Silent Nightmare (Silent Hill/Resident Evil)

As of 52 hours ago, the Presidents daughter Nereyda has been pronounced missing. Her last known location she was traveling with her security team in Pennsylvania back to Washington D.C. They lost contact with her after they were experiencing nightmarish illusions, hallucinations, and dreams. Apparently they were in an accident, something walked in front of them in the middle of the road causing them to drive off. We heard little reports from them here and there, some distorted and barely audible, but what ever was happening their wasn't good. They reported strange creatures roaming around during the night and day. But after a few hours we never heard anything from them again.

Now we are sending our best S.T.A.R.S. (Special Tactics and Rescue Squad) members to rescue Nereyda from..Silent Hill, the tainted town filled with death, sorrow, darkness, and fire. What we failed to mention to the team was Silent Hill's dark and evil past...

Will they





18. For the Fight of Your Life

The ash continuing to fall ever so harsh, covers the ground as more and more falls from the grey sky. Roaring is heard howling through the wind, as it gets carried away into the town of Silent Hill. Crows bustling out from rooftop perches at the sound. Feathers wisp away with the wind and roar, flowing through the skies.

Jill struggling to crawl up and over the edge of the roof, manages to grab a stern grip in a crack and pulls herself up. She quickly grabs hold of the bag lying on the ground. She looks to the left and see's the monster trudging towards her. Pulling out her rifle she aims at the Guardian, shooting relentlessly. Ammo covering the ground as more and more shots are fired.

As she shoots, more and more pebbles break apart from the monster. The left arm begins to show more and more tissue and muscles.

'I know how to fucking kill you, you son-of-a-bitch!' Jill screams as the hunting rifle clicks. She pulls the trigger, and the gun clicks again. Looking down at the weapon she tosses it to the side and quickly thrashes around the bag.

'Wheres all the big guns. Damn it!' Jill shouts in distraught as she pulls out a machine gun and runs back over to the edge shooting merciless. The monster groaning from the pain, lifts a boulder from the ground covering the naked tissue and muscle showing in plain sight..

The monster fed up, lifts the boulder up over its head, aiming it at her.

Alex sets Rebeccas body down next to a tree. Leon pulls out his handgun. Alex  cocks his machine gun.

'Alex I have to ask you something, if we die in this dimension do we still get to move onto the next stage?' Leon quickly asks.

Alex nods his head. 'Your body will disappear also into the next dimension. It will be pulled into the ground.'

Leon and Alex look back at Rebeccas body to see it gone, glancing at each other. Alex picks up the bag and throws it over his shoulders.

'Lets go' Alex softly says as they both begin to run towards the giant shooting at the back of its legs. Pebbles crumbling off onto the ground showing the tissue and muscle. 

'I think we can kill this fucking thing!' Alex screams as they continue to shoot. The monster begins to  roar as it struggles to hold up the boulder over its shoulders. It quickly throws the boulder with full force towards Jill. Cursing at herself Jill throws the weapon over the edge and begins running away. As she passes the weapons bag, she swiftly grabs it holding it to her chest.

The boulder pounding the ground, lifting into the air and down rolling towards her.

Leon and Alex continue to shoot at the monsters calves. Roaring its slowly turns around and sees the two souls stop dead in their tracks looking up at it. Leon and Alex separate, Leon running towards the left and Alex the other.

The Guardian confused, stops roaring. It slowly lifts up its right leg, chunks of rock crumbling off. 

The rolling boulder colliding into the building ripping through it. The rooftop ground breaking apart behind Jill as she runs towards the other end. Jill swiftly leaping over vents and sliding under pipes slams into the ledge wall. Climbing over it she looks down at the ground then behind her. The boulder within a few feet from her smashes through the remaining building. Blowing Jill into the air, twisting and twirling as she falls down to the ground screaming. As she is near about to smash into the ground something grabs her by the ankles and lifts up into the air.

