Silent Nightmare (Silent Hill/Resident Evil)

As of 52 hours ago, the Presidents daughter Nereyda has been pronounced missing. Her last known location she was traveling with her security team in Pennsylvania back to Washington D.C. They lost contact with her after they were experiencing nightmarish illusions, hallucinations, and dreams. Apparently they were in an accident, something walked in front of them in the middle of the road causing them to drive off. We heard little reports from them here and there, some distorted and barely audible, but what ever was happening their wasn't good. They reported strange creatures roaming around during the night and day. But after a few hours we never heard anything from them again.

Now we are sending our best S.T.A.R.S. (Special Tactics and Rescue Squad) members to rescue Nereyda from..Silent Hill, the tainted town filled with death, sorrow, darkness, and fire. What we failed to mention to the team was Silent Hill's dark and evil past...

Will they





16. Earth Guardian

Rebecca charges for Jill and Leon head on.

'I don't have time for this bullshit!' Jill shouts.

Jill pulls out her handgun and shoots Rebecca in the arm, slicing through the meat. Shocked Rebecca stops, looking at her wound. All the while, Leon swiftly slides near Rebecca and trips her to the ground. As she manages to get up, Jill rushes over towards her. Jill grabs her and lifts her up from the ground, she shoves Rebecca towards the tree and kicks her in the back. Her faces slams into the tree.

Blood gushing from her nose, she falls backwards. Leon kicks her in the back, causing her to scream in pain as she lifts back up. Turning on her heel, Jill swiftly kick's down on Rebecca's stomach. Slamming her to the ground, blood and saliva exploding from her mouth and nose.

Leon helps Jill up as they watch Rebecca softly gasping for air. She closes her eyes for a split second, then opens them again.

'Jill..Leon..what happen? I can't breathe.' Rebecca softly speaks towards them as tears stream down her eyes.

'You were under some control, we had to knock you unconscious, but I guess we just beat the hell outta you.' Jill replies suspiciously.

'Oh. Why am I bleeding from my arm?' Rebecca softly asks as she lightly examines her wounds, then retracts it from thee sudden burn and pain. Leon looks at Jill, she looks down in embarrassment.

'It was me. I had to, we were running out of time. We needed to go rescue Rain. I'm sorry.' Jill quickly replies nervously. Alex walks next to Leon with a piece of clothing shoved up his nose. Leon chuckles.

'It's alright, did I..hurt anyone?' Rebecca softly asks.

'Just me!' Alex shouts pointing at his nose. Everyone lightly chuckles.

'Lets go, we need to be fast.' Leon bellows as he takes Rebecca's hand. Lifting her off the ground. Wiping away the blood and snot from her nose the back of her hand, they all begin walking out of the woods onto the road towards Silent Hill.

Leon and Rebecca walk slowly as he bandages and cleans her wounds as they walk.

'I'll take you guys to the last place we were at before the crazy shit happen. But when we do find Rain, are we actually going to leave and come back with help. I mean I know we've basically gotten our asses beaten like crazy, but to just leave without the President's daughter?' Alex asks upset. Jill looks back to see if Rebecca is near them.

'No, after we find Rain we are going to keep looking for her. We are S.T.A.R.S right, and we've all been through so much shit in our lives, near death, yet we all still managed to survive so far right?' Jill says with assurance.

'Yeah, your right. But I don't know if we will even survive this. This place isn't your typical B.O.W. infested place. This place is living hell, far worse then what you seen so far, when we get inside the town...the monsters will be horror. That's the best way to explain it.' Alex continues explaining in a low voice.

'Horror? Do you think Nereyda is still alive?' Jill nervously asks.

'Theirs a reason they too had an accident here. The Reaper or Darkness wants her for something, and until we find out what theirs way for us to even leave this dimension.' Alex continues.

'But what if we tried to leave out of here, what would happen?' Jill nervously asks.

'Nothing, we couldn't leave. This place is completely cut off. Its like we are on a island covered in fog and ash. Nothing above us or under us. But the more far away we get the less creatures, and the closer we get-' Alex gets cut off by Jill.

'-The more creatures we encounter. So what else is worse than what we've encountered?' Jill nervously asks.

'Who knows, this place is always changing into your worst nightmares. We each will encounter different things, most likely. But Jill I failed to mention something..something important.' Alex fearfully begins to mention.

'What, what is it?' Jill asks timidly, as she checks on Leon and Rebecca.

'The only way for us to actually enter Silent Hill, is to be unconscious to even exist in dimension in which to enter it. Like the rest of the team is.' Alex slowly replies. Jill immediately stops and turns to look at Alex with fear.

'You mean to tell me that right now that Chris, Cybil, Harry, and Rain are all in that dimension? They are in the other realm right now?' Jill shouts astonished.

'Yes. When you are knocked unconscious or killed here, your soul goes to Silent Hill till your purpose is fulfilled. The stage is basically like the outer rings; second basically being the second ring; and third being the core of the rings. The three stages are: first one being the one where we are at right now the outer dimension, where the Reaper or Devil brings you in. Second Stage being where you are either rendered unconscious or killed you go into which is the Silent Hill town; and third is the final place you enter which is where the core of the evil is at. That is where we must go to finally get out of here. Did I lose you?' Alex explains to Jill as she listen intently nodding her head.

