Silent Nightmare (Silent Hill/Resident Evil)

As of 52 hours ago, the Presidents daughter Nereyda has been pronounced missing. Her last known location she was traveling with her security team in Pennsylvania back to Washington D.C. They lost contact with her after they were experiencing nightmarish illusions, hallucinations, and dreams. Apparently they were in an accident, something walked in front of them in the middle of the road causing them to drive off. We heard little reports from them here and there, some distorted and barely audible, but what ever was happening their wasn't good. They reported strange creatures roaming around during the night and day. But after a few hours we never heard anything from them again.

Now we are sending our best S.T.A.R.S. (Special Tactics and Rescue Squad) members to rescue Nereyda from..Silent Hill, the tainted town filled with death, sorrow, darkness, and fire. What we failed to mention to the team was Silent Hill's dark and evil past...

Will they





30. Bridge of Death PART 1

Heather begins to softly hum a lullaby to herself, Leon and Cybil both close their eyes as they listen to her tune. Alice and Rain look over the side of the Bridge to see it littered with sharp rocks and a skinny slow moving river in the middle. Claire is sitting on the edge shifting from side to side moving with the tune of Heather's tune. Alex is laying on his back resting. Rebecca's hands begin twitching, she takes a breath of air and releases it. Looking over Leon's shoulder she see's a black silhouette of four people walking side by side towards them. "Is that Chris?" Rebecca softly says as she points towards them. Everyone glances at them, getting up everyone waves with excitement. "I knew you guy's would make it!" Alex shouts happy.

As Chris and his mates come closer everyone sees the hurt in each of there eyes. Rebecca frowns as she looks behind Chris, "Chris, where's Jill?" Everyone's eyes land on him. He looks up at them and softly shakes his head. Everyone's mouth slightly opens, Rebecca and Alex both cover there mouths.

"Her injuries were too severe. There was nothing we could do for her." Lisa softly says as she puts both her hands over her chest. Alex sits down on the ground shaking his head, "She never got to know how much I liked her." Cybil grabs Alex's shoulder and slightly squeezes it. 

Harry lifts up a black bag from behind him. "We found this backpack full of ammo and weapons on our way here." He drops the bag onto the ground, a few cases of ammo roll out onto the ground. Leon looks down at the bag, "This is the bag Jill had when we were fighting off the hordes of monsters. We lost it on our way into this world. I'm glad you guy's found it." Leon grabs a handful of ammo and begins reloading his handgun's. Everyone else does the same.

"Alice, tell us what happen to the President's daughter now." James says as he crosses his arms. "It's time you told us what you know." Claire says as she stands next to her older brother, wrapping her arm around his arm. She whisper's into his ear, "Are you okay?"

Chris sighs as he nods his head, "Yeah. I'm fine. I'm glad your safe and alive. Didn't I tell you to not come here?" He sternly ask's her. Claire smirks, "Do I ever listen?" They both smile at each other. "But we are with each other now so we don't have anything to worry about." Claire say's as she pokes his arm.

"I'll make sure we get out of this. I will keep you safe." Chris say's as puts his attention back to Alice. Claire nods her head and turns to face Alice also.

"Alright, I'll tell you. We were driving toward Silent Hill, and we were being led by an officer named 'Anne Cunningham'. She was taking us through a shortcut in the town..."




Two Black SUV's zoom down the dusty streets of Silent Hill. "Alice, do you think that Anne chick would go out with me?" Esther says as he looks back at Alice in the back seat with Nereyda. Alice smiles as she shakes her head, "I really doubt it. She's would kick your ass Esther." Everyone in the car lets out a laugh. Esther frowns and turns back around in his passenger seat to see the SUV in front of them pikcing up its pace. 

Alice looks down at Nereyda in the middle seat next to her. "Nereyda, do you think Esther has a chance with Anne?" Nereyda smiles and shakes her head. Then the man to the left of Nereyda laughs out loud, "You see Esther, even she think's you don't have a chance with Anne!" Conner shouts out loud laughing.

"Can you guy's shut up. I can't concentrate on the road." The man in the driver seat yells out as he looks back at everyone else. Conner shakes his head, "C'mon Rex, you need to relax man!" Conner begins massaging Rex's shoulders.