Slamming its leg to the ground causing a bursts of energy to plow Alex through the air screaming as he soars into Toluca Lake, a couple yards from the graveyard. Leon quickly charges for the left leg still on the ground.

'Jesus..' Leon annoyingly comments to himself as he begins to climb up the monsters leg. 

The boulder rolling past Jill along with the collapsed building. She looks up and see's a Mothbat.


They appear as small, black mixtures between hummingbirds and bats. Their bodies are much like that of a bat, though they have long needle-like beaks similar to that of a hummingbird. In addition, their wings flap extremely quickly, making a buzzing sound as they dart around.


Screeching at her as she gasps, the Mothbat begins to carry her towards Toluca Lake a few yards from the graveyard. With the bag of weapons still in hand, Jill lifts herself up and swings the bag hitting the Mothbat in the face. The creature hissing, spraying saliva at her. She lifts herself up one more time and bashes it across the face.

'Shit!' Jill screams as the Mothbat lets her go. Facing the sky as she free falls, she pulls out her handgun and shoots the Mothbat in the back of the head. Both fumbling towards the ground.

Jill looks below her and sees water. 

Leon nearly more than half way up the leg looks over and sees Jill splash into the lake. He begins climbing even faster as the Guardian looks down and sees Leon.

'God damn it!' Leon yells as the monster begins to slam its hand down towards him. He begins jumping up faster and faster. The hand makes contact with its thigh. Vibrating, Leon jumps backwards, grabbing hold of the monsters hand. 

Leon quickly digs through his pockets in his torn jacket.

Loosing concentration, the monster slams its hands together. Trapping Leon.

'Ahhhh! Let me g-!' Leon screams in agony as the grip tightens.

An explosion is heard, the Guardian looks down at its feet. Smoke rising from the grenade explosion, loosening its grip on Leon.

He quickly slides a arm out with a grenade in hand, he pulls the pin and throws in in between cracks in the middle of the Guardians face.

A few seconds pass, suddenly the Guardian trembles as chunks of rock explodes from the nose, showing the tissue and muscle. A thick dirty velvet red blood color streaming down. 

The Guardian roaring in pain tightening its grip on Leon, yearning for the pain to disappear. Throwing Leon to the side, soaring through the air. He lands in the water. Engulfed by the water, he quickly looks around the clear grey water. Watching Jill and Alex's feet as they waddle towards each other in the distance. 

Thrashing at the water as he ascends up to the surface. Spitting water out, he swims towards Jill and Alex staring at the Guardian as it attempts to wipe away the blood, smearing it across its entire face. 

"Leon, what are we gonna do? I don't have enough ammo in the guns or any to last us. Wheres yours?

 'I'm not sure to be honest' Leon sighs as he whips his hair back and forth.

'What are we gonna do? We can't keep at this, all this ruckus is causing the monsters attentions. We need to end this quickly' Alex shouts nervously as he begins to swim to shore. 

'Alex we don't even have a plan to stop it! Come back!' Jill shouts as she swims for him. The Guardian watching them the entire time, picks up a handful of rocks and crunches them together into a ball. Aiming at Alex, the Guardian throws it full force. 

'DIVE!' Jill screams at Alex.

Catching his breath Alex swims backwards into the water, swimming backwards deeper and deeper to the bottom. The ball of rocks explodes through the water at lightning speed. Swooshing past Alex, causing him to scream in horror. Bubbles escaping his lips, watching them leave his mouth. He quickly attempts to reach out to them. The bubbles slip through his finger's.

The water slowly seeps through his lips. Ears popping, flowing out blood. Loosing air quickly. His vision begins to blur as he falls deeper towards the dark cold bottom. 

'Alex!' Jill screams as she thrashes around the water in search of him. Leon by her side. She sees the bubbles hit the surface.

'Jill he's gone! It's just us two! We need to get out of the water!' Leon screams as the Guardian picks up another handful of rock.

'Jill!' Leon's grabs her arm and dives under the water as the Guardian throws the rock at them. Diving deeper and deeper under the clear grey water, Jill quickly scans underneath them and sees Alex at the slowly drifting down. 