'Well how do we get to the final stage or dimension?' Jill asks anxiously.

'No one really knows, you just never will know. But when it happens you'll know. It will be unimaginable when you get their.' Alex fearfully says.

Leon and Rebecca both walk next to Jill and Alex, Leon notices the fear in Jill's eyes.

'So what'd we miss?' Rebecca shyly asks.

'Umm, I'll explain it to you guys later. Right now lets just focus on getting to the town.' Jill sheepishly replies.

They see the outline of the town in view, as they draw closer the tree's begin to appear less and less. It becomes darker, and the ash falling more thick covering the ground. 

'Its getting worse as we get closer to the town, just as you said Alex.' Jill says expectantly.

'I know, just be on your guard. We don't know what will happen. And no matter what happens, stay together.' Alex says.

They soon are within the bridge. Rebecca hears a CLINK noise echo throughout the back alleys near them. Stopping she peers into the alley and see's a black figure standing still. 

'Hell no.' She quickly whispers afraid as she quickly runs to catch up to the group. 

'Are we in the town yet?' Leon asks.

'Not yet, we just have to pass through a few alley ways and courtyards and what not.' Alex uneasily says.

As they cross a street, Rebecca notices a black SUV turned over on its side. As she peers closer to it, she see's a FBI badge hanging from the rear view mirror. 

'Guys! Come look! Its a FBI vehicle, we finally found something!' Rebecca shouts as she eagerly scurries towards the SUV. They hear her call and come rushing towards it.

Rebecca climbs into the vehicle and begins searching for any clues.

'Rebecca, did you find anything?' Alex asks.

She peers into the back seats and finds blood on the seats.

'I didn't find anything, but theirs blood in here. The badge isn't FBI though, it belongs to a Correctional Officer from Wayside, it belongs to Anne Cunningham. What's a correction officer doing here?' Rebecca asks confused.

'Who knows, maybe she could of just been passing by or something. Oh well, we need to keep going though.' Leon says.

Rebecca climbs out of the SUV and they begin walking towards the bridge again. Rebecca is about to drop down to the ground, she looks towards the bridge and sees black figure in the distance. 

'Wha the hell, does it have bunny ears?' She asks herself confused.

She shakes her head and looks back at the bridge; the figure disappears. She immediately jumps off and begins rushing towards the group again.

Rebecca quickly looks back and sees the figure with bunny ears standing in the middle of the road with its head tilted to the side. 

'What the hell?' She quietly whispers to herself, she turns back around and continues to run.

'Rebecca you need to stop lagging behind, your gonna get lost.' Jill groans as she closes in on the group.

They walk along the bridge.

'Wait, something's not right.' Alex says cautiously. They all stop on the bridge.

'What is it?' Leon asks nervously.

'I don't know, but it just seems darker. The energy is more..fierce. It doesn't feel the same since the last time I was here.' Alex anxiously says.

'Well just be on the look out, we don't know what to expect right. Keep a close eye on everything. Lets go.' Jill nervously says.

They walk down the bridge, as they walk through a path towards a Park the wind slightly begins to pick up and the ash begins to fall even more. 

'Everything is getting more and more hard to see, this fog is getting thick. I can barely see anything anymore.' Jill says flustered.

They get off the rugid path and onto a dirt path towards an eerie fogged park. They walk along the dirt path. They pass the tree with the rope swaying in circles, without the tire. The Merry-Go-round out of the ground. 

'What the hell, the tire is missing and the merry-go-round is completely out of the ground. Something happen here. And Harry's body is gone! It was right here!' Alex shouts outraged. Pointing at the objects misplaced. 

'Alex, we need to settle down. We'll find them, we just need to keep going. Please.' Jill says softly trying to calm him down.

'I'm sorry. I'm just worried.' Alex softly says.

'Lets keep going.' Leon urges them.

Alex joins the group, in pairs they walk along the dirt path and begin walking down the staircase slowly and quietly. 

As they make their way down the concrete stairs, a grumbling noise is heard in the distance. The ground begins to shake fiercely. Everyone grabs hold of each other as they rattle and shake, falling down they begin rolling down the remaining steps.

 'What the hell is happening?' Jill shouts fearfully.

'I don't know! This never happened before!' Alex shouts back as the ground begins cracking. Jill struggles to get up, as she looks around she see's stone hedges along rows in front of them.

'Alex, we are in a grave yard!' Jill screams as a boulder breaks through the ground. As it completely rises, the buildings surrounding the grave yard begin breaking off chunks.

'What the hell is that that?!' Leon shouts nervously.

The boulder suddenly breaks apart revealing a large huge monstrous rock creature.

'Oh shit! This is not good! I've read about these things in the books the Elders here had. They called it a 'Earth Gaurdian'. Its an ancient monster that used to roam these grounds, until it was locked away by the Elders many years ago.' Alex shouts terrified.

Everyone stares at the Earth Guardian in shock, as it stands up straight.

'That thing has to be at least 50 feet tall!' Rebecca shouts afraid.

'How the hell are we going to defeat this thing!?' Jill screams over the roar.

'Just survive till we figure something out!' Alex screams back over the roaring.

The monster stops roaring and sees the group of souls struggling to get up. The monster begins running towards them.

'This is it! This is the final battle!' Alex screams as they all rush out of the way.

'God, help us.' 

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