, she hear's a twig snap. Stopping she scan's the wood's on both side's of her. Looking back at the fire she see's Robbie the Rabbit standing perfectly fine in the center of the fire watching her. Turning it's head to the side at her, Ada shake's her head and begin's to walk away. "I fucking hate this place."

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