She alone dives towards him as Leon watches the surface. The rock breaches and plummets towards them fast.

Leon quickly taking the pin off of a grenade; throws it towards the coming rock. Slowly making its way towards it. The two barely touch. The explosion draws Leon back a few inches, Jill reaches Alex and pulls him with her. With the bag still in hand causing her to slow down. She reads Leon's words.

'Let the bag go!' 

Nodding her head she quickly pulls out a machine gun and lets the bag go.

She reaches Leon.

Pulling another pin, he throws it towards the bottom underneath them. Exploding it sends them up a few feet, as the flash goes off Jill barely see's the Umbrella logo at the very bottom of the lake. Breaking through the surface, both gasping for air. They quickly swim to the shore. 

'When we get to shore, I want you to try and see if he can wake up. If not, leave him and come help me. We are going to blow this thing up.' Leon rushes to say as they swim.

The water begins to tremble. 

'What the hell?' They scan the graveyard and see the Guardian pulling out the ninth stone from the ground.

'Oh shit! We need to hurry! ' Jill nervously shouts as they reach the shore line. Plopping Alex down, Jill begins to check his pulse. Low pulse. She quickly presses down on his chest then performs mouth-to-mouth-resuscitation. Leon runs past them towards the Guardian shouting at it. 

Drawing its attention, the monster roars into the air, swinging its arms around. Pulling out his hand guns, he begins shooting at the creatures nose. Streams of blood flow down its nose.

Jill begins punching Alex in the chest, finally he gargles up the water and spits it out. Coughing out the water, with some blood. 

'Thank you Jill..' He softly says. She smirks at him nodding her head, she gets up and rushes to Leon's aid.

Alex watching her run off, looks around. The graveyard completely destroyed. All the surrounding buildings collapsed. The ash falling even more. He looks down and sees the blood that was seeping from his popped ear drums in the crisp grey white ash. He looks at his clothing ragged, torn and bloodied. Cuts and gashes across his body and face, he gently touches a wound on his chest. Immediately retracting it fast from the sudden burning pinch. The breeze seeping into the gashes, cooling them. 

He looks back down and grabs hold of the handgun in his holster. Slowly lifting himself up, Alex takes a step. His foot digs into the ash covered ground, nearly up to his knees. 

Looking down at his feet, droplets of blood dripping down into the ash. Watching them fall, lost in thought. 

He then hears Jill scream in pain. Snapping back into reality, he looks ahead of him and see's Jill rolling to a stop a few feet ahead of him. Dashing towards her, he begins to see red consuming the ashes around her. 

'Oh no!' He exclaims to himself. Breathing quickly as he fights to take a step, as a sharp pain shocks him with each step.

He reaches her and see's a long gash across her chest. Blood streaming out. He looks behind him and sees Leon climbing the Guardian.

'Jill what happen?!' He shouts anxiously.

'The bastard kicked me. I wasn't expecting it. We got to help Leon. C'mon!' She softly says as she lifts herself up and begins walking towards the Guardian. Following behind closely Alex watches Leon climb its back.

Jill breathes in air. They both quickly jog towards the Guardian shooting at it. They stop as they draw its attention. Jill pulls out a grenade from her pocket.

'My last one!' She exclaim as she pulls the pin and throws it. Hitting its chest and bouncing off and landing in between the crack in its chest. 


Blood bursting from the explosion, chunks of rock breaking off revealing its heart. 

'LEON! DO IT NOW!' Jill screams. Leon begins climbing over its shoulder with grenade in hand. The Guardian lifting up its feet, it slams it down onto the ground. Alex grabbing hold of Jill as they both get flung through the air. Twisting and twirling. Both holding hands for dear life, Alex pulls Jill in covering her as they slam into the ground. Jill hears a snap.

Leon watching them in shock, gets grabbed by the Guardian. Squeezing him tightly. The Guardian then lifts him up by one hand; throwing him towards the ground.