In the back of the SUV Derrick pops out his head, "Are we there yet?" He groggily says as he scratches his eyes. Alice looks back at him shaking her head, "You are such a lazy ass. How about you get up?" Derrick smiles and flips her off, "Eat me."

"Hey! Watch your mouths! Nereyda can hear you!" Rex shouts at the them. Nereyda rolls her eyes, "I'm not a kid Rex. I'm 15 years old! I'm not 6 anymore." Alice and Derrick both smile to themselves as Rex shakes his head. Putting his eyes back on the road, Alice and Nereyda look to their right out the window to see the Cemetery. Rex and Esther both cover there noses as they make a disgusted face. "Damn, what's that smell?!" Esther asks disgusted by the smell, he looks back at everyone else. They all shake there heads. Suddenly Rex gasps loudly "Oh shit!"

Everyone darts there heads to the front to see Anne's SUV spin out of control and quickly flip over twice before landing on it's side. Nereyda screams as she grabs hold of Alice's arm. The five agents quickly pull out their machine guns, Alice turns to face Nereyda. "Put on your seat belt!" She quickly clicks it on. Suddenly Rex slams his head onto the steering wheel, blaring the horn. "Rex!?" Esther screams as he tries to steer the SUV. Suddenly Esther's eyes close, he drops his head to the side hitting the dashboard. The SUV crashes through a brick building, jerking everyone forward.

Conner gets launched through the windshield, crashing through it he lays there on the hood on the SUV. Derrick gets launched to the front of the SUV, hitting his face against the dashboard. Alice smashes her face against the back of the driver's seat then hits her head against the window, cracking it. Leaning her head against it, blood drips down the window. Nereyda lets out a loud scream, Alice barely opens her hazy eyes to see Nereyda getting pulled out of the open door. "Alice! Conner! Help me!" She screams out in fear.

Alice looks around the car to see black figures surrounding the SUV. "Nereyda." Alice softly calls out. She slowly looks around the car, "Esther? Derrick? Rex?" Alice calls out for them, but get's no reply. Suddenly her window gets bashed in, glass hitting her face scratching it up. Looking out the window she see's a fist coming towards her face.




"And that's all I remembered, when I woke up we were all still lying in the exact same place in the SUV. But Nereyda was gone." Alice looks down at her feet shaking her head. Chris takes a step towards her, "Those black things you saw surrounding the car, did they look like monsters or humans? Were they wearing anything specific?" Chris anxiously ask's as he stares straight at her. Alice thinks to herself.

"They were definitely human. And if I remember correctly they had on.....a black bullet proof vest and had on a black gas mask too. And honestly thinking about it now before I was knocked out I heard someones name being called out." Alice says to herself as she closes her eyes trying to remember. James gulps loudly, "Who's name?"

Alice opens her eyes, "HUNK. That was his name they called him HUNK." Claire and Leon both snap there finger's, "He was there in Raccoon City with us trying to get the G-Virus." Claire says as she looks to Leon.

"He's an operative for Umbrella. He's a tough son of a bitch. I had to work with him for awhile in Europe. He's a real hard ass and can't be trusted. He's a killer." Ada says as she crosses her arms. Harry and Lisa hold each other hands as they pull each other close. Alice and Rain walk back over to the side of the Bridge and look over the city. "Do you think we'll get out of this one this time?" Alice ask's Rain. Shrugging her shoulders, "I don't know. But as soon as I get out of here I think I'm gonna get laid." Rain smirks while Alice lets out a chuckle. Sherry and Heather both sit down next to each other on the ground reloading there weapons.

Ada and Leon both slowly gravitate towards each other, "I'm glad your safe Ada." Leon's says to her. Ada smirks as she shakes her head, "Yeah. Well you had nothing to worry about like I said before. I can take care of myself." Leon smirks as he winks at her.

Rebecca's eyebrow begins to twitch. "I have to wake up. Wake up. Wake up. It's almost time for us to go. We have to be ready. There coming. We have to go. We have to go." Rebecca says as she begins shaking in place. Cybil walks up to her, "Rebecca you have to stop this. Your starting to freak everyone out." Chris stands next to Cybil, "Whats happening to her?" Rebecca slowly tugs at her hair.