Laying on his stomach, Leon lays their in pain. Struggling to move. Jill opening her eyes looks below her and sees Alex. She checks his pulse. Nothing. 

'No. I'm sorry, Alex. I'll see you again soon.'  She drops her head on his chest then looks back at the Guardian walking back towards the circle. 

'Leon' Jill quietly says to herself as she walks towards him. Falling face first to ground as she is within a few inches from him. 

'Leon? Are you still with me?' 


'Leon, answer me. You asshole.' She annoyingly beckons him.

'Shutup.' Leon quietly replies as he lifts up his head form the ashes. His face completely grey. Jill lifts up her face, completely covered in ashes too. They feel the ground tremble. Getting on their knees they both look and see the Guardian lifting up the last stone. 

The stones begin to light up brightly through the cracks. A light blue mist drifts from the stones towards the center. Flows of light exit the stones and attach to each other in the complete circle. The bright white light rises up into the sky, passed the clouds. The Guardian roars in excitement.

'Leon!' Jill quickly shouts nervously. He pulls out the last three remaining grenades from his pockets. 

'Here, take this. Its up to us now.' Leon smirks as she takes one. 

They both full on sprint towards the Guardian. Leon pulls the pin out and throws it at the monsters legs. 

Exploding on impact, blood splatters on the ground. It drops on its knees in pain. Jill running towards it, she runs up the back of it's legs and jumps on its back climbing swiftly. 

Leon pulls out his handguns and shoots the revealing tissue on the Guardian's legs. Blood gushing out. Jill already on its shoulders, leaps onto its ears and begins to climb towards its face. 

The Guardian getting up off the ground begins to walk towards the Portal. Nearly two steps away Jill heard Leon scream at her.

'Do it now Jill!' 

She climbs onto the monsters face; looking down she lets go. Quickly grabbing hold of the open blood rushing chest. 


Jill pulls the pin from the grenade and shoves it inside the monsters heart. The Guardian about to take a step into the Portal stops. Jill quickly shoves a knife, wrapped around by a thin rope, into the tissue. She lets go falling backwards. 

The Guardian hearts explodes within a few seconds, blood exploding into every direction. Covering the ground in it.

Letting out a roar of pain, the Guardian sways back and forth. A gust of wind, pushing it backwards. Jill hitting the ground as it falls. Landing on the ground, ash disburses into the air as the ground shakes. A pool of blood circling the Earth Guardian. 

The ash begins to fall lightly, the Portal humming quietly as it lays open. Jill and Leon embrace each other as they meet. 

'We did it, we managed to kill it.' Leon softly chuckles to himself as he grabs hold of his stomach. Jill notices the bag of weapons slightly showing from the ashes. She walks over to it and grabs the bag and brings it to Leon.

'I found the weapons.' She plops the bag down and sits down with Leon.

'What are we going to do about the Portal?' Jill asks.

'Destroy it.' 

Leon pulls out the last grenade. Pulling the pin he throws it towards a near stone. A few seconds pass as it explodes. The smoke disbursing, reveals the stone without a crack. 

'What the hell? Why didn't it do anything!?' Leon shouts frustrated. A cool wind picks up, giving Jill the chills. She looks around and then behind her. 


Jaw dropped. She watches in shock as Alex walks towards them. 


Leon and Jill both get up and watch as Alex stands in front of them. A dull, shallow color surrounding him.

'I don't have much time, so listen up! This portal will only stay open for a few minutes. You both have to protect it until it closes!' Alex shouts as the clouds begin to turn a shade of black.

'Protect it from what?' Jill nervously asks. 

'From the creatures, you can't let any of them get through! Once it closes you both must do something to get here with us! Everyone is already here in the town, we are going to move on and look for clues. When you both get here I want you both to head to the bridge. We'll be waiting for you their. We have to go the Darkn-!' Alex shouts as he fades away.

'Wait, Alex!' Jill lunges for him as he disappears. 

The sky quickly begins to turn a dark shade, everything begins to turn pitch black. Jill and Leon look back over the water and see crows flying over head away from them. The destroyed ground forms back into place along with the buildings. Everything nearly masked in dirty red and brown veins. Jill lifts the bag from the ground as they walk backwards towards the Portal.

'What the hell is going on?' Jill asks afraid. 

'I don't know, but it doesn't look good.' Leon quietly replies. 

Everything is consumed by the pitch black Darkness, the Portal shinning only a feet in front of them. They see glimpses of red, and yellow eyes. Growling and roaring around them. 

'What the fuck?' Jill says flabbergasted. Catching her breathe as monsters come into view. Armless men, zombies, Lickers, Rompers, Mothbats, Mumbler, the black hooded creatures, Split Heads with Hunters.

'Holy shit.' Leon catches his breathe as well. Both pull machine guns from their backs and take aim as the monsters crawl and walk towards them. 

'You ready for this Jill?' Leon smirks at her as he asks. 

'You know it." 

The creatures all lung for them, roaring and screeching. Trampling each other as they draw close.

Jill and Leon cock their guns and take aim and begin shooting everything as they scream. 










'What the hell is that light?!' Heather anxiously asks.

Sherry, Lisa, James, Claire, and Carlos all peer out the window ahead of them and see the bright light shinning into the night sky. 

'I don't know, but I think its coming from Silent Hill! Hurry up James and speed up!' Claire demands.

Nodding his head he steps on the pedal, the truck gains incredible speed as it soars.

'Do you think we're gonna find Chris and his team?' Carlos asks as he smirks at Sherry. 

'I hope so! We have to! Besides, its Chris we're talking about. And he has Jill, Leon and Harry with him. So he should be alright, right?' Lisa sheepishly replies as she sinks back into her seat. 

'They'll be alright. You guys just have some faith in them. Everyone on that team is the best of the best, no way anything bad could happen to them. So just calm down and sit tight.' James calmly says out loud. 

The "WELCOME TO SILENT HILL" sign comes into view from the headlights. 

'We're here.' James softly says to himself. The town in complete silence. A low gust of wind flowing through the foggy streets.

The bus comes to a stop, opening the door. Everyone steps out from it quietly.

'Lets go, no time to waste. Lets go to that light and check it out.' Claire says as she pulls out her handgun and begins walking. Everyone follows.

Sherry then hears a tree branch shake near them. She quickly looks and sees red clothing, but before she can say anything it moves away. Noticing everyone gone, she quickly catches up to them. 

They walk through alley ways. Through a rigid path towards the park. 

'This place is really fucking scary' Carlos says aloud. 

They walk into the park, the light shinning brighter as they draw closer. They walk through cautiously scanning. They begin walking down the staircase towards the Cemetery. 

'Thats insane, what is it?' Heather anxiously asks.

'Its a Portal for the creatures on the other side.' Someone says behind them.

They all quickly look behind them and see Ada Wong at the top of the staircase in her red dress.

'Thats what I must of seen.' Sherry quietly says to herself.

'Portal for what?' James asks.

'The scary monsters from the deep dark. And if I'm almost certain, your friends are on the other side fighting for their lives. Keeping those nightmares from here. We can go through, and that's what we're gonna do.' Ada smirks to herself as she walks down the path past everyone and towards the Portal. Everyone follows.  

Ada pulls out her handgun and takes aim. 

'You ladies ready?' Ada calmly says as she slowly steps forward.

'For what?' Claire asks nervously.

'For the fight of you're lives.' Ada walks through the Portal. 

One-by-one each of them go through. As Claire is the last one she stops a few inches from the Portal.

'Chris you better be okay.' Claire takes a breath of air and leaps into the Portal.

The Portal begins to dim as Claire disappears into the blue light streaming into the sky. The light begins to fade and dimmer as it disappears. A few seconds of flickering pass by. The Portal lights shoot up into the sky. Disappearing in the cloudy night sky.

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