"I'm not even sure. She's been like this for awhile. She won't stop saying this place isn't real." Cybil says as she crosses her arms, slightly frowning. Chris watches Rebecca as her hands begins twitching.

"Uh, guy's. Do you see someone over there?" Alex ask's as he points to a person walking up behind them from the Fog. Everyone pulls out there guns and aims it at the person. "Who are you?!" Claire calls out to the person with his face half covered by a strand of green fabric. He stops and puts his hand to his face. Unwrapping the fabric from his face, they all see a young woman reveal herself. Everyone lowers there weapons, "My name is Ella. I won't harm you."

James doesn't lower his weapon he keeps it aimed at her, "What do you want?" Ella looks at James and sees him still aiming his gun at her. She slowly squints her eyes at him giving him an uneasy feeling. James lowers his shotgun. "I came to warn you all to not go any further and to just go back into Old Silent Hill. If you try to go any further into the New Silent Hill then the creatures guarding it will surely kill you." Ella says as she looks past them towards the town nearly covered in fog across from them. Claire stands in front of her, "How do you know this?"

Ella shakes her head, "I don't remember much of how I got here. But what I know is that I've been here for years. I've seen my fair share of agents get sucked into this place and never escape because you can't. You have to keep surviving. The last group of agents I saw come through here, what were their names again?" Ella taps her chin as she thinks to herself. She suddenly snaps her fingers, startling Heather and Sherry.

"Their names were Sheva Alomar, Murphy Pendleton, Anne Cunningham, Barry Burton and Josh Stone. They made it as far as you all did right now. And when they tried to go past the Bridge the creatures slaughtered them." Ella says with a frown. Everyone stays frozen as they hear the names echo in there heads.

"I believe that these creatures are guarding something we aren't supposed to find out. But we must leave now. If we stay here you will all surely die as well. We must go now!" Ella shouts as she begins walking back towards Old Silent Hill. "What the hell is that?" James asks as she points towards two large figures going towards them in the distance from behind. Ella stops and quickly turns around, "We have to run! The Guardians are coming! Follow me!" She screams at them but no one in the group moves or pays attention to her. Shaking her head Ella turns on her heel and runs off the Bridge towards the buildings.

Heather and Alex take a step forward, "Is that Asphyxia and Valtiel?" They both asks in unison.


Valtiel is humanoid in appearance but his head vibrates and twitches rapidly, obscuring his facial features, its face is blank and leathery with a series of crude stitches where his mouth should be. He wears garbed ceremonial robes and wears gloves.


Asphyxia resembles a mass of female bodies gruesomely fused together in a chain. She has a single pair of legs, but no feet and used dozens of arms and hands to walk with, similar to a centipede. She snakes across the ground and uses them for attacking. She lacks eyes and her mouth is usually covered by the upper hands growing out her shoulders.


Everyone begins taking stepping backwards to Old Silent Hill away from the large creatures. Suddenly a Needler stabs James through his chest from the back. He lets out a gasp as blood rushes out of his mouth, he gets lifted into the air. Everyone turns to see the Needler lifting him over itself, showering in James blood. "James!" Claire screams out in horror. 


A Needler is somewhat humanoid with a masculine torso, its legs and arms are replaced with sharp blades which it uses to walk on. The blades are grafted into its wrists and ankles.


Everyone's mouth drops as the Needler throws James body over the side of the Bridge to his death. They hear his cries before a loud splat. Chris immediately opens fire on the creature, along with everyone else. The creature falls onto its back blood oozing out of it. They are about to run when they see three black figures walking towards them from Old Silent Hill. Everyone gasps as they see Pyramid Head, The Axe Man, and Nemesis walking side by side each other.

"Holy shit!" Alex yells out. "Everyone puts your backs to each other!" Claire screams out. Immediately everyone puts each others back to one another facing both sides of the bridge. "We can get through this!" Alice screams as she aims her machine gun.

Rebecca smirks to herself, "I told you all they were coming."





So what did you guys think?! I want honest opinions here. And as you could tell my dearest and love able reader Ella4713 was apart of the chapter. Is she a good guy or bad guy or could she of been trusted? Hmmm. O_O Anyways, go check out her page shes freaking AMAZING. Like seriosly go check out her stories.

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